In Defense Of High-Waisted Jeans: How To Wear Them And Why You Need A Pair

April 14, 2014 by Julia Welling
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I grabbed my notepad and stepped into a meeting last week when all of a sudden I was stopped in my tracks by a huge “GASP!” and “ARE YOU WEARING HIGH-WAISTED JEANS?!” Awkwardly, I replied “yeah, why? Do they look bad?” Though I felt insecure at first, I then found myself defending my awesome pair of mom jeans for the next twenty minutes. Actually, they are soooo… awesome that I bought a second pair in black this weekend. And I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing as my co-workers, that high-waisted jeans are “awful” and that “nobody can pull them off.” Well you’re wrong. High waisted jeans are great and anyone can wear them. So, now that the jury is out, I’m ready to give you my ultimate defense of mom jeans. Here goes nothing.

Mom jeans are super great because…

1. They suck you in. If that’s not the greatest defense then I don’t know what is. They’re like Spanx without wearing Spanx, and they’re more comfortable. Instantly, you have an hourglass figure. And look at that! You didn’t even have to set foot on a treadmill.

2. They make your legs look longer. The extra 5 inches of material on the top can really help a short girl out. If you’re under 5’7 or just have a case of short legs, high waisted jeans are definitely the solution to all of your problems. Slide ’em on. Button ’em up. Instant long legs. Pair ’em with some heels and you’ve got the legs of a Victoria’s Secret model. Step aside, Alessandra Ambrosio.

3. You can wear crop tops without looking trashy. If you wear a crop top with high waisted jeans, nobody will actually see your midriff because they cover it. I repeat, nobody sees your stomach, but you still get to wear a crop top. It’s a win win. But if by chance your midriff still shows a little bit, nbd, because you’re wearing long pants. You won’t look trashy.

And finally…

4. Kendall and Kylie Jenner wear them, and we can’t say we haven’t taken style tips from them in the past…

So now that I have you convinced that you need to drop what you’re doing and go buy a pair of mom jeans right NOW, here’s some tips on how to wear them.

1. Make sure they fit! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy a pair of mom jeans unless they fit. You don’t want to risk muffin tops. Are they even called muffin tops when you get bulge all the way up by your ribs. Let’s call them rib tops. Don’t risk rib tops, or worse…camel toe. Beware! If you pull those things up too high you WILL get camel toe and it will NOT be cute. Your friends probably won’t talk to you with camel toe (or FUPA and if you don’t know what FUPA is then Urban Dictionary it, because I cannot and will not explain it). Regardless, definitely make sure they fit WELL.

2. If they don’t fit, and you still want to wear mom jeans, just don’t eat that day. Wearing a pair of mom jeans takes dedication, especially if you plan to wear them out at night. No eating for the whole day, or at least no carbs. My grandma always said “pain is beauty.” So in the wise words of my grandmother, if you want to look beautiful in your mom jeans, stop eating. Just kidding! Obviously we know you need to eat, and like we said, high-waisted jeans will suck you in.

3. Pair them with…

  • A tucked in shirt to elongate your legs
  • A Crop top. Duh!
  • A tucked in tank and a utility jacket. (But make sure the jacket is long enough to cover your butt.)


Now that you’re totally convinced and you know how to pull off this tricky trend, buy a pair! ASOSShopbop, and Forever 21 have a great selection, But here are a few of my favorites:

1969 High Rise Skinny Jean

Gap 1969 High Rise Skinny Jeans ($69.95)

Perfec Ten Skinny Jeans

Nasty Gal Perfect Ten Skinny Jeans ($68)

American Apparel Short Leg High Waist Jean

American Apparel Short Leg High Waisted Jean ($98.77 down from $131.70)

And if you’re still not sure about mom jeans, check out: boyfriend jeans, the best spring jeans and Joe’s stain-resistant white jeans.

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