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What To Wear To Life In Color (Hint: Something You Don't Mind Getting Paint On)

February 10, 2016 by Isabel Jones
shefinds | Shop

Are you ready to RAVE?!? Musical paint party with the besties — what could be better, am I right? If I’m wrong, this probably isn’t the article for you, you might prefer this. Anyway… Life In Color! Yeahhhh! If you’ve got a ticket and a hankering for some top-notch EDM, Life In Color is the event for you. You’re going to have an amazing time, but first you need to iron out a few details, like WARDROBE. How do you dress for an event when you know that everything you wear will end up covered in paint? We have a few ideas…


Wear White

Going into this, you need to accept that your clothes may not be salvageable afterward. While dirtying white clothes might set-off some freak-out alarm within, it’s really your best option. Why? First off, white clothes covered in paint have the best chance of turning a cool color after they’ve been washed. They might not end up being your favorite pieces, but they’ll at least have pajama potential. Second, a white canvas will really allow the paint to POP, and isn’t that the point?

00072626-12Favorite V-Neck Cami ($1.80)

This simple cami is less than $2 — I think that’s in your costume budget.

Jersey Tank Top ($18)

Buy a style like this in a larger (even Mens) size and wear as a dress!

Rock A Message Tee

Some days I really, really wish I could wear a message tee and not feel awkward, afraid of offending others, or embarrassed by my weird sense of humor. Is the cleverness of a message-tee ever worth the anxiety that surrounds wearing it? I have a feeling that I’m not alone in this love/hate relationship with the mass-produced word, but even if I am, there’s no denying that Life In Color presents the PERFECT occasion to rep your message-tee. If your shirt is covered in paint, the words will be overlooked. Plus, it’ll look totally edgy and lived-in after you wash the paint out, which will just add to the quirky message-tee effect!

Future State Zodiac Tee ($24 marked down from $34)

Truly Madly Deeply Graphic Ringer Tee ($34)

Star Wars Galaxy Far Away Graphic Tee ($16)

Protect Your Eyes!

There’s going to be paint hurling through the air, so I’d say sunglasses or goggles are a MUST. Again, you don’t want to ruin your Ray-Bans for one paint-filled EDM spree, so don’t go top-of-the-line. The key is protection, so invest in a stylish knockoff — it just needs to last through the day!

Round Tortoiseshell Sunglasses ($6)

30424857_065_dClassic Aviator Sunglasses ($14)

Jeepers Peepers Round Bar Sunglasses ($12)

Go For A Sports Bra

You don’t want to take any risks with your delicates — nothing on your body is safe! So just in case, wear a sports bra. If you’re wearing white, your bra is probably going to show-through anyway, so might as well kill two birds with one sports bra!

Low Impact – Caged Sports Bra ($13)

Aerie Mesh Seamless Sports Bra ($15)

Onzie Elastic Colorblock Sports Bra Top ($45)

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[Photo: Instagram]

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