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11 Super Hot Celebs Who 'Hate Working Out'

June 5, 2015 by Rachel Gulmi
shefinds | Celebrity

Most people hate working out. It's honestly not fun, at least I don't think so. Apparently, these celebrities completely agree and have claimed they don't enjoy exercise, but judging by their bodies, I have a hard time believing it!

[Photos: Splash News]

Is it possible for me to love Blake Lively more than I already do?! With this quote it is. "I've said before I hate the gym; I eat chocolate; yes, that part is true. But what they don't print is I hate the gym, so what I do instead is find other ways to be active."

Sofia Vergara is one of the sexiest women alive and even she hates exercising. She reveals, "For me it’s punishment. It’s not like, “Oh, let me relax and go to the gym.” It’s not my “me time” or my fun time. No. It’s my torture time. So of course I try to avoid it or make excuses every time. But I do try to do it at least three times a week if I’m not shooting. I wish I loved it. Believe me, I wish."

The anger Emma Stone feels when she goes to the gym, is something I can relate to. "I had a trainer during 'Spider-Man' and I discovered I have deep-seated rage when I'm holding heavy weights over my head. Whatever dormant anger I have in me, that's where it comes out. That's not the kind of working out I want to do. I would much rather sleep at night than want to throw a weight across a room at someone. I'm usually a pretty peaceful person, but for some reason when I get in the gym something bubbles up in me... I haven't worked out for a month and I'm proud of it!"

Jessica Alba's body makes it really hard to believe that she doesn't like to work out. She told Women's Health, "And sometimes I do sprint intervals just because I hate working out. Anything where I have to do something but I can get my mind off of doing it, that's so much better for me than anything that's repetitive."

Nothing can motivate me [to work out]. Then X-Men started, and I thought, ‘Oh definitely, I’ll work out and diet.’ But nope. Not me!” Jennifer Lawrence is the epitome of awesome. End of story.

Reese Witherspoon enjoys a nice outdoor activity, but when it comes to working out indoors, she says, "If I never had to see the inside of a gym again, I'd be a very happy person."

“I’m not a huge fan of the gym, to be honest. When I have to go to the gym and put an hour in, I’m just staring at the clock," Lauren Conrad told Shape. I feel you, girl.

Even though she hates the gym, Eva Mendes spends quite a long time there. "Although I’m like every other woman and I don’t say 'Yay!' I’m gonna be at the gym for two hours, it’s still extremely beneficial.”

When asked about her fitness routine, Keira Knightley had the perfect response. She said, "Um…no…I try, I do try. I did hire a personal trainer which was quite good and she sort of cracked a whip and shouted at me a lot and made me do it, but I didn't really like it. I don't like pain. And I do find that working out is quite painful." Hey, at least she's honest.

"[Working out] isn't fun [for me], so to do it every day would be horrible. Three days a week is cool, even two. It makes me feel good and feel like I've done something. It's important to take care of your body." Britney Spears has the right idea! I love her positive outlook.

"I appreciate what it does for me. And I wish there was a pill you could take that could do everything that is in that gym," says Mary J. Blige. Let me know when you find that pill!

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