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Meet Jan Marini, The Brains Behind The Skincare Brand That Actually Drives Real Results

March 28, 2018 by Alisha Stacy
shefinds | beauty

Here at SheFinds, one of the few things we love even more than skincare is an inspiring female entrepreneur. So is it any wonder we’re so obsessed with Jan Marini?! She’s the brains behind one of the most effective and innovative beauty brands out there, Jan Marini Skin Research.

Jan started her business over 20 years ago and has consistently introduced products that truly improve the health and overall look of women’s skin. Each year the brand debuts new products that continue to break new ground and we’re always excited to see what they do next. Of course, none of these game-changing skincare products would exist without Jan Marini herself, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to chat with this inspiring businesswoman. Get to know more about Jan Marini, how she got her start and why she’s not slowing down anytime soon below.

SheFinds: Tell us a little about yourself

Jan Marini: I have been a product researcher for over 40 years.  Back in the early days, my expertise was in the ingredient arena.  When you pick up a skin care product and look at the ingredient listing it is often complicated and confusing.  How do you know if the product really going to be beneficial? I did a lot of lecturing to physicians, medical professionals, skin care professionals and consumers.  I also guested on television and radio because the consumer really wants to know how products work and where they should spend their dollars.

As time went on, I developed associations with physicians and scientists worldwide and began to focus more on research and new technologies.  

SF: How did you decide to start a skincare brand?

JM: I didn’t start out saying, “I want to start a skin care brand”.  I was an early glycolic acid pioneer and glycolic acid wasn’t available in any commercial skin care product. So, I started my first skincare line, M.D. Formulations/M.D. Forte.  

SF: When you started the brand, did you have any idea it would become so popular?

JM: M.D. Formulations/M.D. Forte was sold to Allergan in 1994.  Shortly thereafter, in 1994, I founded JMSR. Luckily, I had already established credibility through my previous line, but, I feel so blessed that my resellers have stayed loyal and committed as JMSR has evolved. I believe the popularity has a lot to do with our on-going commitment to research, innovation and medical validation.  

SF: There are so many skin care options on the market – what sets Jan Marini apart?

JM: As time goes on, and with the internet, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate as to what really works.  No one ever states that they have “the second best product”. What really sets us apart is our white papers, medical data and peer-reviewed published studies.  If I may brag a little, these are technologies that truly produce significant, measurable results and which have physician endorsement.

SF:  Why are you passionate about skincare?

JM: Skincare is my passion.  It always has been, even as a child.  I don’t believe I know what the catalyst was.  One thing I do know is that I develop products as much for myself as for consumers.  I’m no different. I want products that perform. I don’t want acne or rosacea or lines, wrinkles and discoloration.  I want my skin to be as healthy, glowing and youthful looking as possible.

SF: What is the one product you think every woman should be using?

JM: This is not a very glamorous answer.  Sunscreen. It’s not a cosmetic issue, it’s a health issue.  Since 1935, when sunbathing became popular, malignant melanoma has reached epidemic proportions and, is often fatal.  It all starts with prevention and protection. The side benefit is that it can prevent many of the signs of aging. Roughly 95% of what we perceive as normal aging is caused by sun exposure.  

SF: Any new and exciting products or treatments Jan Marini fans can look forward to?

JM: JMSR has a healthy R&D pipeline with new innovations always being evaluated.  We currently have an extremely exciting product scheduled to launch in June. While I can’t disclose the technology, what I will say is that this is something that addresses an issue that as much as 98% of the female population struggles with.  Personally, I couldn’t be more enthusiastic.




The editors at SheFinds wrote this post on behalf of Jan Marini Skin Research and received compensation as part of our agreement.


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