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Kim Kardashian Is Getting Hate For Her “Offensive” Halloween Costume

Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes This Year

You've been there before, and you're probably in the same situation right now-- frantically searching at the last-minute for the easiest DIY Halloween costume. Halloween always seems to sneak up right around the corner every year. One minute it's October 5th and you tell yourself you have plenty of time to put together the best costume ever, and then the next minute it's October 26th. Luckily, we've been tracking the top trending DIY costumes for 2017 that are both easy and affordable to create. Chances are, you might even have some of these pieces, or close dupes, to the pieces that you'll need to make your own last-minute DIY Halloween costume this year. Let's dive into the best costumes you can make yourself right up to the minute you leave the door on Oct. 31. 1. Big Little Lies Audrey Hepburn Costume [Photo: HBO] Recreate your own versions of Reese Witherspoon's and Shailene Woodley's Audrey Hepburn costumes from Big Little Lies. These make for the most stylish solo or duo costumes ever. 2. Rosé All Day Costume Rosé all day? Yes please. This hilarious (and super affordable) costume is so easy to pull together at the last minute. 3. Hot Dog Snapchat Filter Costume [Photo: Snapchat] I think it's safe to say that everyone's favorite Snapchat filter this year was the dancing hot dog. Luckily, you can create your own Snapchat filter costume this year with three simple pieces. Move over flower crown filter, the hot dog filter will reign this Halloween. 4. Game Of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Costume [Photo: HBO] Pay tribute to your favorite show with this Daenerys Targaryen Game Of Thrones Halloween costume. Remember, the wig is a must-have! 5. Beyoncé Twin Reveal Costume [Photo: instagram.com/beyonce] The only thing more exciting than Beyoncé announcing that her twins were finally born was her pregnancy announcement. Of course Queen B wouldn't have anything short of an extravagant Instagram post announcing that she was pregnant with twins. This costume will definitely be trending this Halloween! 6. Selena Gomez And The Weekend Costumes [Photo: Splash] It seems like almost every celebrity couple broke up this year, but thankfully, one of our favorites is still going strong-- Selena Gomez and The Weekend. This easy DIY costume is perfect for any last-minute couple's look. You can even simply recreate just Selena's amazing Met Gala 2017 look too. 7. Solar Eclipse Costume [Photo: Shutterstock] We wanted the hype of the 2017 solar eclipse to last forever. I mean, everyone was seriously so excited about it. You'll be sure to get the same reaction when you stroll into a costume party dressed as this eclipse look. 8. Baywatch Lifeguard Costume [Photo: Paramount Pictures] A Baywatch lifeguard has always been a classic Halloween costume choice for decades now. However, the recent movie reboot with none other than Zac Efron has certainly put the movie franchise back on everyone's radar. Not to mention, a lifeguard look is super easy to pull together at the last minute for Halloween! 9. The Handmaid's Tale Costume [Photo: Hulu] The Emmy-winning Hulu original show The Handmaid's Tale was seemingly everyone's favorite in 2017. From Gilmore Girls to now, you've definitely followed Alexis Bledel along every career move she's ever made. So, why not recreate her Handmaid's Tale look for Halloween this year? 10. Moana Costume [Photo: Disney] Let's be honest, Disney movies are for all ages. And while you could be any Disney princess for Halloween, you should really dress up as Moana. This DIY costume is so cute and super easy to create before Oct. 31 hits this year. For more DIY Halloween costume inspiration, make sure to check out the ultimate guide to the best pop culture costumes, and your go-to list for the funniest meme Halloween costumes this year. [Photo: HBO, instagram.com/beyonce, Splash]

These Are The Most-Searched Halloween Costumes For 2017

5 Simple Steps To Creating DIY Skeleton Halloween Makeup

When is a skeleton anything but scary? When it’s a super glam Halloween skeleton, which is proving to be one of the most popular Halloween costumes. For the past few years, we’ve seen so many variations of the classic skeleton as everything from the butterfly skeleton to the half skull to the dia de los muertos skeleton (complete with a black lace veil) shows up to Halloween parties across the nation. It’s one costume that lets beauty lovers go absolutely wild and play with makeup, while barely having to worry about their look from the neck down — anything black and white will suffice, since the focus will be on your face. One of the greatest things about skeleton Halloween makeup is that it looks difficult to apply, but with a few good tips in mind, you’ll ace this look in minutes. Okay, it may take an hour or more, depending on your makeup skills, but, hey, it’s Halloween — and totally worth the extra time. Here’s a quick skeleton makeup tutorial. 1) Gather Up Your Makeup Materials The good news is: it’s quite possible you already have most of the beauty supplies you need to create a skeleton mask. Here’s a rundown of the cosmetics you’ll require: a super-light and pale foundation, light face powder, white eyeliner (the more pigmented, the better), black eyeshadow, black liquid liner (again, make sure it’s waterproof and pigmented), and a solid angled eyeliner brush. 2) Start With Your Face And Eye Makeup Got the lightest, palest foundation you could find? Perfect. After moisturizing your face to prevent flaky dry spots, slather that liquid foundation all over your skin, blend with a sponge, and then pat face powder all over your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin to set your makeup. Next, create two sizeable circles around your eyes using the black liquid liner. Instead of filling in the circles with liner, which will create a royal mess, gather as much black eyeshadow onto an eyeshadow brush as possible and go to town filling in the circles. 3) Color In Your Nose Draw a triangle on your nose using the black liquid eyeliner. Fill in the space with black eyeshadow, making sure you layer it on enough so that it appears thick. 4) Create Simple, Scary Teeth Grab your white eyeliner pencil and use it to color your lips — don’t be afraid of going over your natural lip line. To create the illusion of teeth, use the liquid liner and your steady handy to draw thin vertical lines from your top lip to your bottom lip. Draw as many thin lines as necessary to make your mouth look positively terrifying. 5) Provide A Few Great Details The skeleton look is all about contouring — but you can think of it as reverse contouring to make your face appear angular and hollow. You can use the liquid liner to create lines from your ear to your teeth and the black eyeshadow doubles as a shade that you place along your hairline and along the sides of your neck. Depending on the type of skeleton you wish to honor, your look may require a red lip or a pop of color on the eyes. Stay true to your own vision and have fun!

How To DIY A Rosé All Day Halloween Costume With 3 Affordable Pieces

It's that time of the year again-- rummaging through your closet for a last-minute DIY Halloween costume. Sometimes you just don't want to wear the same cat ears that you've worn the past five Halloweens. Instead, think out of the box for a unique costume idea that's also super easy to pull together at the last minute. We've got plenty of DIY Halloween costume tips that you need to prepare for Oct. 31. And why not pay tribute to your favorite drink that you'll be sure to be sipping all night? Luckily, you can easily DIY a Rosé All Day Halloween costume this year with just three simple pieces. It definitely makes for one of the most creative and hilarious Halloween costumes ever. Let's dive into what you'll need to create your own look... 1. Rosé All Day Graphic T-Shirt The easiest way to create your Rosé All Day costume is by buying a graphic t-shirt that features the catchphrase as part of its design. Luckily, Macy's is currently have a sale on one of its Rosé t-shirts and has marked it down to just $19.99. According to one customer's review, the shirt is both lightweight and has a nice loose fit. You can also DIY your own "Rosé All Day" t-shirt with a basic tee and a few simple craft products. Macy's Kid Dangerous Rosé All Day Graphic T-Shirt ($19.99) 2. Clock Costume Jewelry  The best accessory for this look is a big clock necklace. While this one is commonly used for Alice In Wonderland or rapper Flavor Flav costumes, it's also the perfect piece for your Rosé Halloween costume this year. It's just less than $10 and you can conveniently order it off of Amazon for fast shipping-- which is ideal since Halloween is right around the corner.  Amazon Forum Novelties White Rabbit Clock / Hip Hop Rapper Clock - Oversized ($8.99) 3. A Bottle Of Rosé Last but not least, you'll definitely need your own bottle of Rosé, and obviously a wine glass or two, to complete this look. You can also always buy a smaller single serving bottle of Rosé that you can use as your drinking cup for Halloween night. This one last piece definitely pulls your amazing DIY look all together.   Jericho Wines & Liquors Barefoot Rosé ($6.99) As you can see, this DIY Rosé All Day Halloween Costume is both affordable and easy to pull off. You can easily pair the t-shirt with your favorite pair of jeans, and your comfiest go-to pair of sneakers. All together, this look will cost you about $35-- which is definitely a steal when it comes to Halloween costumes. Plus, you'll definitely be sure to enjoy your bottle of wine and you can always wear the graphic t-shirt long after Halloween is officially over. We've got you covered on all of the Halloween DIY looks for 2017. For more, make sure to check out the ultimate guide to this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes, and how to DIY the most stylish Big Little Lies Audrey Hepburn costumes for both Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley.

Here’s Everything You Need For A Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

Better late than never to start planning your Halloween costume. If you take this holiday really seriously, aka you want to look cute AND have a clever costume, you should consider a Harley Quinn Halloween costume. Google says it's one of the top trending Halloween costumes of the year--plus, it's way cuter than the other clown-face costume trending this year. The DC Comics character, played by Margot Robbie in "Suicide Squad" (LOVE her!), is the perfect combination of bad-ass grit and effortless cool. Did you know that this version of the character was inspired by Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry, specifically this 1976 look. So cool, right?? Here's a pic of the Harley Quinn character from a movie poster for the film ($2.52) "Suicide Squad." Her main features are the red and blue pigtail hair (which you can get by buying a wig, or if you have blonde or light-colored hair by creating pigtails and using hair dye like Manic Panic on the ends), her "Daddy's Lil Monster" raglan tee, Puddin choker, "Good Night" baseball, red and blue sequin hotpants, fishnet tights, gold jewelry and studded belt. So, how to do the Harley Quinn costume? 1. The Hair: You can buy one of these Pink and blue pigtail wigs ($15.39), there are tons of them on Amazon and on other Halloween costume sites. If you have blonde hair, just do a center part and create two high pony tail pigtails with red hair elastics. Use a 2-inch wand to curl the ends a bit, and pull tendrils from the top of the hairline. Then apply temporary pink/red and blue hair dye to the ends (start around the ear and spray/chalk down to the ends). 2. The Baseball Tee:  For the top, you'll definitely need her exact Daddy's Lil Monster Raglan tee ($28.50), which is available at Hot Topic, Amazon, and the Halloween costume sites. You shouldn't have a problem finding the exact one, but if you're getting the costume last minute and need to improvise--any white raglan/baseball tee with blue or white stripes on the arms should work. Bonus if it has a vintage graphic. The Clown Makeup:  You'll need red, white and blue face paint or really pigmented makeup to get the look. Here's how to do it: do white all over the face (or if you're anti-face paint, try white face powder). You'll need a blue smear below the left eye and a red smear beneath the right. Here's a full makeup tutorial from Youtube for the hair and makeup: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJNKmo_wPpg[/youtube] The 'Property Of Joker' Jacket:  She wears a cool red and blue bomber jacket, too. Again, stores like Amazon, Hot Topic and the Halloween shops have the exact jacket (hurry--there's only one size left!), if you want to get one. They're $79.90, so if you'd prefer to improvise, just use a red or blue zip-up hoodie or jacket. Nobody will notice if it doesn't have the exact "Property of Joker" on the back. The Red And Blue Hot Shorts:  This is a sexy part of the costume: her red and blue sequin hotpant shorts. Amazon has a bunch of different pairs, the Holographic Red and Blue Cosplay Booty Shorts ($44) look good. Don't worry, we're going to pair the shorts with tights (see below)--but if you're not comfortable in hot pants, you could rock longer shorters or leggings (as long as they are red or blue, or ideally one red leg and one blue leg). Here's a leggings version. The Studded Belt:  Some of the shorts come with a belt, or you can buy a studded belt separately (or use one that you already own). We found this pyramid stud belt on Amazon. The Fishnet Tights:  Here are some fishnet leggings you can wear under the tights. You can literally use any kind of tights--fishnet, opaque, striped, patterned, etc. This is an area of the costume that does not have to be exact! Whatever you feel most comfortable in. The 'Good Night' Baseball Bat:  You'll definitely want this--but be careful!!--the "Good Night" baseball bat ($24.99) she uses in the film. If you want to save some money here, just use a regular baseball bat. The Puddin Choker: To top off the look, you'll need the Puddin choker ($9.95) that Margot wears in the film. We found the exact one at Spencer's (other sites have them too). You could also wear any gold or spiked choker or bangles that you have. At this point, you're just making the look feel more custom and cool.  

Move Over ‘Damn Daniel,’ Here’s How To DIY A ‘Ciao Ryan’ Halloween Costume

It's the viral Snapchat compilation video that's taking Twitter by storm: Ciao Ryan. Many people are having vivid flashbacks to the glorious "Damn Daniel" days when a boy in white Vans went viral and quickly became a meme sensation. Damn Daniel was one of the biggest Halloween costumes last year, so we predict Ciao Ryan will be the same for this year's meme costumes. Read on to find out how you can get Ryan's signature look for less with this DIY 'Ciao Ryan' Halloween costume. It's time to create the best meme costume of 2017... Ryan is first seen in the video compilation wearing a green t-shirt. If you don't already own one, you can pick one up from H&M for less than $10. It's definitely your first essential piece for your Ciao Ryan costume. H&M Long T-Shirt ($9.99) Next, you'll obviously need a gray zippered sweatshirt for your DIY look. You can also pick one up from H&M for just $19.99, along with your green t-shirt. One thing's for sure, both the olive green t-shirt and zippered sweatshirt also make for staple comfy fall wardrobe pieces. H&M Hooded Sweatshirt Jacket ($19.99) And you definitely can't forget about Ryan's glasses. If you don't already own a pair of glasses of your own, you can opt for a pair of fake costume glasses. Luckily, you can conveniently order your own pair off of Amazon, and it's even available for two-day shipping-- in case you really wait until the last minute for your DIY Halloween look this year. Amazon JuicyOrange Round Circle Clear Lens Eyeglasses Small Size Thin Frame Unisex Glasses ($8.50) Of course, you'll also need a pair of khaki pants for your Ciao Ryan costume too. This pair from Old Navy is a best-seller and will cost you just under $25. They also come in gray, navy, and black colored options in case you want to stock up! The best part? They're available in a range of lengths from regular to tall to petite. Old Navy Mid-Rise Skinny Everyday Khakis ($24.99) Last but not least, you'll need a pair of sneakers to complete your costume look. Ciao Ryan is seen in the viral Twitter video wearing black sneakers that have white soles. These slip-on sneakers from Forever 21 are one great possible option for your Halloween DIY look. They're just under $15 and are also available in a red shade in case you're in the mood to shop for more than one pair. As you can see, you can effortlessly create your own Ciao Ryan Twitter video costume with just a few simple pieces this year. Forever 21 Velvet Slip-On Sneakers  ($14.90) We've got you covered on all things Halloween, from DIY looks to the top trending costumes. For more meme DIY costume ideas make sure to check out our 2017 meme Halloween costume guide. And for even more Halloween inspiration, make sure to check out how to DIY your own Salt Bae costume, and how to create a Joanne the Scammer Halloween costume this year. That's all we have for now, stay tuned for more Halloween costume ideas and as Ryan would say-- ciao! [Photo: twitter.com/Tslight_24]

How To DIY A Kendall Jenner Pepsi Commercial Halloween Costume This Year

Kendall Jenner has been on everyone's radar in 2017, especially following her controversial Pepsi ad that ran earlier this spring. And depending on your opinion of the ad, you may be looking to recreate Kendall's look from the commercial for your own DIY Halloween costume. You can get her look for less for Halloween this year with just a few simple pieces that you can order or buy from your favorite stores. Without further ado, let's dive into how you can easily create a DIY Kendall Jenner Pepsi Halloween costume. In the commercial, Kendall transforms from a lavish dress and platinum blonde wig while modeling into a more natural look topped off with a simple tee and denim. Luckily, you can score this white t-shirt from Forever 21 for less than $10. Forever 21 Raw-Cut Crew Neck Tee ($8.90) Kendall is also seen wearing denim head to toe in the Pepsi video. You can recreate a similar look to Kendall's with this denim button-down from Target. The best part about this top is that you can wear it time and time again in the fall long after Halloween is officially over. Target Women's Chambray Button Down with Crochet Trim - Knox Rose™ Chambray ($27.99) It's no secret that raw denim and two-toned jeans are so in right now. And not to mention, many stores have cheap alternatives to what can be very expensive denim. You can snag a dupe for Kendall's jeans from Old Navy for less than $30-- they're on sale! Old Navy Mid-Rise Rockstar Raw-Edge Jeans for Women ($29.00) Of course you'll also need to include a can of ice cold Pepsi for this costume. Simply pick up a Pepsi six pack from Target or order it online along with your chambray buttondown and sneakers. Target Pepsi - 6pk / 7.5 fl oz Mini-Cans ($3.49) Kendall is also spotted wearing a pair of retro round shades on top of her head in the Pepsi ad. Pushed back to keep her hair out of her face, these sunglasses serve as a stylish and effortless accessory. So, be sure to pick up your own pair from Forever 21 for less than $8. What a deal, right?! Forever 21 Classic Round Sunglasses ($7.90) Last but not least, let's talk shoes. Your feet want to feel comfortable come Halloween night, right? Luckily, Kendall does appear in the Pepsi ad wearing a pair of white high top sneakers, and while Vans could work, it's no secret that the sneakers can be pretty pricey. Instead, you can opt for this pair of white sneakers from Target for less than $20. Target Women's Lenia Sneakers Mossimo Supply Co.™ ($19.99) We've got you covered on all of the Kardashian-Jenner news you're looking for, in addition to the best DIY Halloween costume ideas for 2017. For more, make sure to check out these affordable sneakers Kendall Jenner wore, and Kendall Jenner's rumored boyfriend. Or are you looking for more Halloween content? We've still got you covered. For more DIY Halloween costume inspiration, make sure to check out the ultimate pop culture Halloween costume guide, and how to DIY your own pregnant Kylie Jenner costume this year. [Photo: YouTube]

