Once And For All, This Is The Best Day To Book A Hair Appointment

September 14, 2016 by Lisa Fogarty
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Ever wonder why, on certain days at the hair salon, there seems to be an infectious buzz in the air that results in you walking out with the best haircut of your life? Turns out it isn’t your imagination: there really are days and times when you’re more likely to get amazing service at your salon. Get ready to mark your calendar before you schedule your next hair appointment!

Unless you love the hustle and bustle of a crowded salon, Jamie Nelson, a hairstylist and salon owner of Ember Hairstream in Boulder, Colorado, says there are three days you should avoid booking your service.

“The busiest days in the salon are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays,” Nelson says. “These days are a mix of returning customers, new customers, walk-in customers and corrective color.”

But, wait: it isn’t that cut and dry. There are quite a few advantages to booking your appointment on these busy days. The trade-off being that you stand a better chance of seeing a more experienced stylist. “Most stylists work these days and more importantly, more experienced stylists work these days,” Nelson says. “So even if you are not booked with the most experienced stylist of the salon, chances are he/she will be there that day so if your stylist has questions or needs guidance, it is most likely he/she will have the extra support on these days.”

Wednesdays are usually the slowest days and tend to be the days when stylists are feeling most creative, Nelson says. In other words: if you’re considering trying a sunset dye job on for size, hump day is ideal.

“On this day, they will have more time to spend with their clients so they might provide extra styling, deep conditioners and/or glosses,” Nelson says. “If you are placed with a stylist who is active on social media or has their own Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/blog, chances are they will want to do more to your hair to capture a good photo. My recommendation would be to scout out the salon on social media and find a stylist whose profile fits your style best. If you let them know that you are also active on social media and like to ‘check in’ or tag certain places or things, chance are they will want to give you a higher quality service and also post on social media.”

You might think Saturday is the busiest day at the salon, but Nelson says most establishments do not have many openings for walk-ins or new clients, and are usually only full with half of their staff on this day. The senior stylists usually take this day off or only come in for their clients who book far in advance, she says. Chances are, if you are a new client who can only make it on Saturday morning, you will be booked with a new stylist.

“My recommendation to getting a quality service on this day would be to contact your stylist ahead of time (either through email or the salons/hairstylist’s social media) and let them know how excited you are to come in and check out their services,” Nelson says. “Let them know you heard great things about them and maybe send them an inspiration photo of what you have in mind for your style. This will give them something to be excited about and to start planning your service before you come that day.”

As for Sundays and Mondays? Sadly, most salons are usually closed on these days. If they’re not, Nelson says most experienced stylists will take these days off and you may need to book with a new stylist who is interested in building a clientele–which could be the best beauty decision you make if you find a creative, energetic new stylist to become your new favorite hair guru.

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