4 Foods No One Should Have For Breakfast Anymore In 2020, According To Experts

January 21, 2020 by Hannah Kerns
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many people do not pay close attention to the first thing they eat in the morning. If you are one of them, it’s a good idea to start being more selective about your breakfast choices, and eliminating those that aren’t doing you any favors.

Read on for the 4 foods no one should have for breakfast anymore in 2020!


1. Cereal

Although breakfast cereal is quick and easy, eliminating it from your diet is probably best. Cereal is often surprisingly high in refined carbs and sugar--even the supposedly natural brands. As always, checking the nutrition label for what is actually in your cereal is essential to making a good decision for your diet--try sticking to options that have high fiber and whole grains and staying away from those full of sugar.


2. Donut

Donuts are one of the worst breakfast foods you can eat if you are trying to lose weight. Full of sugar, fat, and refined flour, this over-processed sweet is not a nutritious way to start your day.


With so little nutritional value, donuts should be cut out of your morning routine asap.

bagel and cream cheese

3. Bagel

Bagels may seem like a healthier alternative to donuts and other breakfast pastries, but they can be bad for you too. A bagel with cream cheese is around 350 calories, which is a lot considering how low they are in minerals, vitamins, and fiber.


If you want to stay in line with your diet goals, cutting out bagels is a good place to start.


4. Croissant

Croissants are another dangerous breakfast food for a healthy diet. High in fat, calories, and sodium, croissants are not doing your diet any favors. In addition, since they do not have whole grains either, their overall nutritional value is low.


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