How To Top The Charts With A DIY Cardi B Halloween Costume This Year

Cardi B, aka hip hop recording artist of the chart-topping hit "Bodak Yellow," has more to offer this Halloween season than your favorite bop. You can also definitely recreate Cardi B's iconic looks for your own Halloween costume this year. One of her signature looks comes straight off of her album artwork for the "Bodak Yellow" single. Luckily, you can DIY your own Cardi B Halloween costume this year with just a few simple and affordable pieces. Without further ado, let's dive into what you'll need to recreate this DIY masterpiece... While Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" outfit is a bit difficult to recreate to a T, you can achieve the same look that she was going for with similar pieces. For starters, you can pick up this olive green structured jacket from Amazon. Cardi B's jacket has a similar moto-style structure to it and also has darker greens in it. This jacket under $50 is your best bet for your costume this year and it can even be worn time and time again long after Halloween is officially over. Amazon BodiLove Women's Faux Fur Collar PU Leather Short Slim Moto Biker Jacket ($48.69) Next, let's move onto shorts. Cardi B is seen wearing a pair of frayed shorts that perfectly match her structured jacket in her single album artwork. You can also achieve the same look by opting for this pair of olive green distressed shorts. Not only are they super affordable, they will also match nicely with your Amazon jacket. So, be sure to add these to your Amazon cart as well. Note, the price for your shorts varies depending on the size that you order. Amazon Vibrant Women's Juniors Denim High Waist Cutoff Shorts ($24.99-29.99) Cardi B is known to switch up her look a lot, but her red hair is a signature go-to style for her. You can get your own Cardi B hairstyle by ordering this red auburn wig from Spirit Halloween. You can also trim and style the wig any way that you want to achieve the perfect Cardi B Halloween costume. Spirit Halloween Long Auburn Wig with Bangs ($19.99) Last but not least, you can't forget about shoes. Cardi B is seen on her album artwork wearing simple strapped black heels. These heels from Forever 21 are close to the same style, and are also super trendy thanks to their satin finish. They also come in a wide rage of sizes, ranging from size 5.5 to size 10. Much like the moto-style jacket, you can also wear these black satin ankle-strap heels long after Halloween is over. Forever 21 Satin Ankle-Strap Heels ($27.90) Luckily, we've got all of the best Halloween costume DIY tips that you need this year. Make sure to check out how to DIY your own North West costume and how to make your own Wonder Woman Halloween costume if you're looking for even more inspiration. We've also got you covered if you're looking for an ultimate costume guide. If you are, be sure not to miss our ultimate guide to the best pop culture Halloween costumes for 2017. [Photo: images.genius.com]

Your Go-To List For The Funniest Meme Halloween Costumes This Year

It's no secret that memes are the best (and most hilarious) part of any social media platform. From Twitter to Instagram, you just can't seem to escape them. There's a reason they take over and go viral for days on end-- they're simply amazing. That's why they can make some of the greatest Halloween costumes this year. We've got all of the most creative tips to help you if you're at a loss when it comes to how to create a meme costume. You can actually easily create the funniest meme Halloween costumes this year with just a few simple and affordable pieces. One thing's for sure, you'll definitely be a hit at any Halloween party that you go to come Oct. 31. Let's be honest, it's time to say goodbye to overpriced store-bought costumes and hello to creating your own DIY masterpieces. Without further ado, it's time to check out our top list of the best meme costumes for 2017....  Cash Me Outside Costume [Photo: Splash] Danielle Bregoli instantly became a viral sensation following her appearance on Dr. Phil. The angsty teen has definitely caught everyone's attention with her signature catchphrase "cash me outside, how bow dat?" This DIY costume will definitely make everyone laugh. Joanne The Scammer Costume  [Photo: instagram.com/joannethescammer] There's really no better costume option for 2017 than the queen herself-- Joanne the Scammer. Throw on a faux fur coat and shady sunglasses to create the most hilarious Joanne costume yet. Salt Bae Costume [Photo: YouTube] Who could forget Salt Bae? It's time to sprinkle some salt this Halloween and DIY your own costume to recreate this hunk's look. "Backpack Kid" Costume [Photo: YouTube] Thanks to Katy Perry, "Backpack Kid" took off after he appeared in the singer's SNL performance. You can effortlessly recreate your own hilarious look with these four go-to items. April The Giraffe Costume [Photo: twitter.com/aprilthegiraffe] How long did we wait for April the Giraffe to finally give birth? It honestly felt like forever. Revisit the hype and DIY your own April The Giraffe costume before Oct. 31 hits. Hot Dog Snapchat Filter Costume [Photo: Snapchat] We might've saved the best for last with this one. Snapchat's silly hot dog filter quickly made several laps on social media simply due to how funny it is. This one definitely completes our go-to 2017 meme costumes list. [Photo: youtube.com/watch?v=J5GGG0PaSe4, instagram.com/bhadbhabie, instagram.com/joannethescammer, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X6b19ukfTA, Snapchat]

The Ultimate Guide To The Best Pop Culture Halloween Costumes This Year

It's that time of the year again-- Halloween season is finally here. We've got a ton of costume ideas for you if you're thinking about who you want to dress up as this year. It's no secret that pop culture costumes always make the most iconic Halloween costumes-- especially for 2017. This year's television shows, movies, and music have seriously thrived. You can gain plenty of costume inspiration from hit shows like Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale to docuseries like HBO's Big Little Lies. Other iconic pop culture costume ideas can come from your go-to music videos, ahem Katy Perry's "Swish Swish," or your favorite movie, hello It. Luckily, we have a ton of tips and pointers for how you can create the best pop culture halloween costumes this year. Do you want to know the most amazing part about it all? Every single one of these pop culture costumes you can DIY this year are all super affordable. Score! Offred The Handmaid's Tale Costume   [Photo: Hulu] Hulu's original series The Handmaid's Tale dominated the Emmy's this year and your costume is sure to do the same at any Halloween party you go to. Eleven Stranger Things Costume [Photo: Netflix] Stranger Things will definitely be a hit again after the Netflix show's second season releases on Oct. 27. It's time to get your Eleven costume ready! Pennywise It Costume  [Photo: New Line Cinema] It seems like everyone is dying to create their own It costumes this year. Luckily, you can easily create your own Pennywise costume with just a few simple pieces. Katy Perry "Swish Swish" Costume [Photo: YouTube] Who didn't appear in Katy Perry's "Swish Swish" music video? I mean, let's be honest. Katy's video was honestly hilarious and makes for the perfect DIY costume this year. Big Little Lies Audrey Hepburn Costume [Photo: HBO] We absolutely adored Big Little Lies' Audrey Hepburn costumes on the docuseries' finale. Here, you have two different options for creating both Reese Witherspoon's and Shailene Woodley's Audrey costumes. Amazing! Game of Thrones Daenerys Costume [Photo: HBO] It's no secret that another fan favorite series is HBO's Game of Thrones. You should get to shopping right now so you can effortlessly DIY your own Daenerys costume for Halloween.  Taylor Swift Reputation Costume [Photo: Instagram] Taylor Swift has certainly had everyone talking this year. You can create your own Taylor Swift Reputation inspired look as you anticipate the album's release date. Riverdale Cheerleader Costume [Photo: Instagram] A cheerleader costume always makes for one of the most classic Halloween costumes. And this Riverdale cheerleader costume takes it one step further. This DIY look is also a perfect costume option for any duo or group Halloween looks this year! GLOW Costume [Photo: Netflix] Pay some respect to the 80s by creating your own GLOW Halloween costume. From big hair to neon colors, your look will seriously be amazing. Billie Jean King Battle Of  The Sexes Costume  [Photo: Amazon] Grab your go-to Adidas and become Billie Jean King a.k.a. Emma Stone in Battle Of The Sexes. We love this sporty look! Playboy Bunny And Hugh Hefner Costumes [Photo: Twitter] We expect Playboy-inspired costumes to be a huge hit this year following the news of the late Hugh Hefner. Create your own couple's costume with these Playboy bunny and Hef iconic looks. Baywatch Costume [Photo: Paramount Pictures] Have some fun in the sun this Halloween by creating your own Baywatch costume. You'll catch Zac Efron's attention in no time! Ariana Grande Costume [Photo: Instagram] It seems like Ariana Grande has been everywhere this year. From her hit singles to her world tour, who wouldn't want to dress up as the singer for Halloween this year ? Wonder Woman Costume [Photo: Warner Bros.] Last but not least, Wonder Woman seriously dominated the box office in 2017. Luckily, you can easily create your own girl boss Wonder Woman costume before Oct. 31 hits. [Photo: Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, The CW]

How To DIY A Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Couple’s Costume

Celebrity power couples are our favorite kind of couples. And our ultimate fave celeb couple crush is Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Don't they seem like a match made in heaven? We certainly think so. And not to mention, J.Lo's red carpet looks are always nothing short of iconic, especially with A-Rod wrapped around her arm. Honestly, what couple wouldn't want to become J.Lo and A-Rod for Halloween this year? Luckily, you can recreate the couple's best looks with just a few simple and affordable pieces. Now, it's time to dive into a DIY Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez couple's costume. Jennifer Lopez Halloween costume:  J.Lo serves up sexy looks any time she hits the red carpet. One thing's for sure, Jennifer could wear a garbage bag and still look amazing somehow. We gained major fashion inspiration from her red hot cut-out dresses she has worn time and time again. You can dress just like J.Lo with this affordable mesh bodycon dress from Amazon. Amazon Elesol Womens Sexy Patchwork Bodycon Mesh Sheer See Through Clubwear Midi Dress ($27.99) Of course you'll have to pair sky-high stilettos with your midi dress. These crushed velvet heels from Forever 21 can be the perfect choice for your J.Lo costume. The best thing about this costume is that you can wear the pieces long after Halloween is over. Forever 21 Crushed Velvet Heels ($39.90) You'll definitely need Jennifer's go-to accessory for completing your costume. It's no secret that J.Lo loves to wear hoop earrings. You can conveniently order a simple pair of silver hoops off of Amazon for less than $10. Amazon Collection Stainless Steel Rounded Hoops Earrings ($9.00) Alex Rodriguez Halloween costume: Now, let's move onto an A-Rod Halloween costume for your partner. While he could definitely wear a fitted suit to match your dressy look, a Yankees costume would help make your costume idea more obvious to everyone else. If you don't already have an A-Rod Yankees jersey you can always choose a much more affordable option--a Yankees t-shirt. Make sure to order this super affordable Yankees t-shirt with your J.Lo dress and earrings off of Amazon. Amazon Majestic Athletic New York Yankees T-Shirt Style Jersey  ($12.95-32.58) We have one more item that you'll need to add to your Amazon cart to effortlessly complete you couple's costume. It's a Yankees baseball hat of course. This hat option is about $22 and is an absolute must-have for your partner's Alex Rodriguez Halloween costume this year. Amazon MLB '47 Clean Up Adjustable Hat ($21.98) Comfy pants are essential wardrobe piece for guys in the fall, so your partner will definitely love these for his A-Rod costume. Plus, joggers are so trendy right now. You can pick up a pair of black joggers at H&M to complete his costume. The best part? These pants are just about $25! H&M Sweatpants ($24.99) We've got you covered with all of the DIY Halloween costume ideas you need this year. For more, make sure to check out how to create your own Will & Grace character costumes and how to DIY Big Little Lies Audrey Hepburn Halloween costumes. [Photo: Splash]

How To DIY Will & Grace Halloween Costumes For Every Character

When Will & Grace premiered in the late ‘90s, it proved to be a groundbreaking show — one that was funny, provocative, and singular in the way it portrayed gay, lesbian, and bisexual characters. The show is back — and this time it’s ready to tackle modern issues with that same humorous, but sensitive, tone. In other words, it’s the ideal year to gather up a group of friends and whip together fun DIY Will & Grace Halloween costumes. After assigning roles to four friends — you’ll need a creative, neurotic Grace, successful lawyer Will, socialite party girl Karen, and free-spirited Jack — it’s time to shop. Fortunately, Will & Grace costumes won’t put you in debt and aren’t difficult to find. Here’s what you need to get started. Grace Adler Red Wig Is it possible for anyone other than Debra Messings to possess such an incredible mane of red hair? Probably not, but you’ve got to at least try if you’re going to dress as Grace this Halloween. Amazon Wig ($16) Red Slacks Grace has the most creative flair of all four characters when it comes to her wardrobe. She isn’t afraid to take chances or experiment with colors and patterns — but there’s no doubt red is her signature shade. A pair of red slacks like these are classic Grace. Amazon Red Hanger Dress Pants ($27) White Ruffled Shirt There’s an iconic episode in the original Will & Grace when sassy Karen takes one look at Grace’s overly ruffled white blouse and tells her it looks just like whipped cream. Pay homage to older seasons by incorporating this blouse in your costume. Amazon Y&Z Ruffled Shirt ($18) Will Truman A Blue Suit We never saw Will looking anything less than perfect and professional. Of course, you needn’t spend thousands on a 3-piece Gucci suit, but this affordable navy suit, cut close to the body and in the perfect shade, is a must if you’re dressing up as the corporate attorney Amazon Fly Hawk Suit ($40) A Repp Tie Oh, Will, with his perfect repp ties. The preppy accessory is one of Will’s trademarks and goes perfectly with a sharp suit and crisp Oxford shirt. Finish off with a pair of plastic black glasses and make sure you don’t have a hair out of place. Amazon Nick Graham Repp Tie ($14) Karen Walker Brown Updo Wig Without a doubt, Karen’s favorite way to style her gorgeous brunette mane is in a refined updo. Feel free to sweep these bangs to the side and hold them in place with a bobby pin. Amazon SiYi Brown Updo Wig ($21) Animal Print Blouse Karen is a super fun character to portray because, while she’s mostly sophisticated, she isn’t afraid of adding a wild detail or two that complements her personality. And this animal print blouse offers just that: a taste of Karen’s fierceness, but always subdued enough to be worn in a professional setting. Amazon Cinyifan Leopard Blouse ($12) Black Slacks A staple in Karen’s work wardrobe (and she works a lot), these black slacks are neutral enough to showcase animal print and accessories. Amazon Velucci Dress Pants ($30) Chandelier Earrings Karen has no qualms about pairing cocktail party accessories with daytime pieces. Dangling chandelier earrings are just her style and perfect with a classic Karen updo. Amazon JoyJuly Chandelier Earrings ($8) A Fake Wine Glass Does this prop require any explanation at all? Karen is an expert in spirits and cocktails — and a fake glass of red wine will immediately tip off fans to the character you’re representing. Amazon Red Wine Glass Fake Drink ($19) Jack McFarland A Sweater Vest One of the greatest costuming decisions made on Will & Grace was the choice to dress Jack in subdued, almost geeky, sweater sets so that his explosively fun personality could stand out on its own. Amazon Tri-Mountain V-Neck Shell Vest ($21) Beige Slacks What goes well with a sweater vest? A neutral pair of beige slacks, of course — never too baggy and always cut close to the body so that they still look stylish and hip. Amazon Haggar Pants ($28)

