A Study Just Proved That Drinking Tequila Helps You Lose Weight #YES

March 20, 2014 by Julia Welling
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It’s a proven fact: girls love tequila. But it has a bad rep. Remember those country songs, “One Round With Jose Cuervo” and “You And Tequila Make Me Crazy?” They almost scared me away from the drink! While its definitely well-known that tequila causes bad decisions, terrible hangovers and embarrassment, there’s one thing we didn’t know. Tequila triggers weight loss. Yes, you read that right. Weight loss. So there’s really only one country artist who got it right. When Joe Nichols sang “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” he wasn’t kidding.

According to a recent study, the natural sugars found in the agave plant, which produces tequila, can trigger weight loss and help with diabetes by increasing insulin levels. During the study, mice consumed their usual diet, but some of the mice had agavins added to their water. The mice that were fed the agavins had a smaller appetite and lower blood glucose levels.

Unfortunately, this study is still new, and it will be a while before a tequila weight loss product is released. In the meantime, say “CHEERS TO AGAVINS.” Now you don’t have to hesitate when you “need” that extra shot or you want to order “just one more” margarita, because its good for you!

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