Once And For All, Here's How To Untwist Elastic Under Fabric

September 21, 2017 by Alaisha Key
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Everyone probably has a pair of pants or sweats or a skirt that features an elastic waist in your closet. And as much as you may love the flattering fit and the ease of slipping this closet staple on and off, I’m sure you’ve found yourself equally as frustrated when the elastic gets twisted. It’s a serious pain!

How do you untwist elastic under fabric without just kneading the fabric until it straightens out? Here are a few tricks to help you out.

1. Invest in a crochet hook. If you have clothes where the elastic can be removed, a crochet hook is a handy tool to have when the elastic gets bunched up. The hook helps you grab the elastic with ease and pull it out with no problem. Then, all you have to do is insert the elastic back in.

2.Replace the elastic all together. Find yourself facing the same twisted problem over and over again? Well, another solution is to get rid of the elastic that’s causing you issues. Replace it with a thicker or longer piece of elastic that won’t get as easily bent out of shape.

3.Stitch up the areas where the elastic is twisting. For those looking for a more permanent fix for twisted elastic, try sewing a a couple of stitches along the areas where the elastic tends to bunch up the most. This will help keep the elastic stay in place under your clothes as there will be less room for it to get tangled.

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[Photo: Urban Outfitters]


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