How To DIY The ‘Big Little Lies’ Audrey Hepburn Halloween Costumes

HBO's drama miniseries Big Little Lies had literally everyone hooked this past winter and spring. That's why recreating the fashion looks from the hit series can create amazing Halloween costume ideas for this year. You can even have some extra fun with your DIY creation since the Big Little Lies characters dressed up in different Audrey Hepburn costumes for a themed party during the final episode. Both executive producer and actress Reese Witherspoon (Madeline Martha Mackenzie) and actress Shailene Woodley (Jane Chapman) picked two iconic Audrey looks from Breakfast at Tiffany's that you can easily recreate. Without further ado, let's dive into how you can create a DIY Big Little Lies Audrey Hepburn Halloween costume. Shailene Woodley's Audrey Hepburn Black Dress Costume: Luckily, Shailene's a.k.a. Jane Chapman's Audrey Hepburn costume primarily involves one staple piece-- a little black dress. The key to picking out the perfect Audrey LBD is finding one that's fitted, about knee-length, and sleeveless. You can easily order this one off of Amazon for under $25. Note, the price range varies depending on the size that you order. Amazon SE MIU Women Sleeveless High Neck Bodycon Pencil Dress Tank Shirt Dress ($13.99-22.99) It's key to have a sleeveless black dress because you also need Audrey's iconic long black gloves for this look. Along with your LBD, you can also order this pair of black satin gloves from Amazon for less than $10. Amazon Vijiv 1920s Glove Opera Satin Long 20s Gatsby Flapper Gloves ($9.99) Next, let's talk hair. To replicate Audrey's hair in Breakfast At Tiffany's you'll want to opt for an updo. Just like Audrey, you can spice up your hairstyle with this tiny crown hairpiece. Remember to add this to your Amazon cart before checking out-- it's only about $6! Amazon Lovelyshop Tiny Royal Crown Rhinestone Hair Comb ($5.22) Lastly, the perfect final touch for this look is a simple strand of pearls. Obviously real pearls would be expensive if you don't already own some, but you can always opt for this pearl necklace from Target for less than $10. Your LBD, black gloves, crown hairpiece, pearls, and some black pumps can effortlessly create the most amazing Audrey Hepburn Halloween costume this year. Target Short Pearl Necklace - 18" - Silver/White ($9.99) Reese Witherspoon's Audrey Hepburn Sleepwear Costume: Now, let's move onto Reese Witherspoon's Audrey costume in the Big Little Lies finale. Reese's character Madeline chose the Holly Golightly sleepwear look from Breakfast At Tiffany's. If you can't borrow an oversized white button-down from someone you know, you can purchase this white tunic dress from Amazon for about $17. Amazon HAOYIHUI Women's Casual Long Sleeve Boyfriend Pocket Shirt Dress Tunic Top ($16.99) The simple white dress can then be paired with Madeline's statement pink tassel earrings. Plus, these earrings are also trendy considering tassel earrings are so in right now. You can also order these off of Amazon for $7.50. What a deal! Amazon MELUOGE Beautiful Tassel Long Earrings Colors Bohemia Ethnic Earrings ($7.50) Lastly, you can't forget about the sleep mask. Luckily, Amazon has an offer on one that looks just like the one Audrey wears as Holly-- which is also seen on Reese in the Big Little Lies HBO finale. So, be sure to add this to your Amazon order for the perfect final touch. Amazon The Sleepy Cottage Breakfast at Tiffany's Sleep Eye Mask Inspired by Holly Golightly in Robin's Egg Blue and Gold ($14.00) For more costume ideas, make sure to check out this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes. [Photo: HBO]

How To DIY An Evolution Of Taylor Swift Halloween Costume

In just a few short years, Taylor Swift has been a million different people and she owes it all to the incredible fearlessness she has when it comes to allowing her style to evolve. The Look What You Made Me Do pop singer traces her roots back to country music, and she had the long blonde ringlets and cowboy boots to prove it. Not content to be pigeonholed in one category, she changed up her image when launching her pop career and experimented with ladylike silhouettes and short-shorts and loafers combos that can only be described as all kinds of adorable. And then, of course, she chopped off her hair and Swift’s style evolution really took off. There’s no stopping the singer when it comes to playing around with her looks and trying on everything from a goth persona to a (literal) circus ringmaster. If you’re thinking of DIY-ing a Taylor Swift Halloween costume, the good news is you have plenty of looks from which to choose. Instead of selecting a straight-up Swift circa 2017 style pulled straight from her newest album Reputation, why not change things up and create a look that pays homage to several Swift style phases from throughout the years? Here are some key pieces you’ll need. 1) A Long, Blonde Wig Given Swift’s hair style changes over the past decade, you have quite a few wigs that could work on Halloween — anything from a sleek blonde bob to that bleach blonde Coachella experiment a few years back could work. But we have to go with Swift’s original signature hairstyle: a super-long mane of curly blonde ringlets that is the envy of every girl in country music.  Combining this wig with more modern Swift ensembles will drive home the point that you aren’t just Taylor Swift this Halloween — you’re every version of Taylor Swift. Amazon Mxangel wig ($53) 2) Cowboy Boots Like long, curly hair, cowboy boots were one of Swift’s earliest style trademarks. She seems to favor cute flats and striking heels over boots these days, but there was a time when Swift wore these bad boys with a handkerchief hem halter dress at the 41st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards and then again one year later with a sparkly teal formal dress while performing on stage. Amazon Lolli Couture Cowboy Boots ($10-36) 3) The Ringmaster Costume Swift saves her cutest, most iconic outfits for her tours and videos. And this one — a classic ringmaster costume that she wore in 2012 to promote her Red album — made certain the world knew that she was in charge. When you’re honoring a star who has her legs insured for $40 million, you should definitely plan on showing yours off, too. Amazon Roma Costume ($169) 4) Heart-Shaped Glasses Remember Swift’s 22 music video? It may not go down in history as her most popular vid, but there are more than a few style choices from the set that you can steal for Halloween. And none are more iconic than this pair of red heart-shaped sunglasses, which seem to scream “Taylor!” Amazon Armear Oversized Heart-Shaped Glasses ($7) 5) Classic Red Lipstick Red lipstick is to Taylor Swift as contouring is to Kim Kardashian. No Swift Halloween costume is complete with it — and this tube by Maybelline called Are You Red-dy is perfection. Amazon Maybelline New York ColorSensational Lipcolor in Are You Red-dy ($5.50)

How To DIY ‘Riverdale’ Betty And Veronica Halloween Costumes This Year

When your favorite River Vixens aren't cheering on their team they serve stylish looks in the halls of Riverdale High. Their iconic fashion choices are definitely ones to copy this Halloween. And while you could DIY a Riverdale cheerleader Halloween costume, you can also copy Betty Cooper's and Veronica Lodge's everyday wear and DIY your own Riverdale Betty and Veronica Halloween costumes. Plus, these pieces also make for new go-to staples for your fall wardrobe. You can create the most stylish Betty and Veronica from Riverdale Halloween costumes this year with just a few simple clothing items and accessories. One thing's for sure, these looks definitely can create an amazing costume this season. So, let's jump right into how to DIY your Riverdale costume before Oct. 31 hits (it's going to come sooner than you expect!) Betty Cooper Riverdale costume:  Betty Cooper is often seen wearing pastel colors, commonly light pinks, when she's not donning her cheerleading uniform. Luckily, there is an affordable way you can copy Betty's preppy style. This pink pullover sweater is perfect for your Betty costume and will cost you less than $17. Amazon Viottis Women's Cashmere Wool Blended Pullover Knit Sweater ($21.99) To achieve her ultimate preppy style, Betty often pairs her sweaters with a collared shirt. While you could really wear any collared shirt or even a collared necklace with your sweater, this crisp white button down does the trick. Plus, it's only $12.99--you can't beat that, right? Amazon SUNNOW Women Simple White Collared Long Sleeves Blouse With Button ($12.99) Next, onto some black skinnies. We could all use another pair of go-to black skinnies for fall this year. And chances are, your favorite pair from last year have already faded. Forever 21 offers an affordable option with this pair of jeans for under $20. Forever 21 Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans ($17.90) Last but not least, let's talk shoes. Thankfully, Charlotte Russe is currently having a sale on their shoes and you can snag these booties for just $25. The block heel and cushioned insole will also make them super comfortable, so you can wear them all night long on Halloween. Charlotte Russe Bamboo Faux Leather Ankle Booties ($25.00)  Veronica Lodge Riverdale costume:  Veronica still sticks to dresses and skirts even when she's not cheering. Although her style is feminine, she tends to choose dark neutral colors for her everyday outfits. This short sleeve scoop neck dress in navy blue is perfect for DIYing your own Veronica costume. Plus, it's a simple basic piece that would make a good addition to your closet. Amazon ICONOFLASH Junior's Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Fit and Flare Skater Dress ($16.99) Whether it's a statement necklace or a strand of pearls, Veronica certainly knows how to accessorize. Even though her clothes are typically simple, she loves to spice her outfits up with some glitz and glam jewelry pieces. You can either dig out one of your favorite statement necklaces or opt for this one from Forever 21 for less than $10. Forever 21 Floral Statement Necklace ($9.90) Charlotte Russe has another pair of booties that are perfect whether you want to dress up as Veronica alone, or with a friend as a Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge duo costume. These black booties are also just $25 and flawlessly finish off your costume. We also recommend pairing these booties and your dress with a pair of tights if Halloween falls on a chilly night. Charlotte Russe Bamboo Faux Suede Ankle Booties ($25.00) For more DIY Halloween costume inspiration, check out how to make your own Emma Stone La La Land costume and Wonder Woman Halloween costume. [Photo: the CW]

How To DIY The Most Epic Eclipse Halloween Costume

The 2017 solar eclipse definitely had everyone hyped up this past August, and you can be a hit yourself with your own Halloween costume this year. It's always more fun to create duo or group DIY costumes, so grab your friend or partner this year and get crafty. With just a few affordable pieces you can create your own hilarious eclipse halloween costume before Oct. 31. It's actually super easy to make this eclipse costume, and you may already have some of the pieces that you'll need to create it. If you do have to purchase some things however, don't worry-- they're all so inexpensive! First, you'll need to think of a duo costume that will make your look's colors contrast from your partner's to create an eclipse-like visual. We say to go the black and white route and find pieces that have metallic material to make you look extra bright and shiny. Start to envision your duo costume-- how will you pose for pictures? Simply put, the one half of the duo can dress in black as the moon and the other will dress in bright white as the sun's rays. For one of the costumes, grab a black t-shirt like this comfy Hanes one from Amazon for less than $8. Amazon Hanes Women's Nano T-Shirt ($6.53-8.00) Next, you can pair your black t-shirt with these metallic black shorts to help complete your look. You can conveniently order this pair of shiny shorts from Amazon for less than $16. The best part about these two pieces is that they also come in matching colored options for the sun's costume-- which is perfect for a duo costume look. Amazon SweatyRocks Women's Yoga Hot Shorts Shiny Metallic Pants ($15.99) Of course you'll also need a pair of eclipse glasses for your eclipse Halloween costume. Luckily, you don't have to worry about whether these glasses will actually work this time around. Everyone will definitely get the hint and understand what you're dressed up as with these as your go-to must-have accessory. You can order them in a pack of five, so you have one for you and one for your partner, for less than $10. The remaining glasses can serve as photo props for other party goers--which definitely makes a hilarious photo opp! Amazon Rainbow Symphony Eclipse Glasses - CE and ISO Certified Safe Solar Eclipse Shades ($9.95)  Let's move onto the sun's costume. While you could go a yellow route with your look, think about how the eclipse appears once the moon completely covers the sun. It looks like there are rays of bright white light around it, right? That's why we suggest a white costume for this duo look--which also includes metallic shorts, of course. Amazon Hanes Women's Nano T-Shirt ($6.80-8.00) Like the Hanes t-shirt, the price for the metallic shorts depends on the style that you order. Hanes prices vary depending on your size, but the price for these shorts is $1 cheaper than the black pair because of the selected color. Luckily, both the black and silver pairs come in a wide range of sizes, so there's really a pair available for just about anyone to purchase. Amazon SweatyRocks Women's Yoga Hot Shorts Shiny Metallic Pants ($14.99)  For more Halloween inspiration make sure to check out how to create an Eleven Stranger Things costume and how to DIY It clown Halloween makeup. [Photo: Shutterstock]

How To DIY The Scariest ‘It’ Clown Halloween Makeup

Not all DIY Halloween costumes require tons of shopping, some can be almost completely created by just using makeup. We've got the perfect Halloween makeup look for you if you want to pass up on a trendy Snapchat filter makeup look and are looking for something scary. After all, it's no secret that the Pennywise It clown costume is huge this year, and mastering the makeup look can be just as amazing as the costume itself. You can easily DIY It Halloween makeup with the help of a few affordable products and a YouTube tutorial. First, let's start with the makeup products that you'll need to achieve this spooky makeup. Luckily, Halloween retailers like Party City have affordable long-lasting products that can completely transform you come Oct. 31. This white grease makeup from Party City is less than $2, but you definitely don't sacrifice quality for the price. It creates an even base for your clown makeup, and it's also wax-based so it won't crease or peel as the night goes on. Party City White Grease Makeup ($1.99) Next, you'll also need black costume makeup to emphasize your eyes and to accentuate any harsh lines. Much like the white makeup, this one also won't crack or peel after applying. Remember, the bolder the makeup the better. You'll especially want to take time with your makeup so that you can guarantee your masterpiece will show up nicely in pictures. Party City Black Grease Makeup ($1.99) Of course you'll also need red makeup. This product is essential for creating your Pennywise nose, and for creating the lines extending from above your eyebrows all the way down to the corners of your mouth. This red cream can also be applied around your lips to make your mouth appear bigger and scarier, just like Pennywise's. Party City Red Cream Makeup ($1.99) You can also intensify your eyes with this black eyeliner from e.l.f. cosmetics. It's super affordable, but is still guaranteed to give you long-lasting color with its rich formula. The felt tip is also super handy since it makes it much easier to create your clown look. You can pair this with the black cream makeup to make your eyes pop from the white makeup base. Remember, Pennywise has dark daunting eyes so you'll want to be sure to be generous when applying any black makeup to your eye area. e.l.f. Intense Ink Eyeliner ($3.00) Besides the red cream makeup you'll want to pick up a pigmented red lip color for the base of your lips. You can use the red cream makeup to create the red face lines and for around your lips, but stick to this liquid lipstick for your actual lip color. This liquid lipstick from Wet N Wild applies glossy but then transform into matte as you wear it. It has a lightweight formula but is still super pigmented, and won't dry out your lips. Wet N Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Lipstick ($4.99) You can certainly pick up more tips from makeup artist Lauren Nicole on her YouTube channel. One thing's for sure, she definitely mastered this look! [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm76cz01gf4[/embed] We've got you covered if you're looking for even more Halloween costume inspiration. Be sure to check out this DIY Babadook costume and of course, this DIY Pennywise It clown costume. [Photo: instagram.com/mualaurennicole]

The DIY Babadook Halloween Costume That Will Scare Everyone

Scary movies, such as It, have created major inspiration when it comes to creating Halloween costumes this year. While the Pennywise clown costume continues to be a trending hit, there's yet another spooky monster costume you can create this year-- the Babadook. The Babadook was a 2014 horror film about a tall black and white monster who torments its victims once they become aware of it. Although it was released a few years ago, the flick became popular again this past summer after it was mistakenly categorized as an LGBT movie on Netflix and then becoming an LGBT meme on social media. Due to its recent internet fame, creating your own Babadook Halloween costume is the perfect scary meme costume for Halloween this year. The #1 essential for pulling off a Babadook Halloween costume is his long black trench coat. Luckily, picking up a trench coat this year for your Oct. 31 look can also double as your go-to fall jacket. This long black trench coat option from Amazon is perfect for your Babadook look, and is also affordable considering you'll be able to wear it time and time again long after Halloween is over. Amazon Eorish Women's British Style Elegant Jacket Double Breasted Slim Long Trench Coat ($45.99) Babadook is also notoriously known for his top hat, which is definitely the first major red flag that Babadook is there lurking around. Although this part of your costume won't become an everyday fall wardrobe piece, it is super affordable for a one-time wear. It will cost you less than $7 and you can easily order it off of Amazon. Amazon NJ Novelty - Top Hat Tall Black Felt Costume Accessory Party Dress Up Hats Adult Size, with White Band ($6.85)  While you can definitely pull out a pair of black pants, or comfy leggings, from your closet for your Babadook costume, we still don't think you'd want to miss this sale. Old Navy is having a sale on their mid-rise black skinny pants and have marked these perfect work pants down to just $19. Old Navy Mid-Rise Skinny Everyday Khakis for Women ($19.00) Next, you can opt for a pair of black booties if you're looking to make your costume a bit more feminine. These booties will match well with your black pants and trench coat, and are also a perfect solution to finding a way to get more height so your coat doesn't swallow you up. Amazon Keni by J Adams High Heel Suede Ankle Boot - Slip On Stacked Heel Bootie - Comfortable Walking Shoe ($32.00) Last but not least, you'll need to master the Babadook Halloween makeup. Luckily, Spirit Halloween makes this step a lot easier for you by having black and white costume makeup available for less than $4. First, you'll want to create a base on your entire face with the white makeup. You can then best resemble Babadook by creating black circles around your eye area and around your mouth. You can also choose a black lipstick to make this step a bit less messy. Note, this makeup kit comes with both a palette of black and white face makeup, and makeup pencils so you that you can easily draw precise lines and shapes. Spirit Halloween Black and White Makeup ($3.99) [Photo: Causeway Films]

