3 No-Fail Ways To Wear Denim Shorts If You Have Big Thighs (You Can Do It!)

October 2, 2019 by SHEfinds Editors
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Wearing denim is an American right. We’re sure it’s written in some country-governing document. And denim is not just for ladies with stick thin thighs. Attention women with thick thighs–you can wear denim shorts, too! We-re sorry you ever thought differently. If we had to write a modern-day Bill Of Fashion, it would declare that any woman of any size can and should proudly flaunt her body in denim shorts. The best denim for all beautiful, thick-thighed ladies has these traits:

How to Wear Denim Shorts with Big Thighs

Extra Stretch

Stiff denim is not comfortable on anyone no matter how big or small your thighs. But it’s an even more crucial component for those of us with bigger legs. Aside from just feeling better and allowing us to move more freely, denim shorts with stretch won-t cling to our thighs in an unflattering, sausage-type way. Stretch also prevents your butt from appearing to eat your shorts. Denim sans stretch always tend to look like a perma-wedgie. If that-s your goal, live your truth! But if you want an everyday, super flattering pair of shorts, they should move with your body.

Enough Length

Some women look really good in short shorts. Other women look like they shrunk their clothes. We say, save the shorties for the beach! Denim that falls just above mid-thigh tends to be the most flattering on a range of body types. It’s like you’re showing just enough leg to feel sexy, but not so much leg that you’re afraid your hoo-ha is going to be exposed. The upper portion of your thigh tends to be the widest point of your leg. We like denim shorts that start just where the thigh expands.

Medium Rise

If your shorts are really short and the rise is really low, you might as well be wearing a bikini bottom. That look has its time and place. But an I’m out chilling, cold brew sipping, regular day with my crew look is clearly a mid-rise occasion. Not only is it flattering, it’s simply livable. Nothing extra is hanging over the waistband, you can half-tuck a tee and easily bend over to pick up the ear bud you dropped ,all while creating a lovely leg line. High-rise denim shorts will create an even longer leg line and add visual height to your frame.

Bonus Tip: Change Your Attitude

Still feel wary of wearing denim shorts? Maybe it’s all in your mind. To change your body, you need to change your thinking. Try a meal plan app like Noom. It guides users into making healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices. It’s more than a food monitor on your phone–Noom is a personalized, empowering, behavior-change program. It helps adjust your thinking and behaviors for long-term, sustained weight loss. The experts behind the app will create a meal and exercise plan for beginners to help you achieve your food and weight goals (like rocking a pair of denim shorts).

The editors at SheFinds wrote this article in partnership with Noom.


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