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4 Genius Makeup Tricks For Hooded Eyes

February 21, 2018 by Lisa Fogarty
shefinds | beauty

As a teen experimenting with makeup, I always wondered why eye shadow colors failed to pop on my lids the way they did on countless models in magazines. Was I applying shades the wrong way? Using bad applicators? Just unlucky?

None of the above. As I learned a few years later, I have hooded eyes, which means the upper portion of my lid covers my bottom lid when my eye is opened, preventing all of that gorgeous, expensive makeup from being seen (if applied the conventional way, that is). Using eyeliner can make things even worse and cause my eyes to look more closed.

But hooded eyes, also known as bedroom eyes (which is a much nicer term), can be absolutely gorgeous when you have a few makeup tricks for hooded eyes under your belt. Take your beauty cues from celebs like Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, Eva Green, and Gisele Bundchen, just a few of the many actresses and celebs with hooded eyes, these makeup tips will play up your eye shape.

Eye Primer Is A Necessity

hooded eyes

For some eye shapes, eye primer is a cool product to have around and to use once in a while to boost the color of your eye shadow and make it more intense. But for hooded eyes? Nope — eye primer isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. This eye type is more prone to smudges in the crease since, of course, there is an overhang of skin on your crease that will easily muck up the best eye makeup. Apply eye primer to clean, dry skin, blend, and wait a few minutes before applying shadow.

Apply Shadow Above Your Natural Crease

Eye shadow will disappear on your eyes if you apply it to the actual crease, which vanishes once your eyes are open. Hooded eyes require a different method. First, apply a light shadow all over your lid. Next, using an shadow brush, apply a darker shade above the natural crease of your eye — and keep your eyes open and staring directly into a mirror during the application. It may feel strange and unnatural at first. and it will require blending, but trust us, this simple change will open your eye and give it definition.

An Upward, Lifted Cat’s Eye Is Everything

Hooded eyes turn downward. To give your eyes a more lifted look, apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner from the corner of your eye to the outer corner (keep it thin). Now, using a spoon or handkerchief as a guide, unless you have serious eyeliner skill, sweep the liner upward at the outer corner. Feel free to make it a little thicker and more sultry looking.

Focus On Your Lashes

You can be totally bold, yet simple, and forego shadow and eyeliner altogether. Instead, make your lashes the focus by curling them for a few seconds and applying waterproof mascara to both upper and lower lashes. Major lashes may be all you need to bring on the drama — and waterproof formulas were made for hooded eyes.


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