This Joanne The Scammer Halloween Costume Will Make You A Flawless Queen

If you just love drama then you probably love the viral social media sensation Joanne the Scammer. Joanne, a.k.a. Branden Miller, seriously makes us crack up with her sassy sayings and not to mention, we adore her fierce looks. Social media and meme costumes are honestly the go-to costumes this year, um hello Salt Bae costume. So, why not DIY your own Joanne the Scammer Halloween costume this year? To be honest, some of the pieces that you'll need to buy can also become some of your everyday fall wardrobe staples. Now, let's think of what to wear for your Joanne the Scammer costume. Joanne keeps it pretty simple for what's beneath her iconic fur coat, and has been seen many times sticking to a basic LBD. This black cami dress is not only comfortable, it's also super affordable thanks to its $10 price mark. Amazon Top Legging Women's Nylon or Cotton Basic Strap Seamless Base Layering Cami Slip Dress ($10.00-10.80) Of course the one essential you must have for your Joanne costume is her infamous fur coat. This faux fur coat is a more affordable option than most and will only cost you about $35, although the price does vary depending on the size that you order. The good part is that this coat is chic enough that you can continue to wear it long after Halloween is over. Twinkle Deals Colllarless Open Front Faux Fur Coat - Light Khaki ($31.59- 35.38) Next, you need to achieve Joanne's hair. Branden Miller obviously wears a wig for this part of his costume, so you can too-- unless you already have a similar hairstyle. This wig seriously looks just like the Joanne wig, and it's so inexpensive too. It doesn't look ridiculously fake and it will only cost you just under $17. How amazing is that?! Amazon Tsnomore Chic Straight Middle Length Ombre Cosplay and Party Women Wig ($16.99) For one of your final costume pieces you'll need a pair of heels. While you could totally pull out any pair of heels that you already own from your closet, these simple black pumps from Forever 21 are also perfect for the look. They're currently on sale online for less than $13 so you better order them quickly! Forever 21 Pointed Faux Suede Pumps ($12.99) How could Joanne continue to throw shade without her sunglasses? It obviously just wouldn't happen. If you didn't stow away your oversized sunglasses from a decade ago then you can always turn to Amazon for a cheap alternative. These black polarized sunglasses will cost you less than $15, and are perfect for completing your DIY Joanne the Scammer Halloween costume this Halloween. Amazon LianSan Women's Oversized Polarized Sunglasses Lsp301 ($14.79) It's no secret that creating your own Halloween costume is so much fun. You should definitely try it out this year and say goodbye to store-bought ones (let's admit it, they're seriously so expensive). We've got you covered on the best tips and tricks you need to DIY a Halloween costume this year. For more creative ideas, make sure to check out how to DIY a "Cash Me Outside" girl Halloween costume and how to recreate Beyonce's twin reveal costume. [Photo: instagram.com/joannethescammer]

Here’s Everything You Need To DIY A Kylie Jenner Baby Costume This Year

Let's be honest, we've all dreamed about what it would be like to be part of the KarJenner family, right? Well, luckily you can be your own favorite member of the family on one special day of the year-- or at least pretend that you are. Dressing up as Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner for Halloween are always iconic Halloween costume looks year after year. Kylie costumes are especially all the rage this season since the news of her pregnancy broke, and since the pregnant Kylie Jenner costume was released (we've got our own DIY option too). But let's not forget about the expected baby girl herself this Halloween though. One thing's for sure, that baby is sure to be styling, especially since Kylie has already reportedly spent thousands of dollars on clothes and accessories for her unborn baby. So, with just a few simple (and not to mention, stylish) pieces, you can create your own perfect DIY Kylie Jenner baby costume. Pajamas are always the perfect choice when putting together any baby Halloween costume. While you could pull out your favorite pair of pj's from your closet, this pink adult onesie is perfect for your Kylie Jenner baby costume this year. Not only is it super comfortable, it's also so affordable-- just under $30! Plus, you can always wear this for cozy fall nights where all you do is Netflix and chill. Amazon Sweetnight Women Long Sleeve Sleepwear V Neck Nightwear Pajamas Onesies Playsuit for Adults ($27.99) And of course every bouncing baby girl needs her pacifier. This pink adult pacifier is a must-have for your costume this year. Not only will it perfectly match your onesie, but it is also inexpensive, costing you just under $10. Amazon ABDL Pink Adult Pacifier ($9.50) Next, let's talk footwear. Slippers are the comfiest shoe option for your Halloween costume this year. These ones from Target are the perfect choice and you can get them for less than $13. Target Women's dluxe by dearfoams® Tilly Plush Slide Slippers ($12.99) Even as a Jenner baby you'll need to support your Kardashian family! This Kimoji rubber duck pin is the sweetest childish addition to your Kylie baby costume this year. Of course it's not an absolute essential for this look, but it does make for a great accessory! Kimoji Rubber Duck Pin ($8.00) Last but not least, we can't forget about the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. It's no secret that aunt Kylie loves her niece Penelope Disick, and so much so that she named one of her iconic Lip Kits after her. We're sure Kylie's baby will love her older cousin, so you can support the baby's favorite cousin by wearing the Penelope Lip Kit for Halloween. The Penelope Lip Kit is under $30 and comes with both a light pink matte liquid lipstick and a pencil lip liner. Kylie Cosmetics Penelope Lip Kit ($29.00) We've got you covered on all of the tips that you'll need to DIY your own Halloween costume this year. If you're on the hunt for more creative ideas, make sure to check out this DIY Billie Jean King Battle Of The Sexes costume and this Eleven Stranger Things costume. [Photo: instagram.com/kyliejenner]

And The Award For Best Halloween Costume Goes To… You As Emma Stone From La La Land!

Emma Stone took home her first Oscar for the role of struggling actress Mia in the musical smash La La Land this year--and you might take home your first "best costume" award by replicating her look for Halloween 2017. A yellow dress, some dance shoes and few moves is all you need (and, um, maybe a Ryan Gosling look-alike on your arm?). And by "dance moves" I don't mean formal tap training like Stone got for the movie--you can definitely have fun with it. This is a good costume for anyone who wants to prance around all night, twirling on telephone polls and skipping through stop traffic (okay, don't do that last part). Let's dive into this epic Halloween costume. First--get that soundtrack in your brain by catching up on the trailer and other beloved scenes from the film. You can buy or rent the full movie now--it's everywhere on digital release. And with Academy Awards for Best Actress, Best Director, Best Original Music Score and more... why wouldn't you want to? It's a beautiful film, and to play Mia, aka Emma Stone, you'll need to get in the musical theater state of mind. Our favorite songs are "A Lovely Night" and "Someone In The Crowd." Just a heads up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pdqf4P9MB8 Ahh--that was nice, right? Okay, here's how to be Emma Stone from the "Lovely Night" scene--aka, the yellow dress scene--from the film. If you really want to take the costume up a notch, make it a couples costume and enlist someone to be your Sebastian. Again, we're not saying they *need* to look like Ryan Gosling--but that would be nice, wouldn't it? For the Sebastian side of things, all he/she needs is a white Oxford shirt, tie, slacks and men's dance shoes or brogues. And here's what you'll need for her: 1. The dress.  Emma Stone wears a few cute dresses in the film--another favorite is her blue swing halter dress from the "Someone In The Crowd." Let's start with the classic yellow dress though, which is also used on the movie poster, DVD cover and other promotional materials. It's more recognizable! You can find exact replicas of the dress online. Here's one from Amazon. Obviously, you should buy whatever cheapest and available in your size when it times come to order: Yellow party dress ($29) 2. Dance shoes. These are ugly, but they're kind of essential for the costume. These are your classic wing tip heeled dance shoes. Emma wears something almost identical in the film. These are from Amazon--maybe you can find them for cheaper at Goodwill? Wing tip dance shoes ($27.99) 3. A wig. Emma Stone wears her strawberry blonde hair at shoulder-length with a center part in the film. If you have hair just like that, you're golden. If not, here's what I think is the perfect wig for the costume: Wig ($23.99) Now it's time to memorize all the lyrics. Good luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waTDxRZ93Qc

This Billie Jean King From Battle Of The Sexes Halloween Costume Is A Winner

Academy Award winner Emma Stone just sunk her teeth into one of the most epic sports stories of all time: the 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, dubbed the "Battle of the Sexes." Her movie by the same name premiered in theaters this month and is getting lots of buzz. If you own a tennis racket (or just want to swing one on Halloween) this is the perfect costume. Billie Jean famously beat the male chauvinist in the match--plus, you get to wear Adidas sneakers. It's a win-win for fashion and feminism. Emma Stone put her game face on (and gained 15 lb. of muscle!) to play tennis great Billie Jean King in "Battle of the Sexes"--and to get YOUR game face on for the Halloween costume, first thing you should do is study her look in the movie trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5ykcuAS1F4 "He made a bet. She made history." is the tagline of the film--and the movie does a good job of showing how this epic spectacle of a match came to be. In it, Stone trains hard and steps up to the plate to be an example for an entire generation of women. Love the feminist message! Now, here's what you'll need to be her for Halloween: 1. A retro tennis dress One of the signature tennis looks for women is a white pleated dress or skirt. Billie Jean's dresses even back in the 70s were pretty timeless--so you can splurge on something from Adidas or Stella McCartney and actually wear it again after Halloween. I like this Adidas one--although it's $140, and if you don't want to spend that much simply check out your local Salvation Army or Goodwill (or sporting goods store for something in the under-$50 range). adidas Women's Pharrell NY Vintage Dress ($140) 2. A mullet (no offense, Billie Jean!)  All due respect to Billie Jean, but she definitely rocks a mullet hairstyle--especially at the time of the Battle of Sexes match. Hey, it was the 70s! You'll need to come pretty close to her hairstyle to pull off this costume. Unless you want to cut your hair--which you definitely don't--you'll need a mullet wig. I found this one on Amazon--it's one of the less offensive mullet wigs for women out there: Mullet wig ($9.99) 3. A tennis racket. Depending on how intensely you want to play the role--or how much you want to spend--you can go a number of ways. You can buy an actual wooden vintage/retro tennis racket to get *really* in character. But they aren't cheap. Or, you can grab a cheap Wilson racket on Amazon--nobody will notice the difference between the wooden styles they played with back in the 70s versus a more modern synthetic racket. Or, of course, if you own a tennis racket--just use that. Our pick: a cheap Wilson racket form Amazon ($14.99) 4. Round eyeglasses  One of the things Emma did to look the part was don round eyeglasses like the ones the real Billie Jean wears. You'll need these! I found a quick and easy pair on Amazon--but you can use whatever round eyeglasses you've got. These are ugly--but they're only $1.50. Gotta love Amazon. Retro round glasses ($1.50) 5. Sneakers Yasss--here's when you can either wear something you own, or use it as an excuse to buy a new pair of Adidas sneakers. These Baseline sneakers will work just find. She also wore the black pair IRL. Adidas Baseline sneakers (from $39) 6. Tennis balls This is totally optional and just a fun prop that you can carry around and/or play with throughout the night. I mean a tennis player needs balls! Tennis balls ($7) So, there you have it--everything you need to kick some male chauvinist you-know-what this Halloween! This Halloween costume is an ace as far as we're concerned. One more thing, don't forget to check out this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes!

Here’s How To Recreate Beyoncé’s Twin Reveal Costume For Halloween This Year!

When Beyoncé does something, it's only a matter of time before the world decides to copy it. That's why it's no surprise that people are thinking of recreating her iconic twin reveal outfit for Halloween this year. As you'll recall, Queen Bey nearly broke the internet this past June when she posted the first picture of her twins Rumi and Sir Carter via Instagram. Though Beyoncé kept it simple with her outfit by only wearing a long, flowing floral kimono, a light blue veil and ruffled blue underwear, it made quite the impact on the world. The photo now has over 10 million likes and over 31,000 comments. Talk about an epic birth announcement! Since this photo was so big, you know it would make the perfect Halloween costume. Luckily, this outfit is super easy to duplicate if you're looking to channel Bey on Oct. 31!  It requires minimal planning and two super adorable accessories: twin baby dolls. Think you've got what it takes to be Queen Bey this year? Let's break down the Beyoncé Twin Reveal Halloween costume step-by-step: The Veil  Electric Blue Wedding Veil ($26)  You're going to need a gorgeous blue veil to complete this look, which can easily be done by getting some blue fabric and gluing it to a headband. But if DIY isn't your thing and you'd rather buy the veil already assembled, you can get this electric blue wedding veil from Etsy for $26. The Kimono  Purple Floral Robe ($17.90) The kimono Bey rocked in her Instagram was made by Spanish menswear designer Palomo Spain. If you don't have the funds to splurge on the exact designer silk kimono Beyoncé is wearing, don't fret; we've found a cheaper version for you! This floral silk robe from Etsy will do the job perfectly, and it only costs $17.90! The Underwear  Ekouaer Women's Boycut Shorts ($9.99)                       Marycrafts Women's Silk Bandeau Lingere Top ($19.90) Beyoncé is no stranger to wearing some revealing costumes, but this outfit definitely takes the cake. If you're looking to keep the costume sexy like Bey, you're going to need these blue biker shorts from Amazon to stay covered up and looking "Flawless." Don't worry, we've got something for your top half, too! Pair the shorts with this gorgeous ruffled silky bandeau top from Amazon to complete the look. Rumi & Sir  JC Toys Lots To Cuddle Babies ($19.99)  Queen Bey's outfit wasn't the only thing that made this photo so iconic. It got so many likes because it was the first photograph she'd shared with fans since giving birth to twins Rumi and Sir. If you want this costume to be half as iconic as the original photo, you're going to have to buy some twin baby dolls. Luckily, Target has you covered in that department! These JC Toys Lots To Cuddle Babies bare an uncanny resemblance to Rumi and Sir Carter, and they're only $19.99! See, told you the Beyoncé Twin Reveal Halloween costume was easy! If you want to score some bonus points and rack up almost as many likes on Instagram as Bey did, head over to your nearest craft store and make your own flower wall for your big costume reveal pic. It's time to start working on that fierce Beyoncé pout so you can perfectly replicate her now-famous pose!

