Unexpectedly Delicious Ice Cream Flavor Combos You Have To Try

August 4, 2015 by Martha Stewart
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The next time somebody asks if you would like a scoop of ice cream, tell them you would like several and mix up your own unexpected flavor. The rest of your summer will thank you! Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

By Natasha Case and Freya Estrella of Coolhaus

Are you more a vanilla or chocolate? Well, how about neither! 

When it comes to your ice cream choices, you can be fearless! There are plenty of flavors we never would have thought would work … but do! You really can’t go wrong — it’s ice cream. Here are some suggestions on how to spice up your ice cream routine.


Salted tahitian vanilla bean ice cream.

Try an Elevated Classic

Fine. So vanilla genuinely is your favorite flavor. Well, why not jazz it up? There is something magical about combining the sweet and salty. While vanilla usually gets a bad rep for being too plain, combining a sweet, smooth vanilla with a little salt really elevates a classic. We infuse the salt into our ice cream base, but you can try sprinkling a little sea salt right on top of your favorite vanilla ice cream.

Fried chicken and waffles ice cream.

Fried chicken and waffles ice cream.

Think breakfast

Believe it or not, but one of our most popular flavors is fried chicken and waffles. There are crunchy bits of organic chicken skin and caramelized waffles set in brown butter maple ice cream. And it totally works. Truly, anything is possible with ice cream! Try adding maple syrup or bacon to your ice cream, because … why not?

Pistachio black truffle ice cream.

Pistachio black truffle ice cream.

Raid your fridge

Would you like a side of fanciness with your scoop? Try truffles with your pistachio ice cream. Black truffle pieces dispersed throughout each scoop add a rich, earthy taste and some texture to the light earthiness of the pistachio ice cream. 


Netflix ice cream.

Put chips in it

For those that enjoy binge-watching “How I Met Your Mother” with a bag of Doritos or some white cheddar popcorn (or both, we aren’t judging), we have an ice cream that has a white cheddar base and is infused with Doritos. And yes, the name of the flavor is Netflix. The white cheddar is a surprisingly sweet counter-balance to the strong, salty Doritos, creating the perfect balance of flavors. Elevated junk food at its finest! If you’re a salty-sweet person, experiment with adding your favorite crunchy snack to your ice cream.


Whiskey and lucky charms ice cream.

Whiskey and lucky charms ice cream.

Put cereal on it

You may have seen cereal-coated ice cream at your local ice cream shops, but this doesn’t have to be a treat reserved for dining out. It’s so easy to do at home! Just choose your favorite cereal and coat your ice cream in it. To make ours a little more grown-up, we put whiskey in the base — the combo screams 13 going on 30, but it’s delicious. The intense whiskey flavor combined with the Lucky Charms is uncannily reminiscent of last week’s night on the town with a weird nod to the preteen head-gear years. So basically, it’s the best.


Foie gras and peanut butter jelly ice cream.

Dare to be decadent

Ice cream is a treat meant to be enjoyed, so don’t hold back! One of our most daring flavors is foie gras ice cream with peanut butter and jelly mixed in. Don’t be scared, this is really just a grown-up version of your preschool favorite. Foie gras is incredibly fatty so pairing it with the acidity in the jelly creates a perfect complement. Don’t have foie gras? Try something similarly decadent like a pate, pork bell, or even some Parmesan cheese. We know it sounds weird, but go ahead and give it a whirl. You won’t regret it.

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