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The Start-Dieting-Right-Now Jessie J Costume Starts With A Skin-Tight Bodysuit

From our grand list of the 25 best Halloween costume ideas, Jessie J is certainly one for the charts. The British pop star (and Olympic closing ceremony performer) has been wowing crowds with her voice and her choice of outfits - bodysuits galore. Who knew full bodysuits were still around? You may be  picturing those awful 80's workout videos with neon thong-styled spandex suits but you will certainly win creative points for this one. Plus, it's easy to throw together. You will just need one crazy-printed bodysuit, shocking lip art, a biker jacket and lace up booties. I would suggest  skipping the candy in this number. And the beer. Looking for more Halloween inspiration? Check out the Tan Mom, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Olympic Medalist Gabby Douglas.