Here’s What You Need To DIY Playboy Bunny And Hugh Hefner Halloween Costumes This Year

The Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner duo Halloween costumes have always been an iconic look long before Playboy founder Hugh Hefner passed away last month. Although, these costumes are sure to be a go-to Halloween look since the news broke. Dressing up as the bunny is a fun flirty look and you can easily pair up with your boyfriend to go as Hugh and one of the Playboy bunnies for Halloween. With just a few simple and affordable pieces you can create the best Playboy bunny and Hugh Hefner Halloween costumes this year that anyone has ever seen. Playboy bunny Halloween costume:  Okay, first thing's first, you'll need to think of what you can wear out as a Playboy bunny. While you could totally opt for a lingerie look, you can also choose a costume that has the same vibe but covers you up a bit more. This silky black corset top from Amazon comes with matching underwear and is less than $15. Amazon Women's Fashion Black Corset Top and Thong Panty 2 Piece Set Convertible Straps ($14.49) You can easily slip on a pair of black shorts over your underwear to complete this look as well. This tight pair of black yoga shorts off of Amazon would match well with your black corset top. This option doesn't cover you too much, but it covers you up just enough for the flirty Playboy bunny look. Amazon ODODOS by Power Flex Yoga Shorts for Women ($9.98-17.98) Of course you'll need bunny ears when dressing up as a Playboy bunny. This Amazon accessory kit comes with bunny ears, a bunny tail, and a baby pink bowtie--and is all under $10. This is definitely a must-have for your costume this year. Amazon Funny Party Hats Bunny Ears and Accessories ($8.89) Your shoe choice can be simple and one that comes straight out of your closet. We recommend finishing off your Playboy bunny costume with a pair of black pumps--or any of your favorite go-to pair of heels. Hugh Hefner Halloween costume:  Now, onto the Hugh Hefner costume. Your significant other will for sure need his own Hugh robe for his Halloween look. Amazon offers an amazing dupe for less than $50-- note, the price varies depending on the robe size that you order. It definitely looks exactly like the one Hugh used to wear, so you can't go wrong with this option! Amazon Rubie's Secret Wishes Men's Playboy Hugh Hefner Smoking Jacket Costume ($37.59-45.82) He'll also need a simple pair of black pants to wear. Of course he can pull out any pair of black pants the he already has in his closet, but these Hanes sweatpants make for a comfy option come Halloween night. Plus, buying another pair of sweatpants never hurts, right? Just like the robe, the price of these knit pants varies depending on the size that you order. Amazon Hanes Men's Solid Knit Pant ($9.99-18.00) We can't forget about footwear. Your boyfriend can continue to keep his Hugh Hefner look extra comfortable with these cozy black slippers. Hugh was often seen wearing a pair of black loafers, but these affordable slippers achieve the same look. You can score a pair of your own for less than $20 off of Amazon. Amazon Clpp'li Mens Slip On Slippers ($17.49) We've got all of the tips for what you'll need to DIY your own Halloween costume this year. For more costume inspiration, make sure to check out this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes. [Photo: twitter.com/hughhefner/media]

Charlize Theron As 80s Spy Lorraine Broughton From Atomic Blonde Is A No-Brainer Halloween Costume

Dressing up as an undercover agent for Halloween is hot--and Charlize Theron AS an undercover agent is even hotter. That's why your Halloween costume this year should be none other than Charlize's latest role--Lorraine Broughton in Atomic Blonde. The sexy spy action thriller that came out this summer and is going to be big for the holiday because the digital release is October 24, 2017--just days before Halloween. Based on the graphic novel The Coldest City, the movie adaption already has a cult following and a killer female lead. This is Halloween gold! In the Cold War-era film, Theron plays MI6 agent Broughton--complete with a platinum blonde wig, dark sunglasses and trench--making the costume extremely sexy and SO EASY. You might even own half the items needed for the costume. Here's exactly how to do it: 1. Who is Atomic Blonde, aka Agent Lorraine Broughton? First, get inspired by watching the trailers for the film. Once you learn more about the character, you'll definitely want to be her for Halloween. In the trailer, you see Charlize showing off her action chops--she studied martial arts and did other "intense" training to prep. She even did her own stunts! The chick is so bad a$$ she makes the perfect Halloween costume: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIUube1pSC0 The director of the film David Leitch has said that Theron impressed everyone on the film by being able to do more than 20 moves without before needing another take. So cool! The character Lorraine Broughton is an "expert in escape and evasion"--aka she can fight her way out of any corner. Cue Queen's "Killer Queen."  Now that you've gotten the whole undercover-agent-in-Berlin vibes, now you can prep the costume. Pre-order Atomic Blonde on Blue Ray from Amazon now. 2. The Perfect Blonde Wig If you have blonde hair, great--but you still might want to spring for a wig because Lorraine has really platinum hair. Like, even blonder than Charlize's own natural color. Plus, the hair is shoulder-length, wavy and requires bangs--so, if you want to look *exactly* like the character, definitely opt for a wig. This one we found on Amazon is perfect. Plus, it's fun to wear wigs! Kapish? Blonde wig from Amazon ($17.99) 2. A trench coat Obviously, spies wear trenches (or at least, according to Hollywood), and Charlize wears so many good ones in this 80s-inspired film. Costume designer Cindy Evans dressed her in a custom white John Galliano coat, a Burberry trench, a vintage Max Mara coat, and more. For the costume, you can get away with wearing any sleek belted trench you already own--or I found one on Amazon that should work well: Double-breasted trench (from $31.99) 3. Sunglasses Obviously, you'll need dark sunglasses to go undercover. If you own Ray-Ban Wayfarers or any other dark square frames, that should work great. Charlize wore these exact Saint Laurent sunglasses in the film--but I also found you a cheaper look-alike pair on Amazon: Black Wayfarer Sunglasses ($17.98) 4. Tall boots Charlize wore thigh-high Stuart Weitzman boots in the film, but if you don't have an extra $500 laying around, I found a cheaper look-alike pair on Amazon, too. You'll need these for all the a$$-kicking you're going to do: Thigh high boots (from $29.99) So, there you have it--everything you need to for an Atomic Blonde Halloween costume! Now, we leave you with this parting gift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nI7HVnZlleo

Here’s How To DIY A Fiona The Hippo Costume This Year

Fiona the Hippo has captured our hearts since she was born earlier this year on Jan. 24. The baby hippo has had plenty of her own viral social media moments in 2017-- she even has her own Facebook show that has raked in millions of views! And her own 2018 calendar expected to be released in November! One thing's definitely for sure, we can all agree that Cincinnati Zoo's newcomer is seriously adorable. So, why not copy her cuteness? With just a few affordable pieces, you can DIY an animal costume this year. Completing this look will give you the best Fiona the Hippo Halloween costume come Oct. 31. First thing's first, let's talk about what you need to wear. While you may think dressing up as a hippo is difficult, it can really be so easy-- just stick with a gray theme! This soft jersey dress from H&M will cost you less than $18. Plus, this is a piece that can also become your go-to fall wardrobe essential this season. H&M Jersey Dress ($17.99) Okay, now onto ears. Of course you need some animal accessories to make your own perfect Fiona the Hippo costume. These hippo ears are super affordable and make for the perfect fit for both kids and adults. Wildlife Tree on Amazon also offers plenty of other Halloween animal ears so you can also easily make the best duo or group costume ever! Why not go as April the Giraffe and Fiona the Hippo? How iconic! Amazon Wildlife Tree Plush Zoo Animal Ears Headband Accessory For Animal Costumes ($18.99) A cute baby accessory that you can simply add to this DIY costume is a pacifier pendant necklace. A pacifier is honestly an essential for any baby look you want to achieve on Halloween night. The best part about this one is that it comes on a chain so you don't necessarily have to keep it in your mouth or hold it all night long. Plus, you can score this one for less than $4! Party City Pacifier Pendant Bead Necklace ($3.99) Seriously, how cute is this Team Fiona pin?! This personalized pin is adorable (and not to mention, hilarious) and is perfect for adding to your jersey dress. This pin will really get the point across that you're not just a baby hippo-- you're no one other than Fiona herself. Cincy Shirts Team Fiona Enamel Pin ($10.00) Let's talk footwear. You can really wear any pair of comfortable shoes for your DIY Fiona the Hippo costume come Halloween night. However, you may want to go all out by sticking to your hippo gray theme-- even if you don't already own a pair of gray shoes. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable options that you can choose from both in stores and online. You can easily score these comfortable gray canvas sneakers from Walmart for less than $5-- how amazing is that?! Plus, you won't have to worry about ruining them on Halloween night since they're so inexpensive. Walmart Women's Jersey Lace-up Sneaker ($4.88) We've got all of the tips on the best DIY Halloween costumes you can make this year. For more ideas, be sure to check out this Pennywise It clown costume and this Handmaid's Tale costume.

How To DIY A Hillary Clinton Halloween Costume This Year

Hillary Clinton may not have won the presidential election last year, but she still may be one your favorite leading ladies. From pantsuits to pearl necklaces, the former First Lady had some iconic outfits that she wore while campaigning. You may even find many of her simple wardrobe essentials in your own closet. That's why it's so easy to recreate her go-to looks come Oct. 31! Luckily, you can DIY your own Hillary Clinton Halloween costume this year following just a few simple steps. One thing's for sure, Hillary definitely has her fair share of pantsuits. You can totally choose to go that route, but you can also choose a solid colored dress as a different costume option. Plus, a dress may be a more breathable option if you're dancing and moving all night long on Halloween. You can opt for this navy blue dress from Amazon for less than $17. You can also always wear this time and time again long after the holiday is over! Amazon Jouica Women's V-Neck Pockets Casual Swing Loose T-shirt Dress ($16.99) Let's talk blazers. A light blazer is an easy way to incorporate Hillary's pantsuit style into your costume. You can easily throw on this light jacket over your dress for a look that Hillary herself would approve. You can snag this navy blue blazer, to match your dress of course, for less than $30 off of Amazon. Much like the dress, you can wear this piece long after Halloween has passed. Amazon Zeagoo Women's 3 4/Long Sleeve Lightweight Open Front Cardigan Blazer Jacket ($28.49) You should also buy this political pin for a more obvious statement that shows who you're dressing up as for Halloween. This Hillary for President 2016 pin gives a nod to the presidential candidate herself and is also super affordable. You can order one now, in addition to the blazer and dress, off of Amazon for less than $5. Amazon CafePress - Hillary Clinton For President 2016 ($4.99) It's definitely no secret that one of Hillary's go-to accessories is a simple strand of pearls. If you don't already own a pearl necklace, have no fear. You can easily order this one off of-- you guessed it, Amazon, for about $6. It's honestly a timeless accessory that pulls this look off so perfectly. We're definitely going to add this to our Amazon cart ASAP. What a classic piece! Amazon BABEYOND Round Imitation Pearl Choker Necklace Wedding Pearl Necklace ($5.99) Last but not least, let's move onto shoes. While you could totally opt for a pair of classic black pumps, ballet flats serve as a more comfortable option for Halloween night. These basic black flats are super simple, and won't draw any attention away from the rest of your costume. And of course, you can't go wrong with purchasing these H&M flats for just $13. These ones especially start at sizes for smaller feet, so they're your perfect pick if your feet are smaller than a size 6. H&M Ballet Flats ($12.99) Are you looking for even more Halloween costume inspiration? Well, we've got plenty of tips for DIY Halloween looks you can create this season! For more, make sure to check out these styling ideas for making your own Wonder Woman costume and fake news costume.

Here’s How To Pull Off A Fake News Halloween Costume This Year

There's one term that has been swirling around social media this year: fake news. Thanks to the 2016 presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton "fake news" has taken on a whole meaning. It has become a huge popular catchphrase, which can give you a clever idea for creating your Halloween look. With a few simple and affordable pieces, you can DIY your own fake news Halloween costume this year. One thing's for sure, this costume is sure to be a hit. You may have already seen the fake news Halloween costume that has been circulating around Facebook and Twitter. You can purchase the fake news dress yourself by ordering it online from Yandy.com. It is about $55 though, which is pretty pricey for a costume that you're only going to wear once. Luckily, we've got more options for how you can create your own fake news costume for much cheaper. So, stay tuned for that. Yandy Fake News Costume ($54.95) You'll also need to get yourself a pair of fake glasses for your Halloween look this year. These black-rimmed glasses from Party City are super affordable ringing in at just $6.99. Odds are, someone you know is even bound to have a pair of these from their own past Halloween nerd costumes. Party City Class Nerd Glasses ($6.99) Now it's time for shoes. To make your look more sexy, you can opt for a pair of sky-high red pumps. These ones from Forever 21 are less than $30 and they're stylish enough that you can wear them long after Halloween is over. Forever 21 Patent Faux Leather Heels ($27.90) If heels aren't ideal for you, you can always choose to wear sneakers instead. You can stick to the red, black, and white costume theme by purchasing these red sneakers from Target for less than $20. As you know, Target is bound to have sales on shoes this fall so keep eye out in stores and online to score these sneakers for even cheaper! Target Women's Lenia Sneakers Mossimo Supply Co.™ ($19.99) We've get an extra option for you if you want to pull off the fake news look but don't want to purchase the Yandy dress. You can purchase this newsprint tank top off of Amazon for less than $15, the price ranges depending on the size that your order. Amazon CHIC Hipster Women Top Strapless Sleeveless Painting 3D Camisole Tank Tops ($13.99-14.75) You can also pair these newsprint leggings, which you can order off of Amazon, with your tank. Together, the tank top and leggings will cost you just a little more than $25 max-- which is so much cheaper than the $55 fake news Halloween dress. Amazon QZUnique Women's Classic Retro Printed Casual Pattern Ankle Length Elastic Tights Leggings ($11.90) The perfect inexpensive finishing touch to your costume is this fake news sticker you can order online for less than $5. You can stick this onto your newsprint tank top, or anywhere on your DIY costume for that matter, so you can make it super obvious what you're dressed up as. This creative option still remains cheaper than the fake news dress alone even with the additional charge for the sticker. Cafe Press Fake News Decal ($4.95) For more DIY Halloween costume ideas check out How To Make A "Salt Bae" Halloween Costume This Year and Everything You'll Need To DIY An April The Giraffe Halloween Costume This Year.

Here’s How To DIY A Pregnant Kylie Jenner Costume This Year

Kylie Jenner being reportedly pregnant is just the news we all needed to hear right before Halloween. You may have already had the idea of being the socialite on Oct. 31 and were thinking about creating your own pregnant Kylie Jenner Halloween costume. We've got all the ways you can DIY your very own pregnant Kylie Jenner costume since the baby rumor has become more and more real. While we wait for Kylie to confirm the possible pregnancy news, you can start planning your pregnant Kylie Jenner costume well before Halloween. First thing's first, you've got to get your hands on a faux baby bump. Kylie is reportedly five months pregnant, so she'll be starting to really look like she's pregnant soon. You can pick up this fake baby bump from Spirit Halloween stores or by ordering it online for less than $25. It's definitely the #1 essential item you need to include in your Kylie costume this year. Spirit Halloween Pregnant Belly ($24.99) The mom-to-be is also always seen wearing sexy silk slip dresses-- and she rocks them. We're sure the 20-year-old won't stop being a fashion girl even when she's super pregnant. For a classic Kylie look, you can snag this silk slip for just $16.99 off of Amazon. Amazon Simplee Apparel Women's Sexy Spaghetti Strap V Neck Casual Mini Slip Dress ($16.99) Next, you'll need some sky-high pumps. It's no secret that Kylie loves to strut around in fashionable heels, and these Forever 21 ones can be your go-to for this look. They're just $27.90, and you can honestly wear them long after Halloween is over. Forever 21 Faux Suede Ankle-Wrap Heels ($27.90) We haven't all been blessed with Kylie's stunning black hair. Her flawless long wavy tresses aren't always easy to achieve, so that's why we're turning to a wig for this part of the costume. You can order this black wig from Spirit Halloween for super cheap, and it'll honestly help you to look just like the reality star. Spirit Halloween Long Black Wig ($24.99) Obviously we couldn't forget about Kylie Cosmetics. Honestly, Kylie's baby will definitely be one of the cutest babies we've ever seen-- that's why we're going for the So Cute shade of this Kylie gloss. Throwing on this lipgloss before you head out the door on Halloween night is the perfect finishing touch to your pregnant Kylie Jenner costume. Kylie Cosmetics So Cute Gloss ($15.00) Now, we're just waiting for the news to finally be confirmed by Kylie herself. Not a single person in your favorite Kardashian-Jenner clan are neither confirming nor denying the media frenzy currently surrounding the 20-year-old and boyfriend rapper Travis Scott. A rep for Caitlyn Jenner recently told The Sun that Caitlyn was told about the baby news "some time ago." While, an inside source told PEOPLE.com that mom Kris Jenner is "still adjusting to the surprising news," and is trying to protect the million dollar Kylie Cosmetics company as Kylie is preparing for her first born. For more Kardashian-Jenner DIY Halloween styling tips make sure to check out How To Pull Off The Perfect DIY North West Halloween Costume. [Photo: instagram.com/kyliejenner]

Everything You’ll Need To DIY An April The Giraffe Halloween Costume This Year

If you're looking to create one of the funniest and most clever Halloween costumes this year then you should set your eyes on one that pays tribute to everyone's favorite viral moment. From a Salt Bae Halloween costume to a Snapchat hot dog filter Halloween costume, the costume options are honestly endless. Now, let's think way back to earlier this year in April 2017, what viral social media moment caught your attention? It was definitely none other than the livestream of April the Giraffe's birth. I mean, it's impossible to forget--we literally waited forever for the baby boy to finally arrive. If you want to acknowledge this viral moment then you can easily create your own April the Giraffe Halloween costume this year. You're going to have to get pretty creative for this costume-- unless you want to walk around in a literal giraffe costume on Halloween night. This t-shirt is much more practical, and not to mention hilarious. It's time to give April some credit for surviving a 24-hour live stream of nearly her last two months of pregnancy. You can do so with this black t-shirt for less than $20 from Amazon, it also comes in brown, gray, red, and blue. Amazon April The Giraffe Art Tee I Survived Giraffe Watch 2017 T Shirt April The Giraffe ($19.99) You can even pull this costume off with comfy leggings, how amazing is that?! Pick up these patterned leggings from Amazon for less than $20 for the perfect April the Giraffe look. They come in a wide array of sizes, XS-XL, and can be delivered to your doorstep in one business day after ordering thanks to Amazon Prime. Amazon Tipsy Elves Giraffe Leggings - Giraffe Animal Print Tights for Women ($19.95) Now, you definitely can't forget your ears and tail for this costume look. Luckily, you can continue to do your Halloween shopping conveniently on Amazon and pick up this accessory set for less than $11. Amazon elope Giraffe Ears Headband and Tail Kit ($10.95) This last accessory is the perfect finishing touch to your April the Giraffe Halloween costume this year. This baby blue pacifier nods to the fact that April gave birth to a baby boy-- her son Tajiri, or Taj, for short. Amazon Littleforbig Bigshield Generation 2 Adult Sized Pacifier ($7.92) For less than $60 in total you can DIY your own April the Giraffe costume this year. Of course you can always swap these suggestions out for the pieces you already own in your wardrobe. Don't want to spend money on giraffe leggings? You can simply stick to your go-to black pair. Or you can purchase the patterned leggings and opt for a simple black cami instead of the recommended t-shirt. Any way you create this costume is sure to be a hit at whatever Halloween party you're going to this year! We've got all of the tips you need to create your own DIY costume this year. If you're looking for more Halloween tips and tricks, make sure to check out How To DIY A Pennywise 'It' Halloween Costume and How To Make A Kate Middleton Halloween Costume This Year. [Photo: twitter.com/aprilthegiraffe]

