10 Trends That Are Only Cool In New Jersey

July 3, 2014 by Hannah Lavine
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Besides spending my college career in Indiana, I have lived in New Jersey for 20 years of my life and learned one thing: no one likes New Jersey, except for people from New Jersey. Now before you start typing ferociously on your keyboards to tell me otherwise or bash on Jersey, hear me out:

Jersey has some pretty awesome things, like Bruce Springsteen, ‘The Shore’ and the love we have for breakfast sandwiches. These things I cherish and miss dearly when I’m in freezing cold Indiana for 9 months out of the year. I love Jersey: when people at school ask me where I’m from I always answer ‘New Jersey,’ not “Oh, near New York City.”

One thing that we aren’t great at is keeping up with trends I swear some people from New Jersey are stuck in the 2000s; still wearing Ed Hardy and Juicy Couture tracksuits. Many of the outfits you’ll see in NJ are considered trashy and skanky; it’s no wonder we are called and call ourselves ‘Dirty Jerz.’ I have always felt that I, unlike many women in NJ, have kept up with the latest fashion trends, but there was a time when I succumbed to the Jersey style and wore items like rhinestones, Solows and tight tanks (aka Sugar Lips tank tops.)

Thankfully, those days have passed and I got some fashion sense. Now that I work in New York City, deemed one of the fashion capitals of the world and home of Carrie Bradshaw, I will never ever have any of these items in my closet ever again, and you shouldn’t either. Take a look at the worst trends of New Jersey.

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