8 Genius Uses For Clear Nail Polish (You Can Even Do Home Repairs!)

June 1, 2015 by Rachel Gulmi
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Clear nail polish is a wonderful thing. Yes, it prevents your manicure from chipping and keeps it looking glossy, but clear nail polish also serves a purpose in many unconventional ways. I’m not talking about the obvious like preventing your stockings from running or rust-proofing the bottom of a shaving cream can. The benefits of clear nail polish goes way beyond any beauty-related issue. Check out the different ways you can use clear nail polish below:

1. To seal an envelope. Simply brush a small amount along the seal, or small dabs in each corner, and you’re good to go! I cringe at the thought of having to lick an envelope. Never in a million years did I think to try clear nail polish. Genius.

2. Smudge-proof labels. No more trying to figure out what a label says. Protect and waterproof labels with a coat of clear polish. Perfect for gardening labels, keys and more!

3. Waterproof matches. Are you an outdoors person? Then you know damp matches are pretty much useless. This is the perfect way to waterproof matches! Dip the end of a matchstick in clear polish and let dry.

4. Tighten loose screws. I’m always finding myself tightening screws on my dresser/nightstand drawers. This problem can be easily solved just by applying a coat of clear polish. It’ll give screws an extra hold.

5. Prevent shoe laces/rope from unraveling. Instead of burning cut rope/laces to keep them from fraying, just dip the ends in clear polish so they wont unravel.

6. Smooth splintered furniture. Apply a coat of clear polish to splintered furniture to prevent your clothes from snagging.

7. Fix small holes in window screens. To stop bugs from coming in, dab a bit of clear polish on the hole. This also helps the hole from getting bigger. Note: this only works for tiny holes.

8. Keep chipped car paint from rusting. If your car has chipped paint then apply some polish to prevent the damaged area from enlarging and rusting.

What are different ways you use clear nail polish?

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