Here’s Everything You Need To DIY A ‘GLOW’ Halloween Costume

If you have yet to watch Netflix's hit series GLOW then what are you doing? The comedy-drama set in the 1980s is honestly so hilarious and entertaining. I mean, how could you not love the modern day tribute to the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling? Whether you're a fan obsessed with the series, or just want a killer 1980s Halloween costume, then we've got the perfect costume idea in mind for you. Luckily, you can easily create your own 1980s inspired GLOW Halloween costume. There are plenty of characters you, and even a couple of your closest friends, can choose to dress up as for Halloween this year. Of course, there's Alison Brie's Ruth "Zoya the Destroya" Wilder, Betty Gilpin's Debbie "Liberty Belle" Eagan, Sydelle Noel's Cherry "Junkchain" Bang, and last but not least, Britney Young's Carmen "Machu Picchu" Wade. For this DIY look, we're going to focus on Alison Brie's iconic Zoya the Destroya character. It's time for big 80s hair and neon leotards-- let's get to it. Of course you'll need a stretchy leotard if you're pretending to be an all-star wrestler. This neon pink one closely matches the crazy colored ones they wore in the 80s. Plus, you can't go wrong with a costume clothing staple that's only under $15, right? Spirit Halloween Neon Pink Leotard ($14.99) Next, you'll need some leggings to wear under your leotard. It's an extra perk that leggings will keep you nice and warm come Halloween night too. You can even jazz this look up with brightly colored or patterned leggings for a more 80s look. However, cozy black leggings (that you probably already have in your closet) will do just the trick. H&M Jersey Leggings ($9.99) You can't think of the 80s without thinking of big hair. If you don't want to tease and crimp your own hair, you can always resort to a wig. This wig from Amazon is a serious steal since it will only cost you about $12. Plus, big 80s hair will really help to pull your Halloween costume look off perfectly. Amazon Forum Novelties Women's 80's Rock Star Band Groupie Costume Wig ($12.48) It's no secret that the ladies in GLOW wear electric makeup colors when they're out competing on the ring. Luckily, there are plenty of drugstore products that can help you achieve the same look. For bold shimmery eyes you can pick up this Maybelline palette for less than $10. Our favorite shade is the electric teal blue, which will contrast and stand out beautifully from your hot neon pink leotard. Maybelline® Eye Studio® Color Plush™ Silk Eyeshadow ($9.99) And last but not least, you can't forget the blue lip. Believe it or not, the blue makeup trend has been making a comeback since earlier this year. So, while you're trying to pull off a GLOW look, you'll also be keeping up with the trends. Alison Brie's character has been seen on the show wearing a deep blue lip color, and you can do the same thanks to Maybelline. You definitely can't go wrong with this lipstick that will only put you back less than $6. All in all, this GLOW Halloween costume will cost you about $54-- which is great compared to the prices of costumes these days. Keep in mind, you can always swap certain items out for ones you already own to bring down the cost. Maybelline® Color Sensational® Loaded Bold Lipstick ($5.59) We've got you completely covered if you're looking for more Halloween costume inspiration. Make sure to check out this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes. [Photo: Netflix]

Here’s How To DIY A Pennywise ‘It’ Halloween Costume

The blockbuster hit of the movie adaptation for author Stephen King's It book has caught the attention of viewers nationwide. The It movie debut broke records as it pulled in $123 million over the weekend of its domestic opening, according to Fortune. That means it had the biggest horror movie opening weekend ever. So, whether you're a fan of the horror novel, latest movie, or just want a scary Halloween costume for this year, then a Pennywise clown costume is the way to go. Luckily, there is an easy and affordable way to DIY your own woman's Pennywise It Halloween costume this year. The Pennywise clown in the movie is a man, but you can create your own woman's version of the iconic character. The easiest way to create the look is by purchasing some sort of clown dress. This one from Hot Topic is super affordable and comes in a wide range of sizes. Be sure to buy this clown dress soon, because we're sure the costume won't be available for much longer since everyone is going to want it this year. Hot Topic Scary Clown Costume Dress ($32.90) Pennywise's clown is pretty staticky and crazy, but you can achieve the same look in a more fashionable way by purchasing this red wig. This particular one from Walmart will only cost you less than $20 and will pair perfectly with your clown dress. You can also tease and comb the wig to make the hair more chaotic so that you can resemble Pennywise more closely. Walmart Leg Avenue Long Wavy Red Wig Adult Halloween Costume ($16.28) No clown costume is complete without a red clown nose. While you can opt to use red makeup to paint your nose, this foam nose would help you to get the same point across. Plus, you won't have to worry about red makeup going up your nose or smudging in the spot where you would need it the most. Spirit Halloween Red Foam Clown Nose ($1.99) Now, you should consider using white cream makeup to create the base of your costume makeup. You can't really be a clown without a painted white face, especially if you want to dress up as Pennywise for Halloween this year. This face makeup from Party City is not only super affordable, it will also be easy on your skin. It's non-toxic despite its strong pigmentation, so it's completely safe to use on your face. Party City Cream White Makeup ($1.99) Whether you choose to wear red makeup on your nose or not, you should still purchase a tube of this creamy product to apply makeup around your eyes. Pennywise is seen in It with red makeup applied from above his brow bone in a line past his cheek and curved down to his mouth. For less than $3 you can get the same look thanks to Spirit Halloween. This specific red cream makeup is guaranteed not to smudge and is also hypoallergenic. Spirit Halloween Red Cream Makeup ($2.49) For the final Pennywise accessory, you can purchase some red latex balloons. Pennywise is seen in It placing red balloons around to indicate that he can see the children, and that he is watching them. Red latex balloons are super inexpensive and can be the perfect spooky touch to any Pennywise Halloween costume. Oriental Trading Red Metallic 11" Latex Balloons ($4.79) For more Halloween costume ideas, make sure to check out this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes. And for another popular clown costume, check out the Harley Quinn Halloween costume. [Photo: New Line Cinema]

Here’s Everything You Need To DIY A “Backpack Kid” Halloween Costume

The Internet is no stranger to child stars that seem to gain popularity overnight - remember "Cash Me Outside" Girl? So when Instagram star “Backpack Kid” captivated audiences during Katy Perry’s SNL performance back in May, we knew kids all around the nation would be eager to copy his signature moves and universal style. Managing to steal the spotlight from the iconic pop singer, who was dressed in a quirky Beetlejuice-inspired coat, the young boy quickly won over our hearts with his hilarious “too cool for school” vibes. Needless to say, we knew from the moment we saw him, his look (and persona) would make history. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X6b19ukfTA In fact, we think his outfit is so great that it will make the perfect (and oh-so easy) Halloween costume this year! The best part? You may even have all the necessary items to recreate the look right in your very own home. Here’s everything you’ll need to make the clever costume so you won’t have to scramble to find everything at the very last minute. Trust us, this costume will make you the life of the party, and could even earn you the “Best Costume” of the night award! Starting from the top, you’ll simply need a plain gray T-shirt. Any high collar cotton tee will do. Try this Hanes version from Amazon, starting at only $2.66! It's super simple and just what you'll need to look like "Backpack Kid." [caption id="attachment_616727" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Hanes Ecosmart T-Shirt, $2.66[/caption] "Backpack Kid" clearly gets his groove on by wearing a comfortable pair of sweatpants. To nail the ensemble, try this sleek black pair from Fruit of the Loom, available at Amazon for $20. What's more, this version includes handy pockets for storing those extra pieces of candy. Enough said. Here's the part that really makes the costume. You'll want to get specific for this item, so all the kids will be able to identify the character from a mile away. This MATMO camouflaged backpack from Amazon ($28.99) is a dead ringer for the real deal seen in the viral video. Plus, it’s not only a cool addition, but it’s also quite handy, too! Think of all that extra storage space it provides, when buckets and pockets simply aren’t enough to hold all those sweets. [caption id="attachment_616726" align="aligncenter" width="196"] MATMO Kids Backpack Waterproof Camouflage Student Backpack School Bag Bookbag, $28.99[/caption] Last but not least, the look wouldn’t be complete without "Backpack Kid’s" trusty watch. Of course, you couldn’t miss the piece as Perry’s backup dancer swung his arms from left to right in a hilarious new dance move he now dubs “The Russell.” Get your groove on with this G-Shock World Time Black Dial Men's watch, available for $69.99 on Amazon. Although it will probably be the most expensive part of the outfit, the authenticity it brings to the look is definitely worth the price. So what are you waiting for? Get the full outfit before "Backpack Kid's" fans get them first!   [caption id="attachment_616724" align="aligncenter" width="196"] Casio G-Shock World Time Black Dial Men's watch, $69.99[/caption] [Photos: Youtube, Amazon]

How To Pull Off The Perfect DIY North West Halloween Costume

You know that all eyes are always on mom Kim Kardashian, but let's not forget about her first born with Kanye West. Four-year-old North West has made her stylish mom proud by wearing her own iconic looks. Honestly, we've never seen fashion look so good-- and she's only four! That doesn't come as a surprise to us though since she has a mom like Kim, and fashion obsessed aunts like Kendall and Kylie Jenner. You can probably even find many pieces of North's outfits in your own closet, and if you don't, you'd definitely want them for yourself. No no, North doesn't wear clothing with characters plastered all over, she opts for velvet dresses and athletic sneakers. With a few simple pieces, you can copy North West's style by creating your own North West Halloween costume this year. One of her iconic looks you may have noticed: North West loves to wear velvet dresses. Luckily, there are plenty of velvet dress options you can choose from online in a range of prices. This dress from SheIn is less than $10 but you can also opt for this one from H&M for $15 or this one from Lulus for $14. SheIn Pink Velvet Slip Dress ($7.00) Now, let's talk sneakers. You already know that Adidas have been one of the most stylish sneakers of the past year (if not the most stylish). North West loves to wear street style sneakers like these-- that's when she's not showing off Kanye's Yeezy shoes of course. So, if you've been waiting for a good reason to finally buy Adidas Superstars then now is your chance. These are the perfect pair to your North West velvet dress look. Adidas Women's Originals Superstar Shoes ($80.00) North has also been seen pairing her velvet dress with one unique piece-- a graphic tee. A graphic tee can add a grunge vibe to any look, and it tones down any velvet dress to make it more casual. You can pick up a band tee nearly anywhere, but this one from Target gets the point across and it's also super affordable. Target Women's Led Zeppelin® Boyfriend Fit Graphic T-Shirt Charcoal Gray ($14.99) A velvet choker is also a perfect added touch to your North West Halloween costume. You can't go wrong with this black velvet choker for less than $5 from H&M. Much like the Adidas, you may even have a choker you can use that you already have. As we said before, North West has some serious style so it's no surprise if you already own some of the pieces the little fashion icon loves to wear. H&M Velvet Choker Necklace ($4.99) It's time to support the family. Any costume isn't complete without makeup of course. You can keep it all in the Kardashian and Jenner family by coating your lips with nothing other than Kylie Cosmetics. This Posie K shade is natural and light to wear all of Halloween night. Kylie Cosmetics Posie K Matte Liquid Lipstick ($17.00) The cutest final accessory is this Kimoji teddy bear pin. It really helps to complete the North West look. It's innocent and gives major credit to mom Kim Kardashian. Kimoji Teddy Bear Pin ($8.00) We have all the ideas for you to create your own celebrity inspired Halloween costumes. Make sure you check out Here's Everything You Need To DIY A Selena Gomez And The Weeknd Halloween Costume and You Can Get Lady Gaga's Pink Hat For Under $20 To Make The Perfect 'Joanne' Halloween Costume. [Photo: Splash]

You Can Get Lady Gaga’s Pink Hat For Under $20 To Make The Perfect ‘Joanne’ Halloween Costume

When she's not busy receiving a standing ovation at the Toronto International Film Festival for her Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two, Lady Gaga tops the charts with her latest albums. Her one album in particular, Joanne, is honestly iconic thanks to its emotional hits, such as "Million Reasons." Not to mention, her most recent album's artwork is also so beautiful. Gaga's look has come a long way since her "Poker Face" days, and it's definitely one you want to steal style inspiration from. You actually can create your own Lady Gaga Joanne Halloween costume with super affordable pieces. If we're being honest, we all go goo goo for Gaga, let's admit that. For starters, let's talk hats. While fedoras can tend to not be the most fashionable of hats, Lady Gaga proves you can pull one off. We found a perfect Joanne hat dupe for you that you can wear time and time again even after Halloween is well over. This one from Lulus is the same light pink shade as Gaga's, and is the perfect size for showcasing the same long blonde hair. Lulus Top It Off Blush Pink Suede Fedora Hat ($19) Now, onto hair. Not all of us are blessed with the same frizz-free golden locks as Lady Gaga, right? Luckily, you can always turn to an inexpensive wig come Halloween night. This one from Party City will only cost you less than $20, and can easily give you the same Gaga vibes in no time. Party City Sunshine Day Blonde Wig ($19.99) Luckily, the hoop earrings Gaga wears in her album cover artwork are also super fashionable. In case you missed it, hoop earrings are so in right now. You can get a long-lasting yet affordable pair of gold hoops from Kohl's for just $25. They're nothing too crazy but they're the best wow factor touch to almost any outfit (even after Halloween)! Kohl's 14k Gold-Plated Hoop Earrings ($25.00) Now, we can't necessarily see what Lady Gaga is wearing on her body on the front of her Joanne album. However, we can be practical and realistic when it comes to choosing our own shirt option to achieve this Joanne look. You can opt for a nude or light pink tank or bodysuit to pair with the rest of your Gaga accessories. Going for this style won't distract anyone from the main gist of your costume and it will also still be super practical. You can't go wrong with that, can you? ASOS Cami With Skinny Straps in Rib ($13.00) Lady Gaga also has her own permanent accessory for any outfit. The Grammy winner has a whopping 19 tattoos (that we know of). And while you can't purchase a fake replica of Lady Gaga's shoulder tattoos, you can still recreate them with affordable makeup. Let's think of what you'll need. For a removable tattoo, you can simply use some waterproof long-lasting liquid black eyeliner to draw on Gaga's shoulder tattoos. Eyeliner is guaranteed to be safe for your skin and it will help you achieve the ultimate Lady Gaga Joanne Halloween costume. [Photo: Interscope/Streamline]

Here’s Everything You Need To DIY A Katy Perry ‘Swish Swish’ Costume

Katy Perry's outfits typically verge on hilarious, outrageous, and downright magical, so we're not surprised that you want to dress up as the pop star for Halloween. But while many of her looks will require some hardcore crafting skills (because it's not everyday you can find a frosting gun or a cupcake bra), this "Swish Swish" costume is actually quite simple to create! Here, we've uncovered everything you'll need to emulate the sexy and sporty look from her latest music video. First off, we have mention that we love the irony of the video. As Katy Perry sings about making "another one in the basket," she seems to do everything but that while dribbling down the court with her team of non-athletes. To embody the humor of this look, start with a pair of spandex tiger print shorts. Not only do they reflect the spirit of her team's name (the Tigers), but their flexible material will provide ultimate comfort throughout the night! Let's just say that Jessica in the latex cop costume will be jealous after hour three.   Q-Sport Wild Orange & Black Tiger Stripe Printed Spandex Athletic Shorts ($15.95) For the top, you can really choose any jersey you like. A plain black version is always a safe bet. But if you really want to go the extra mile, there are a variety of sites you can use to personally design your own option - from the shirt style to the monogrammed name! You'll obviously want it to say "Tigers" across the front, but you can also choose a tight front zip construction to really nail Katy's look. Pair the piece with a cute bandeau underneath for an extra ounce of flirty flair - because even in gym clothes, Katy is always the queen of style and sass. Basically, that's pretty much all there is to it. You can top off the outfit with some sporty accessories like a wrist sweatband and add your favorite pair of kicks into the mix. We're currently digging Adidas Stan Smiths and the sleek Nike Cortez shoe. We don't about you, but we think this is a great excuse to indulge in our latest sneaker obsessions. And if you want to really convince everyone that you're Ms. Perry's alter ego, you can even choose to wear a platinum blonde pixie wig. The star's barely-there look became all the rage when she first made the chop back in May (in fact, we like it even better than her once long brunette locks, perky pink bob, and rainbow highlights). So if you decide to make the drastic change after just one night of sporting the fabulous cut, we won't judge. For even more amazing Halloween costume inspiration, check out this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes. And for all you "Backpack Kid" fans out there (yes, that is him swaying to and fro in the background of the "Swish Swish" video) we've got you covered with this simple and quirky look. What are you waiting for? Jump to it!

