Why You Should Never Throw Away Dust Bags

September 14, 2016 by Justine Schwartz
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When you get a new handbag or sometimes a fancy pair of shoes (best. thing. ever.) they usually come with a super soft bag called a dust bag. It usually has the brand’s logo on it, is a dark color and has a draw string. Know what I’m talking about? Well, you’ve probably wondered what to do with them, and I’m here to tell you that you should NEVER throw them away.

Here’s why: the best way to store your handbags is in them. They are specifically designed for optimal storage of your accessories–you won’t be able to find anything else as good for storage in your home, so instead of buying them when the time comes that you need one, just keep the FREE ones that come with! Kapish?

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Even though you might not need to store your handbags when you first buy them (because you wear them everyday), eventually, you’ll buy a new everyday purse and want to keep the old one stored in such a way that the leather stays in good condition over the years. The dust bags are designed for exactly this purpose, and are really hard to replicate with other household items (a silk pillowcase is the closest next best thing).

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Ditto for shoes. Occasion shoes like your wedding shoes should be stored in individual dust bags within the box (one bag per shoe). You’ll want to keep both the shoe box itself and the dust bags.

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Another way you can and should use the dust bags is to stuff them with paper, then put them inside the handbag to help the bag retain its shape. Like boots, leather handbags need to be propped up to retain their shape and to prevent the leather from folding and bending, which isn’t technically damaging the leather, but it’s not ideal.

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So, there you have it: a friendly reminder to keep the dust bags that come with your handbags and shoes and other accessories. You’ll want them for future storage! Don’t forget.

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