18 Wedding Dates Every Couple Should Avoid In 2018

January 30, 2018 by Linda DiProperzio
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worst wedding dates 2018

Still looking to book at date in 2018? While there might not be a lot to choose from at popular venues, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be picky before choosing the day of your I do's. In fact, wedding professionals revealed the worst dates you should definitely avoid this year when selecting your dates. Seriously, you're going to be glad that you found this out NOW rather than later! 


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Friday the 13th

Friday The 13th

It is known to be a day of bad luck and who wants to kick off their marriage like that, right? "It may be a superstition, but I think we are all a little superstitious at some point in our lives," says Cristen Faherty of Cristen & Co


Before & After Christmas

So you're thinking, I need to avoid the entire month of December? In a nutshell, yes. "All of the days in December are crammed with social and holiday affairs for most. General business is heavier, thus causing fewer guests to be able to attend," says Mary Papaleo, owner of Stems at The Palatine. "Venues will be limited due to competing holiday parties. Floral pricing higher due to colder season and selections much more limited. People in general are focused on the holidays, not so much your wedding celebration - don't become second seat to anything!"

Sports Fans

Major Sporting Events

Sports fans will thank you for avoiding Super Bowl Sunday, March Madness and the World Series, says Keith Phillips of Classic Photographers. "Let's be honest--you don’t want your guests glued to their phones or seeking out the nearest television on your Big Day."

November 11

Visually Significant Dates

You don't have to completely avoid dates like 11/11, 7/7 and the like, but make sure you book as early as possible because they are very popular, says DJ Lou Paris of Paris Creative.



Not only is travel more expensive, but people want to spend the holidays with their families. As a result, a good portion of your guest list could decline the invite.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

If wedding florals are a priority, you’re going to want to reconsider marrying Mother’s Day weekend, says Danielle Gonzalez of Blooms by the Box. "It’s the biggest holiday for flowers and prices go up on many popular varieties such as roses, tulips, orchids and lilies. Popular colors are pinks, yellows and lavenders, so if you do take the plunge the second weekend in May despite, you’ll want to keep that in mind."

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is another holiday that impacts wedding flower prices significantly, says Gonzalez. "In the weeks leading up to the holiday, prices on roses (especially red) and carnations skyrocket. Then immediately following Valentine’s Day, availability on roses is low as supplies have been exhausted. So those particularly keen on roses, should steer clear of February in general."


Easter & Passover

Even if you and your groom don't celebrate them, these are major holidays for people of Christian and Jewish faith. Planning a wedding on these dates will almost guarantee that religious guests won't attend your big day.


Religious & Cultural Holidays

Of course, there are other religious dates you might not be aware of, so check the calendar for days that might affect your guests. "Religious and cultural holidays are special and couples would be wise to avoid hosting their function on holy days," says Greg Jenkins of Bravo Productions. "For some cultures, it might even translate into a form of disrespect."

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

If you're having a destination wedding in Mexico, avoid May 5th, says Megan Velez, Destination Weddings Travel Group. “Cinco de Mayo is a popular holiday in Mexico that can draw noisy crowds to all-inclusive resorts. However, if you’re up for the party, then we recommend reserving your rooms as early as possible!”


Days of Remembrance

Somber occasions and days of remembrance, such as September 11th, are obvious days to avoid hosting something that is supposed to be a happy day, says Jenkins.

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

Venues will be booked for parties well in advance, this includes many bands and DJ's that will also have been reserved, says Papaleo. "Guest attendance may also be lower as people travel for the holidays, and flower selection is somewhat limited due to season."

January 1

New Year's Day

Guests will likely be recovering from the night before, making it harder for them to be fresh faced and in a party mood for your wedding. "Guests are also looking forward to parades, football games and relaxing. To go to a wedding is not their first choice," says Judith Wilhelmy, a Justice of the Peace in New Hampshire.

Dog with flag

Labor Day

It sounds like a great idea to get married on a three-day weekend, such as Labor Day, because you and your guests will have an extra day to recover. But Heather Jones of Wente Vineyards says to bear in mind that these holidays often mean travel costs are at a premium. In addition, those driving long distances will have to contend with traffic and a lack of inventory in overnight accommodations.


Memorial Day

Much like Labor Day, travel and hotel costs will be higher during a three-day weekend. Another factor, according to Brian Worley of Bold Events, is that some guests will be less than thrilled to give up a day off from work to attend the wedding.

4th of July

4th of July

This is a popular vacation time for many guests, especially those with kids who will be off for summer vacation. Travel expenses are also at a premium. "You also have to ask yourself, 'Do I want my anniversary to fall on the 4th of July every year,'" notes Harutyunyan.

Old couple

Other People's Anniversaries

You might think it's a great honor to plan your wedding day on a special family member or friend's anniversary. Do yourself a favor and ask first, says Hovik Harutyunyan of Harutyunyan Events. "Before setting your date, you should confirm if the date is already called for by one of your loved ones. If you know your grandparents will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year with a big bash, make sure you fully understand their plans. Everyone wants to be able to celebrate their special moment with their loved ones - not competing for which wedding your mutual family and friends will attend."

Your Bridal Party's Birthdays

Believe it or not, not everyone will want to spend their birthday at your wedding--even members of your own bridal party! Everyone deserves their own special day, so try to avoid anyone's birthday, especially if it's a milestone. Or if you really have your heart set on a date, ask the birthday boy or girl first. 

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Linda DiProperzio is a weddings expert and freelance writer based in New York.

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