5 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning A Halloween-Themed Wedding

The 5 Best Couples Costumes For Halloween This Year

Halloween is always more fun when you collaborate on your costumes with other people. It's especially a good time when you think of the best ways to dress up with your significant other. There are plenty of ways to get ideas for how you want to be the best-dressed duo at the Halloween party. You can look at the celebrity couples Halloween costumes that they wore throughout the years, or you can even search online to see what best couples Halloween costumes are out there. You can be inspired by the duos you see on the big screen or trends in pop culture. Honestly, the options are endless. Let's think about what movies came out this year (too many to count, right?) One remake of the classic movie Baywatch caught viewers' attention as actors Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson graced the screen. You can easily recreate the outfits from the movie with these Baywatch couples costumes. You can hold onto that summer feeling by dressing up as lifeguards for your Halloween look this year. Simply add some sunglasses and a whistle, and you'll be good to go. Party City Adult Baywatch Babe & Baywatch Couples Costumes (Women's: $34.99, Men's: $49.99) Hotdog snapchat filter anyone? While we have the best suggestion for how to make a DIY Snapchat hotdog filter costume, there's a way to do so as a couple too. You can split the price in half to make it even more affordable, and you can really wear whatever you'd like under the hot dog and bun costumes. This is one of the best funny Halloween costumes that everyone is sure to love. Spirit Halloween Hot Dog and Bun Couples Costume ($59.99) If you're just so over Halloween, why not go as the eye-roll emoji? This is another super affordable look that will make everyone laugh. Emoji costumes and Snapchat filter costumes have been trending the past few years so, your look is sure to be a hit. Once again, wear whatever you'd like under this emoji pullover! Spirit Halloween Rolling Eyes Emoji Costume ($29.99) The fan-favorite flick Suicide Squad definitely gave people fashion inspiration for Halloween last year. This is still a go-to look since there aren't many duos more iconic than Harley Quinn and the Joker. You as a couple can even dress up with friends to make a complete Squad Halloween look. Party City Adult Harley Quinn & Joker Couples Costumes - Suicide Squad ($49.99 each) Okay, let's have a moment of silence real quick over Netflix taking Bob's Burgers off its streaming service. Why do you have to do us like that, Netflix? Why!? You can pay some respect to your favorite characters Linda and Bob Belcher from the hilarious show this fall. These Bob's Burgers costumes are hilarious yet simple, and definitely a unique choice for couples costumes. Party City Adult Bob Belcher & Linda Belcher Couples Costumes - Bob's Burgers (Women's: $29.99, Men's: $19.99) We've got you completely covered for Halloween this year. You can check out this Taylor Swift "Reputation" Halloween costume for another costume idea.

How To Pull Off The Perfect DIY Evolution Of Britney Spears Group Halloween Costume

Oops...you did it again! You waited until the very last minute to start planning out this year's Halloween costume, didn't you? If so, it's time to gather a group of your best friends to create the most iconic evolution of Britney Spears Halloween costumes. It's no secret that Britney has had some amazing fashion eras throughout her singing career, and honestly, each look was so different from her next one. So, there are plenty of wide-ranging fashion styles your group can test for your night out on Oct. 31. Luckily, you can recreate your own favorite Britney Spears music video looks for a group Halloween costume by simply purchasing the costumes, no DIY necessary. Halloween costume superstores have your back when it comes to quick purchases of looks from your favorite Britney Spears eras. Hello, Britney Spears school girl vibes. Britney's "...Baby One More Time" smash hit is one song your 90s heart definitely knows all the words to. You can recreate her school uniform look with this costume from Walmart. It's super affordable and comes with all of the pieces you'll need. You can always top off your look with Britney's signature braids with pink ribbon and these pink fuzzy hair ties.   Walmart Shes Got Class Costume Dreamgirl A9509 White/Red ($11.95) If school girl style isn't your thing then you can channel Britney's era from her "I'm A Slave 4 U" chart performing song. You'll look stunning as this goddess princess, and of course you can put some finishing touches to the costume. Purchase these gold heels from LuLu's, and make sure to add this boa snake stuffed animal for the best Britney Spears costume ever. 702 Boutique Slave Princess- 6 Piece Princess Set (9845) ($63.73) You can't go wrong with a red hot look, that's for sure. Become Britney from her "Oops! ...I Did It Again" music video with this red catsuit. Throw on some sparkling silver eyeshadow and this microphone headset before heading out the door. This is definitely a must-have costume for your group's evolution of Britney Spears look.   Halloween Costumes Red Spandex Catsuit ($34.99) Another classic Britney outfit is the one she wears in her "Toxic" music video. This particular costume even comes with the flight attendant hat, purse, and white scarf to tie the look together. For shoes, you can always opt to pair this outfit with these affordable white boots from Walmart. Candy Apple Costumes Leg Avenue Classic Flight Attendant Costume ($29.95) All eyes are sure to be on you when you walk into that Halloween party as Britney from her "Circus" music video. This costume comes with the jacket, hat, bodysuit, and shorts so you can have the best ringmaster costume possible. You can make this look extra sexy with these black faux leather thigh-high boots from Forever 21. Adult Circus Ringmaster Costume ($64.99) Your squad's Halloween costumes highlighting the many eras of pop star queen Britney Spears are sure to be iconic by purchasing these affordable looks. Are you still searching for more Halloween costume ideas? Look no further. Check out this adult Moana costume or this selection of sexy Halloween costumes.

Here’s How To Make A Kate Middleton Halloween Costume This Year

Duchess Kate Middleton has worn some iconic outfits in 2017, and they have included many neutral pumps and floral dresses that seem to fit just right. How does she do it, and how could you possibly not love her style? Most of all, how could you not want to copy it? It's actually pretty easy to recreate some of Kate's best looks. While you can pick up some of her styling tips for your everyday style, you can really go all out for Halloween this year. A few staple pieces can give you the most amazing Kate Middleton Halloween costume that everyone, especially you, will love. Let's talk dresses to get started. Kate typically keeps her look simple with flattering dresses that range from solid colors to fun floral prints. One of Kate's best looks is actually from her engagement announcement, which of course captured a huge media frenzy, so you'll probably immediately recognize this outfit. Plus, recreating her style from that day will make it easier for everyone else to figure out who you are on Halloween night, too. Back then, Kate Middleton's engagement dress came in at $535, but we have a much cheaper alternative. Pick up this ASOS navy blue dress for less than $50 so you can instantly become your own version of Kate by Oct. 31. The best part about purchasing a dress for your Halloween costume is that you don't have to worry about pairing a top and bottoms together. Just pull a dress over your head and you'll be ready to go. ASOS Slinky Knot Back Kimono Dress ($44.50) You can pair your dress with black high heels, which also help to give you some extra height. If you'll be on your feet all night, or don't necessarily want to be taller, you can opt for black flats like these Steve Madden ones from DSW instead. To be honest, any neutral shoe could work, but you can purchase these Aldo pumps to really get the Kate Middleton look. Stessy Black Women's Pumps ($90) A fun accessory to add to your royal Halloween costume is nothing other than a Great Britain flag. I mean, you can't go wrong with ordering this $6 mini flag to top off your outfit. And, it's small enough to put in your purse if you don't feel like carrying it around all night after arriving to that costume party. 4x6 Inch Mini Stick Hand Held UK Great Britain Flag ($5.19)  How else could you give off duchess vibes on Halloween? A big (faux) diamond ring of course! While Kate Middleton's engagement ring is royal blue, you can pull off the same idea with this Party City ring for less than $3. If you're willing to spend some extra money and truly channel Kate's look then you can buy this sapphire ring from Amazon for less than $20. Faux Diamond Ring ($2.99) Check out our other DIY costume ideas for more trendy 2017 costumes. You'll find everything you need to make a Salt Bae Halloween costume or a unicorn-themed Halloween costume. [Photo: Splash]

Here’s Everything You’ll Need For A Daenerys From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Halloween Costume

The HBO original series Game of Thrones may have just wrapped up its insane season 7 finale, but we predict the show will be HUGE in another way this fall. We think that costumes replicated after your favorite GOT characters will be your go-to Halloween look come Oct. 31. Which character should you be, though? There are so many to choose from—I mean, seven kingdoms worth. We think going with a member from the House of Targaryen is the perfect choice. I mean, who can really pass up going as Emilia Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen? With just a few simple pieces you can create an amazing Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen Halloween costume, that's also super affordable. First, you'll need to recreate Daenerys' to-die-for hair. If you luck out, blondes can simply curl and braid their hair into a half up hairstyle to achieve this iconic look. But if you don't have the same curly blonde braided locks as Daenerys, then you can go the wig route. While it will cost you some cash, buying this wig can save you major time when doing your hair. So, you can say goodbye to tons of hairspray and hello to 15 extra minutes to become your own version of Daenerys. Mother of Dragons Wig ($26.99) Daenerys' look is really one you can dress up or dress down. You can also recreate her outfits from the hit HBO show in a ton of different ways. This particular suede dress from Express gives off the same princess vibes, and as an extra bonus, you could totally wear this for a night out after Halloween is over. It even comes in two colors, so you can opt for an all-brown costume or this black dress to switch it up a bit. Faux Suede Skater Dress ($50.99) Now, let's focus on the legs. Daenerys is often covered from head to toe in different fabrics. You can wear the suede skater dress with a pair of black or brown tights. And if Halloween is a chillier night, you can absolutely switch out tights for leggings so that you stay nice and warm. Keep in mind that you should go for opaque tights or leggings to really nail the Daenerys Halloween costume. Women's Microfiber Tights ($14.99) You should shop for these Steven Madden combat boots so you can have some practical shoes for Halloween night that also capture Daenerys' look. The best part about these shoes is that you can wear them well into the fall and winter. You can't go wrong with adding another pair of combat boots to your closet! Steve Madden Troopa ($79.95) Combining these four items can really make your friends do a double take when you walk into the Halloween party. If it's anything like the HBO fan favorite series, then your costume is sure to be a complete success. So, get ready to channel your inner princess vibes before heading out the door on Halloween night. For more TV character inspired costumes, make sure to check out this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes. [Photo: HBO]

Here’s How To Make A “Salt Bae” Halloween Costume This Year

Ah, the Internet—the beloved digital sphere where even the most seemingly simple videos have the potential to grow viral, inspiring memes and fan memorabilia. One such video that took the pop culture world by storm this year is the "Salt Bae" phenomenon. If you have no idea what we're taking about, you're not alone. TBH, I had never heard of this "Salt Bae" figure until last week. But, after doing a little Google research, here's a quick rundown. "Salt Bae," A.K.A. Nurses Gökçe, is a Turkish steakhouse owner who posted a video simply called "Ottoman Steak" in January, in which he cuts a piece of meat to juicy perfection. So, what makes a meat-cutting video go viral? With an impeccable flick of the wrist and precise arm form, "Salt Bae" earns his nickname by topping said steak with just the right amount of salt (see the shirt below for a visual), all while wearing a fitted t-shirt with an extremely deep scoop-neck and dark, round shades. You really just have to watch the video to get the full effect of its hilarity. If you're dying to take part in this viral sensation, there's no better time than Halloween to take the plunge. We rounded up everything you need for a "Salt Bae" costume, fake steak and all. "Salt Bae" is notorious for his iconic look, complete with gelled hair, a mustache, a white t-shirt tucked into black pants with a belt, and sleek round sunglasses. If you want to mirror his outfit perfectly, check out this white Vintage Cotton Scoopneck T-Shirt for $19.99 from J. Crew. Buuuuut, for a much more fun spin on the costume, why not buy a shirt with your Halloween persona printed on it!? This tee even comes in a hoody, perfect for chilly Halloween weather. Salta Bae Hanes Tagless Tee ($21.99) You also need black pants to complete the look. A pair of black jeans will do. If you don't already have some on-hand, take a look at this super affordable pair from H&M. For the finishing clothing touch, wear the pants with a black leather belt, like this Wide Leather Belt for $19.99, also from H&M. H&M Skinny Regular Ankle Jeans ($9.99) Next, you need a suave set of sunglasses. You wouldn't want to risk salt penetrating your eyeball when you marinate steak! You can actually re-wear this cool pair from Urban Outfitters once your "Salt Bae" days are over. And, they're currently on sale. Hello, thrifty Halloween shopping. Urban Outfitters Metal Round Sunglasses ($10) With the outfit out of the way, your props are the next key component to this costume. You're not truly "Salt Bae" unless you actually have a can of salt with you. You never know when something might need a little sprinkle of salt. Fill up a salt shaker from your kitchen, or just carry a small packet in your pocket. Nu-Salt Salt Substitute ($1.38) And, of course, you need a plastic piece of meat as the target of your salt-sprinkling. Even though this one is actually a dog toy, it still works. Your canine can use it post-Halloween, so you have some sort of validation for buying a t-bone toy. Dogmeat™ T. Bone Steak: Small ($6.48) Don't forget the most important part—keep your arm flexed and ready at all times for salt-sprinkling! You can also draw a fake mustache on your face if you really want to go all out. For more DIY 2017 Halloween costumes, check out a "cash me outside" girl costume, a Wonder Woman costume, and a Belle costume. [Photo: YouTube]

9 Couples Halloween Costumes You Need In Your Life

Good things come in pairs, right? If you have that special someone in your life this Halloween, why not take a note from Bonnie and Clyde and dress like the inseparable couple you are? For inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Here’s your guide to creating the most enviable couple’s Halloween costumes we ever did see. To show everyone that you go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong, try these Danny Zuko and Sandy costumes. While there are many looks you can replicate from the iconic lovers, we love these edgy outfits seen at the end of the movie. To recreate the ensembles, think all-black everything and leather, leather, leather. [Photo: Instagram] For all you Disney fans out there, Flynn Rider and Rapunzel make the perfect choice. To get truly authentic looks, you can purchase the full costumes online at Walmart or Target. If you decide to DIY them, the elaborate costumes will take a little more effort to put together - but the end result is definitely worth it! [Photo: Instagram] If you’re that couple who’s looking to bring out each of your dark sides, try these sexy skeleton outfits. Any black ensemble will do, but the makeup is where the look really shines. For each member of the couple, paint half of your face to look as if you just rose from the dead—include hollowed eyes and bared teeth! If you don’t trust your freehand artistic abilities, you can follow a full tutorial online on how to create the looks. [Photo: Instagram] Of course, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan is always a cute option. For Tinker, simply get a green dress and tie your hair up in a bun. For Pan, don’t forget the feathered hat! Even if you can’t fake a British accent, we’re sure your personas will be just as magical. [Photo: Instagram] Yabba Dabba Doo! Skip the cave people costumes this year and opt for these adorable Fred and Wilma Flinstone outfits. For Fred, make sure to find an orange top with the signature black spotted pattern and pair it with a blue tie. For Wilma, wear a one-shoulder white dress and have fun doing some DIY fringe! The best part about these costumes? No shoes are required. [Photo: Instagram] This next couple's costume would definitely get the “shagedelic” seal of approval. Get your groove on with Austin Power’s outrageous bell bottoms and flouncy white top. For the female counterpart, simply wear a funky, '70s-style dress and go-go boots. [Photo: Instagram] Beep, beep, coming through! Channel your favorite ‘90s video game characters by dressing up a as Luigi and Mario from Mario Kart. It doesn’t matter who’s who—just don’t forget the mustaches! [Photo: Instagram] Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton’s marriage sadly came to an end last year, but it doesn’t mean we still don’t have a soft spot for sweet country couples. So what better way to pay homage to your favorite country crooners than by dressing up like them? For the male costume, you’ll definitely want to wear a cowboy hat and studded boots. For the female counterpart, harness your inner Dolly Parton and think big and bold when it comes to hair and accessories! [Photo: Instagram] For more 2017 DIY Halloween costumes, check out a Wonder Woman costume, a “cash me outside girl” costume, an Eleven from Stranger Things costume, and a fidget spinner costume. [Photo: Splash]

