51 Signs You And Your BFF Really Will Be Friends Forever

August 3, 2014 by Julia Welling
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We all have that one friend that is more like family, and though you may fight like sisters, you get along better with her than anyone else. She just gets you. She is your person. You actually love eachother so much, that you’ve probably made a pact to move in and grow old together if you’re both still single in 20 years (screw guys, right?) You have countless inside jokes, you can talk on the phone for hours and never run out of things to say, and she can even read your mind. She’s the first person you call when you need advice, when you’re upset or you just need someone to talk to. She’s your rock, and she’ll always be your number one. And most importantly, she is always there for you…even at 3 a.m. But sometimes, we forget to tell our besties how much we appreciate them. Heck, they put up with us on a daily basis, so they deserve a big thank you every once in a while. So in honor of National Friendship Day today, we’ve put together a list of why you and your BFF really will be besties forever.

1. She knows everything about you from simple things like how you take your coffee and your little annoying habits to your deepest darkest secrets like that time you lied to your parents and your guilty pleasures.


2. She knows what you did in college. Like really knows… She’s got every shot, every frat boy and every skipped class in her memory bank for safe keeping…just in case.

3. She has an embarrassing selfie of you saved on her phone.

4. You text her while you’re taking a poop. Oh, and that Snap Chat of you on the toilet? She has that saved too.

5. The amount of blackmail she has on you is reason enough to stay friends forever.

6. You have different “good sides” which makes taking pictures and selfies sooo much easier than posing for pics with other friends.


7. You secretly hate everyone except for eachother, and when nobody else is around, you gossip for hours.

8. She is invited to family BBQs, vacations and holidays, because she knows just how to charm the pants off your grandparents and deal with your crazy aunt better than you do.

9. You have her mother’s number on speed dial… just in case. And you’ve even threatened her by saying “Don’t make me call your mother.”

10. Most of the time, your family likes her better than you, and you’re okay with that…sort of.

11. Your backup plan is to move in together and be cat ladies so you’ll never be #ForeverAlone. (or dogs if that’s more your thing)


12. You have ridiculous nicknames for eachother, like Groundhog and Popsicle, that nobody else would ever understand, but these names mean the world to you.

13. Your long distance relationship is the only one that has ever worked. Thousands of miles, separate colleges, different sororities and multiple time zones woudn’t keep you apart. FaceTime and Skype are magical tools.

14. Your boyfriends know that they’ll never be your number one B.A.E, and they’re ok with that. If they can’t accept it…BYEEEE.

15. You only pretend to like her boyfriend, when in reality, nobody will ever be good enough. You’ve even considered telling him what’s up, but you wouldn’t want to hurt her.

16. You share clothes and you always have to go shopping together, otherwise you would show up to events and parties in the same thing all the time, which would make your friendship even more obnoxious than it already is. And if you’re ever missing a shirt, her closet is the first you check.


17. If your texting convos were published, your lives would be over. You’d probably be fired from your jobs, have to change your names and flee the country, but at least you’d be together…

18. She remembers what you looked like before you had boobs, braces and a nose job. She even remembers what you looked in your MySpace days (when she was in your top 8, obvi), and she still chose to be friends with you.

19. You’ve seen eachother naked, and she knows all of your flaws, like that big freckle you have on your right butt cheek. Which would be really awkward if it was anyone else besides your bestie, but since it’s “only her” its no big deal.

20. You still have sleepovers. And by sleepovers, we mean planned snuggle sessions that involve making fun of people, drinking wine and binge-watching the Kardashians.


21. She knows what you look like when you wake up in the morning. Bad breath, greasy hair, zits, retainers and all. You’ve even shared pimple creams, masks and a toothbrush in times of desperation.

22. You have inside jokes that nobody else will ever understand. Sometimes, it even sounds like you’re speaking your own language.

23. You may have to retire your red cups and wine glasses one day, but you’ll still be the rowdiest old ladies at the nursing home. And just like any other club you’ve ever joined together, you’ll probably get in trouble on a daily basis.

 elderly women


24. You’ve tried to add other girls two your 2-man wolfpack, but it has never worked out.

25.  You have oppposite taste in men, so you’ll never have to fight over a guy. If she like blondes, you have to like brunettes. End of discussion.

26. She is your personal therapist, and you’ve made a pact to call eachother for advice before you go bat-shit crazy on others.

27. She’s held your hair back (on more than one occasion), but never once questioned your decisions or accused you of having a problem. Instead, she got revenge the next weekend.

girl throwing up

28. Hangovers. You’ve bonded over advil, water and a bacon, egg and cheese, but you got through it, and that’s all that matters.

29. You share a Netflix password, and then you judge eachother on your choice of movies, like that time she watched Frozen 4 times in one week.

30. She’s the first person on your Snap Chat “Best Friends” list. Actually, she’s the only person you ever Snap Chat.

31. She’s the only person who truly knows how weird you are. She’s seen you on a sugar high, she’s seen your car dance and she’s even seen your best Betty White impression. The rest of the world just can’t handle it.


32. When she says “Does this outfit look ok?,” you always tell her the truth…even if it hurts, because that’s what real friends do.

33. If you don’t hear from her at least once a day, you send out a search party.

34. You’ve picked her up so she didn’t have to do the walk of shame, and even brought a change of clothes, but you didn’t let her get in the car until you snapped a couple pics.

35. You give her guy advice, even though you know she won’t follow it anyways. At least you tried…

36. You don’t even have to speak to eachother. You can just give her “the look” and she’ll know what you’re thinking.

girls looking

37. She will never judge you for having questionable morals. Actually, she’ll probably support you, because she’s done worse.

38. She knows how messy your room/car/purse can get, but she accepts it. She has also helped you organize your life and get back on track on numerous occasions.

39. Your periods are in sync, even when you’re miles apart from eachother. Which is kind perfect, because you can both drown in chocolate and watch The Notebook on repeat together.

40. You dance around in your underwear to 90’s throwback jams like Destiny’s Child and Backstreet Boys when nobody else is around. But you still don’t understand what the Spice Girls meant when they said “If you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends,” because that would never be ok.


41. She’ll never let you forget about the band nerd that you dated in high school, and she loves to bring it up whenever she possibly can.

42. You share a secret that you have both vowed to take to the grave, and you’ll both never break that promise, because you’ll never want to lose her.

43. She’s going to be your maid-of-honor, no matter what. Your sisters already know that they’ll have to take a backseat. After all, they always have.


44. Your other friends think you’re both anonoying when you are together, but you two have no intentions of changing any time soon.

45. If she calls you at 4 am, you answer in a panic because she’s either drunk, dead or lost. Everyone else can wait until tomorrow.

46. There is never a dull moment when you’re together. You could be in the most boring place or in the most awkward situation and the two of you still manage to have a good time.

47. You’ve literally “laughed until you cried,” until your abs hurt or until you can’t breathe. Sometimes, you’re laughing for so long that you can’t even remember what you’re laughing about.


48. You’ll never forget the day you met eachother. It was like love at first sight…but better.

49. You couldn’t imagine life without her, and you don’t know how you functioned before you became besties.

50. She is more like family than a friend. Sometimes, you even like her better than your family.

51. You love her so much that you’ll probably share this on her Facebook wall later…or right now.

Do you and your bestie like our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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