What Your Favorite Drink Says About You

June 15, 2015 by Francesca Giordano
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We all have our drink of choice when we go out. Little did you know, when you tell the bartender your drink order, you’re revealing a lot about your personality. Here’s what your favorite alcoholic beverage says about you:

1. Tequila shots

You are special. You know the consequences of drinking tequila, yet you still repeat what others may see as a mistake. You are the adventurous type and you only have one goal when you go out and its to have a damn good time. This reflects your go-getter personality. You see what you want and you fight until you get it. Just like that last tequila shot.

2.  Vodka soda

You’re a drinker, but you care more about your calorie count then having a good time. You’re also the type that starts the night off saying “only one, or two drinks,” and somehow still end up on the floor. You also most likely like girly things like pink and reading Cosmo.

3. Whiskey

People who drink whiskey claim to be gentlemen unless you’re a girl, then you are the type that can hang with the guys (or try to at least). Or, you’re most likely from the South and own a pick up truck that you like going “muddin” with.

3. Cranberry vodka

You are just like every other college girl at the bar. You know you have no business being there, so you panic and order the first thing that comes to mind. You wish you could drink vodka sodas, but you know they really taste like garbage. Similar to a vodka soda drinker, you usually end up on your a$$ because you might as well be drinking juice.

4. Beer

You enjoy chugging and day drinking. Nothing sounds more appealing than a cold one on a hot summer day. You’re pretty happy with your life. You may or may not have your life together, but that’s okay. You’re getting by, you work hard but not that hard. You’re okay with the simple things.

5. Wine

You often drink alone and tell yourself its okay because a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away! You enjoy dinner parties and gatherings. Clubs and bars aren’t really your scene because you usually fall asleep before it’s time to go out. You know that even if you’re drinking a cheap wine ,you still look classy and you love it.

6. Martinis

You’re doing pretty well in life. You may not be super rich, but you have some extra money to blow and you don’t want to hide it. You only have one or two drinks because that all you really need and, well, you’re boring and probably drinking to sulk. Maybe if you had a third one you’ll feel better.

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