Here’s Everything You Need To Be Princess Leia For Halloween

Hollywood lost an iconic female role model when Carrie Fisher suddenly passed away last December. Fisher was most known for playing the badass Princess Leia in the Star Wars series, but she appeared in many other films, and even published several novels and memoirs. Fisher solidified Princess Leia's heroic spirit off-screen, and she was truly one of the most inspirational female influences of our time. Posters of Fisher as Princess Leia even became a symbol of hope during the Women's March this past January. If you're looking for a powerful female figure (because, girl power) to replicate for your Halloween costume this year, pay homage to Fisher and recreate her most notorious look, cinnamon bun hairstyle and all. Here's everything you need to dress up as Princess Leia this Halloween. Naturally, you need a long white turtleneck frock to start. It's super perfect timing to wear her well-known outfit because bell sleeves are having a moment right now. If you're of the crafty nature (power to ya), you can actually find the pattern for her dress free online. If not, you can easily get an affordable version at a costume store. This costume from Jet.com has the whole Princess Leia package, complete with a hood, belt and white shoe covers. For a sexier version of the shapeless tunic, check out this one from Walmart for $25.93. You can also wear the costume version of her slave outfit from the Star Wars films for $44.99. Princess Leia Deluxe Adult Halloween Costume ($43.70) If you make your own dress or your costume doesn't come with footwear, you definitely need white space boots. A princess can't walk around in space in just any old boots, after all. This sturdy pair will stand the tests of space time and see you from planet to planet. White Princess Boots ($29.99) Princess Leia was the OG space bun queen (sorry, Miley Cyrus), and you can't NOT recreate her hairstyle. If you already have long brown hair, then you picked the perfect costume. Part your hair into two ponytails on the farthest outer spots of your head, twist the sections as tight as you can, coil them into buns and secure with as many bobby pins as you can find. If you don't have long brunette locks, this headpiece from J. C. Penny has you covered. You can even get a wig for $12.99 from Party City for the full effect. Star Wars Princess Leia Headband ($16.99) Since you're a princess defending a galaxy far, far away, you obviously need to be armed and ready. Leia had a black gun in the film, but this white and orange one from the Official Star Wars Costumes website looks just like it. Sadly, you don't get to carry a light saber. But a gun is cooler, tbh. Princess Leia Blaster ($11.99) For more DIY 2017 Halloween costumes, check out a Wonder Woman costume, a "cash me outside girl" costume, a Gigi and Bella Hadid costume, an Eleven from Stranger Things costume, a Beauty and the Beast costume, and a fidget spinner costume. [Photo: Lucasfilm]

These Are The 10 Best Sexy Costume Ideas For Halloween This Year

Yes, DIY Halloween costumes are undeniably cute and creative. However, we weren't all blessed with such an eye and, yes, sometimes it's easier to buy a costume from a party superstore. Think about the style you want to go for when selecting your festive outfit this year. Do you want to take a funny approach or do you want a sexy costume? Thankfully, you won't be without a costume because Party City has tons of options to choose from. You'll have a sexy costume idea for this Halloween ASAP that's to die for. You can easily go the sporty chic route with this baseball babe costume. While you'll look effortlessly cute, you'll also be super comfortable. Honestly, what's more comfortable than an oversized jersey? You can complete the look by adding a baseball and bat, and by purchasing these athletic socks (or take them from your Stranger Things Eleven costume from last year). Adult Baseball Babe Costume ($44.99) If sports aren't your thing but you're a nautical babe, we've got a look for you! The sailor costume is always a Halloween classic that you really can't go wrong with. You can even pair up with your significant other and go as this harbor hottie and sailor costume duo. Adult Harbor Hottie Costume ($59.99) If you're looking for ways to wear a little black dress this Halloween, then dressing up as a maid could be your go-to. You can complete the look by pairing it with some fishnets and red lipstick. Adult Seductive Maid Costume ($44.99) Another flirty dress for Halloween is this heartbreaker nurse outfit. You can complete the costume with sky-high red heels and some nurse accessories. Party City has plenty of extra additions for any look. Shop this nurse accessory kit to tie everything all together. Adult Hospital Heartbreaker Nurse Costume ($39.99)   You can always wear more layers if Halloween is a bit chillier than expected. Tag along with your best partner in crime and dress as cops for the big night out. You can really achieve this cop uniform costume by throwing on a pair of your favorite sunglasses and some over-the-knee boots. Adult Stop Traffic Sexy Cop Costume ($49.99) Another costume that's perfect for a cool Halloween night is Catwoman. For starters, you can save some money by grabbing a pair of cat ears from a previous year's Halloween look or borrow a friend's. A black bodysuit and leggings would also work perfectly if you don't want to go full-out Catwoman but want to have the same look. Adult Catwoman Costume - The Dark Knight Rises Batman ($49.99) Grab a couple of your friends for the ultimate group costume and go as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This colorful look will also keep you comfortable all night long with its spandex material. This Party City costume package also comes with four separate masks so you can wait to choose which TMNT  you want to be on Halloween night.   Adult Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume ($49.99) For all you Disney lovers out there, we've included two iconic characters you can be on Oct. 31. This aquamarine mermaid costume can be completed with a simple strand of pearls and beach waves. Or for a night at home, just grab your mermaid blanket, and channel your inner Ariel that way. Adult Deep Sea Siren Mermaid Costume ($79.99) If mermaids aren't your thing, try a Snow White costume. Pair this dress with some red fishnets for an extra sexy look. And don't forget to add some accessories, like a red hair ribbon and of course, an apple. Adult Poison Apple Body Shaper Costume ($79.99) Another idea that ties in with the cop costume is a firefighter look. Go out with a friend or a significant other and be a coordinated lifesaving duo. Pair this dress with some black knee-high boots and you'll be good to go. Adult Sexy Firefighter Costume ($39.99) [Photo: Splash]

Here’s Everything You Need To DIY A Baywatch Halloween Costume

Crime! Hot lifeguards! The beach! Even 16 years after the original Baywatch TV show left the air, the premise of the 2017 movie remake remains the same, save for a few new fresh faces. Zac Efron, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Priyanka Chopra joined Baywatch alums Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff in this comedic, action-packed interpretation. In the film, these red-bathing-suit clad local lifeguards must protect their beloved beach from a sketchy new drug that's sweeping the area. Drama! This Halloween is the perfect time to channel your inner hot lifeguard and DIY a Baywatch costume. Step aside, Pamela Anderson, there's a new beach babe in town. It obviously wouldn't be a Baywatch costume with an itty bitty red swimsuit, so take it to the next level with this "Bae Watch" one piece. I mean, come on—you honestly can't find a more fitting and fun costume piece than this, even down to the color! It's a bit of a splurge for just a Halloween costume, so save it for future use next summer. Since Halloween definitely doesn't fall under swimsuit season, you'll probably want to wear this as a bodysuit tucked into a pair of jeans or leggings. Since, you know, it gets cold in October and all. For cheaper (but way less entertaining) versions of the famous Baywatch get-up, check out this J. Crew Scoopback One-Piece Swimsuit for $49.99, or this $30 Aerie Super Scoop One Piece Swimsuit. Private Party Baywatch Swimsuit ($99) You definitely don't want to cover up the most important piece of your costume (the bathing suit, duh). But, if you want an extra layer, this tank top's the way to go. It probably won't do much in terms of keeping you warm, to be honest, but it helps authenticate your outfit. Besides, you're a Baywatch babe—you bring the heat! If you don't want to go the traditional swimsuit route for your Halloween costume (which is totally understandable since it's the middle of fall), just sport this top with pants or red shorts and call it a day. Or, for a more revealing and Baywatch-appropriate top, check out this Urban Outfitters Baywatch Cropped Tee for $19.99. Target Men's Baywatch Malibu Beach Patrol Tank Top ($11.99) In case anyone had any doubts that you were a seductive lifeguard on a mission to protect the beach, add this inflatable boogie board to your ensemble. You can even use this comfortable prop to your advantage as an on-the-go chair, and pop a squat wherever you please. Disclaimer: this is not an actual professional life-saving device, so don't get too cocky. Walmart Baywatch Inflatable Mock Life Raft Preserver Boogie Board ($12.90) Your skin also needs to look the part of a sun-kissed lifeguard on duty, so douse your body in self tanner. Start applying a few nights before Halloween to build up a solid base tan. If you end up looking orange, no biggie—it's all in the spirit of Halloween, and it washes off easily. Give your hair a tousled, beachy look, perfect your slow motion running, and then you're officially a Baywatch lifeguard! Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer ($2.49) For more 2017 DIY Halloween costumes, make sure to check out this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes.

Find Out What You Need To Make The Best ‘Riverdale’ Cheerleader Halloween Costume

Riverdale has been a smash hit on The CW since its release earlier this year and fans are quickly falling in love with its characters. If you're one of the viewers that's been hooked since the Riverdale trailer release, you may be thinking of how to channel your fave characters for your Halloween costume this year. One costume you should definitely consider if you want to be Betty and Veronica is to dress as one of the high school's cheerleaders. Trust us, this costume is so easy to make -- all you need are a few simple pieces! Before trying to find that cheerleader uniform you have cramped in an attic somewhere, think of what look you can pull together from the items that are already in your closet. Put your costume planning into high gear and think about the outfit essentials first. To begin, you can start off with this affordable blue skater skirt from boohoo for instant cheerleader vibes. Roseanna Colour Pop Skater Skirt ($16) Now it's time to think about the top half of your outfit now that your bottom half is covered. If you're sporty, or have sporty friends, search some closets for athletic gear to make a solid base for a cheerleading uniform. Chances are, you or someone you know has this white long-sleeved Under Armor essential that you can wear under your costume. However, if you don't necessarily want to splurge on an UA mock, you can opt for a simple white turtleneck like this one from Forever 21. UA ColdGear® Authentic Mock ($49.99) Sometimes the finishing touches are really what pulls a costume together. Think of ways you can really make your outfit unique so that you stand out in a crowd. Luckily, scrunchies are becoming undeniably trendy again and will really help tie the whole costume together.  While it tops the look off, this blue scrunchie can also be a major lifesaver in helping to put your hair up and keep you cool come Halloween night. Blue Soft Jersey Fabric Hair Scrunchie Bobble Elastic Hair Band ($4.50) The best part about this Riverdale theme is that it would make for an iconic squad costume. So, why not get you and your girls in on a Oct. 31 look together? Amazon sells Gaffers Tape in bulk for less than $20. You can split the cost with your friends to lower the cost of your own personalized Halloween look. REVO Premium Professional Gaffers Tape ($19.99)    An embroidered iron on letter 'R' is an extra touch you can include when creating this costume. You could place it on a blue tank top, or order two to also place one on your cheer skirt. The choice is really up to you when working on your own DIY project, you can take the extra mile and go all out or you can make your costume quick and simple.   Iron On Embroidered Applique Patch ($3.50)   An authentic cheerleading uniform or a costume from a party superstore would certainly cost you a pretty penny. Following these tips will save you cash, and you could use some of the pieces in your everyday wardrobe down the line. You can make the best cheerleader dupe by combing this navy blue tank top and white turtleneck with a matching navy blue skirt. Bella + Canvas Ladies' Flowy V-Neck Tank ($10.54-$13.18) For more Netflix inspired Halloween costumes, make sure to check out this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes. [Photo: Instagram]

Here’s How To DIY A Gigi and Bella Hadid Halloween Costume

Name a more powerful (and good looking) dynamic sister duo than Gigi and Bella Hadid, we dare you. From landing spreads in almost every major mag to stealing the show at New York Fashion Week, these genetically-blessed siblings have accomplished a lot more than their average 20 and 22-year-old counterparts. If you're not a celebrity junkie and you've somehow managed to avoid encountering any news on the Hadids, A.K.A. the new Kardashian family, here's a quick recap. One of their first claims to fame was appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with their mom, Yolanda. Now, they're huge names in the fashion industry and have landed themselves the notorious title of "it-girls." Woah. They've also made their marks on the celebrity dating scene—Bella used to date rapper The Weeknd, and Gigi is currently dating former One Direction singer Zayn Malik. These gals pretty much have it all, which makes them the perfect alter egos for Halloween. We rounded up all the DIY essentials to channel your inner style queen and grab a friend for Bella and Gigi Hadid Halloween costumes. First, decide which sister you want to dress as. Their mom describes Gigi as the blonde girl next door, and Bella as an edgy brunette. Choose wisely. For either of their costumes, it wouldn't be complete without a little Tommy Hilfiger action. Gigi actually has her own Tommy line, and is set to design another two collections in the future, so you obviously need to show that you're a true Tommy Girl in your Halloween outfit. Naturally, in true Hadid sister style, your Tommy Hilfiger top of choice should be of some sort of cropped variation. Not all of us can boast having chiseled cores like Bella and Gigi, so if you feel uncomfortable wearing a midriff-baring top, no worries. Pair it with super high waisted jeans or just tuck a regular length Tommy tee into your pants. Tommy Hilfiger Crop Top ($25) Here's an excuse to buy new jeans! The Hadid sisters are active wearers of ripped, high-waisted boyfriend style denim. Even though the modeling mavens have legs for days and the rest of us mere mortals have average-length stems, high waisted jeans give you the illusion of taller legs. Bella wears all-black more often, so look for darker jeans if she's your costume inspiration. Boyfriend Low Ripped Jeans ($39.99) What better way to show off your newly discovered longer legs than with sleek black booties? When they're not on the runway, both Bella and Gigi top off their street style looks with some elevated leather kicks. Opening Ceremony Livv Leather Bootie ($99.99) Even indoors in late October, you still need a pair of sunnies to block out the paparazzi, duh. The Hadid sisters frequently sport round shades, because they're super in right now, so this cheap pair can do the trick. H&M Round Sunglasses ($9.99) Since both Bella and Hadid are photo-taking extraordinares (as referenced by their combined 49+ million combined Instagram followers), use a selfie case as a prop for the finishing touch on your DIY costume. You can look and act the part with the Allure x Case-Mate light up selfie case to snap pictures in style. For more DIY 2017 Halloween costumes, check out a Wonder Woman costume, an Eleven from Stranger Things costume, and a Belle from Beauty and the Beast costume. [Photo: Splash]

Here’s What You’ll Need For The Perfect Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Halloween Costume

Ariana Grande has continued to rise to queen superstar status in 2017, so it doesn’t come as a shock that you’re thinking of dressing up as the pop singer for Halloween this year. It’s certainly not a secret that Ariana loves to switch up her look, whether it’s for a music video, while she slays on the red carpet, or for her Dangerous Woman world tour style. While some of her street style looks resemble pieces you probably already have in your closet, other looks are definitely more elaborate. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to create an Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman” Halloween costume inspired by her album artwork. This red hot look is sure to be a hit, especially since the outfit has already caught the attention of more than 66 million viewers in Ariana’s acapella music video. Everyone’s eyes will surely be all on you this Halloween. The styling options that are at your fingertips are endless when it comes to creating an exact replica of the "Dangerous Woman" look. Thankfully, many of the pieces that you can purchase are both affordable and stylish— you may even sport them after Oct. 31! For starters, it's time to hunt for that little black dress. Ariana's black latex look can be turned into a more practical outfit with this simple faux leather dress from Forever 21. While you could opt for an all latex look, sticking to this simple look can help you to save major bucks while also keeping your future outfit possibilities in mind. Let's be honest, a full-out latex look would only really work on Halloween. You could also pick up this affordable black bodysuit from H&M that’s more fit for everyday wear if you want to go for a skater skirt and bodysuit look. Faux Leather Mini Cami Dress ($11.99) Adding a little extra bling to an outfit never hurt anyone, right? Ariana flawlessly wears a crystal choker necklace to make her "Dangerous Woman" look truly sparkle. You can dish out some extra cash on such a beautiful piece yourself to add even more style to your everyday outfits. Nordstrom offers this Rose Station Choker Necklace that closely resembles to the one Ariana has. Rose Station Choker Necklace ($78) You can also copy the Dangerous Woman signature look with shoulder length black gloves as they will instantly give you major classy throwback vibes. While you certainly wouldn’t sport these every day, they are a fun addition to your Ariana-inspired Halloween costume. The best part? You can order them online or pick them up at your local Party City for an affordable cost. Adult Extra Long Black Gloves ($12.99) Saving the best part of the look for last, you’ll definitely want to recreate the iconic bunny headpiece that Ariana has donned to promote her album. While any rabbit ears would get the point across, you can copy the style with this black rabbit ear mask. Black Rabbit Ear Mask ($3.48) Gaining some inspiration from these pieces and ordering them for yourself will give you the perfect Ariana Grande "Dangerous Woman" Halloween costume in no time. And don't forget to check out this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes! [Photo: Instagram]

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