The 16 Best Internet Challenges of 2016

December 5, 2016 by Tristen Zaryn
shefinds | Style

2016 has definitely been the year of Internet challenges. Without a doubt, I saw more challenges on my social feeds than ads, which is insane!  Even you didn’t catch them all, we rounded up the best of the best when it comes to 2016 Internet challenges, check them out below.

16. Couples Yoga Challenge

This challenge began around the end of last year, but is still one of the biggest trending challenges in 2016. It features couples taking on classic and, frankly, extremely difficult yoga poses, which makes for some hilarious entertainment.

15. How I Did My Makeup In High School Challenge

This makeup challenge is extremely popular with beauty gurus on YouTube. I’m not going lie, I love watching all the horrendous makeup looks that they recreate since I can relate. It makes me feel less alone in knowing that I was not the only one who had their face looking a hot mess in high school.

14. Roast Yourself Challenge

This challenge is an interesting one, to say the least. It entails YouTubers criticizing themselves. Take a look for yourself; it’s bizarre and witty at the same time.

13. Extreme Spicy Ramen Challenge

I don’t know why anyone would want to do this because, essentially, you’re torturing yourself. This challenge entails eating an extremely spicy ramen noodle mix packaged from Korea. All I can ask is, why?

12. The Running Man Challenge

To this day, I have no idea why the running man challenge exists, but do we really need a reason? It’s one of the biggest challenges of 2016 because who doesn’t love watching random people do an old school dance to a song by the Ghost Town DJs?

11. Extreme Mouthguard Challenge

This challenge is so stupid it’s hilarious. YouTubers put on a mouth guard that essentially holds their mouth open while doing various things like drinking water. Absolutely hysterical!

10. Try Not To Laugh Challenge

One of 2016’s best challenges is the “try not to laugh” challenge. It usually consists of people filling their mouths with water and watching funny videos or people do silly things while focusing on keeping the water in their mouths. Check this crazy one out below.

9. Banana and Sprite Challenge

This one unquestionably wins the award for the most disgusting challenge of 2016. This challenge involves eating a banana as quickly as you can, drinking sprite immediately after, and then throwing it all up. No one knows why this mixture causes people to vomit, but it’s definitely a strange one to watch.

8. The Condom Challenge

Another challenge I am really questioning. Why would people even do this? I know why people watch it though: condoms filled with water being dropped on people’s heads (and a lot of times not even popping) is pretty amusing.

7. So Gone Challenge

This challenge is set to the instrumental beat of Monica’s hit song “So Gone” and it had people (famous or not) coming up with some pretty clever rhymes.

6. Watch Me Whip/Nae Nae Challenge

This song became a hit in 2015, but to this day people are still whipping and nae nae (ing).

5. Water Bottle Flip Challenge

This challenge entails people flipping water bottles on stuff, which is the absolute simplest way to keep anyone entertained.

4. Juju On That Beat Challenge

This catchy beat recently went viral all over social media. One of my favorite videos shows a cute duo rocking out to the mega-hit.

3. The Dab

If you don’t know what a dab is, what planet are you living on?

2. Hit The Quan

Another catchy tune that set the Internet ablaze. This video features some adorable little girls taking on Time Square with some pretty sick moves.

1. The Mannequin Challenge

I think this one takes the cake for the best challenge of 2016. If you didn’t do this challenge with your family over the Thanksgiving holiday or with your sports team at college, what have you been doing with your life? Obviously, nothing (compared to the BYU Gymnastics team, that is).

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