8 Ways To Use White Vinegar That Don't Involve Cleaning Or Cooking

July 1, 2015 by Francesca Giordano
shefinds | beauty

You can pretty much use vinegar for anything, from cleaning your house to washing your dog. But did you ever think it could be useful for fashion and beauty? Here are some of the most surprising ways you can use white vinegar:

Remove deodorant stains

Spray white vinegar on to deodorant-stained shirts before washing them to remove the discoloration. It also works for mustard, tomato sauce and ketchup stains.

Brighten your colored clothes

Adding a cupful of white vinegar to your rinse cycle will brighten up colors and even give you cleaner laundry! Normally, soap residue is what makes clothes dull, but the acetic in white vinegar actually gets rid of the residue. It also acts as a fabric softener, a static reducer, and a mildew inhibitor.

Restore handbags and shoes

Use a cloth with a drop of white vinegar to wipe down scuffed leather bags and shoes. It will restore their original shine and clear scuff marks.

Liven droopy flowers

Have old flowers that look like they’re about to die? Well, now you can stop calling yourself a flower killer! Add two tablespoon of white vinegar and one teaspoon of sugar to every quart of water you use. Pour the solution into your vase and you’ve got yourself some fresh flowers!

Whiten your teeth 

Brush your teeth once a week with distilled white vinegar by dipping your toothbrush into the vinegar and brushing thoroughly. This prevents bad breath too!

Prevent your nail polish from chipping 

Before you paint your nails, wipe ’em with a cotton ball or tissue soaked in distilled vinegar. Because the vinegar cleans your nails so well it helps the manicure last longer.

Fake a relaxing bath.

Add ½ cup of vinegar to warm bath water for a cheap spa session at home. The vinegar removes dead skin, leaving you feeling soft and smooth.

Brighten your hair.

Remove hair product buildup by rinsing a tablespoon of white vinegar through your hair once a month.

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