4 Workout Hacks Trainers Swear By To Get Rid Of Love Handles And Saddle Bags For Good

December 12, 2019 by Hannah Kerns
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The key to seeing any long-lasting change in your body weight and appearance is to practice a regular routine of healthy diet and exercise. However, even when that is the case, certain parts of the body are difficult to target. Specifically, you may be struggling to see improvement in the appearances of your love handles and saddle bags.

To make it easier to target these tricky areas, we asked trainers to explain their favorite workouts that will work these muscles. Read on for the 4 workout hacks trainers swear by to get rid of love handles and saddle bags for good.

russian twists

Russian Twists

According to Nicolle Harwood-Nash, writer at The Workout Digest and fitness trainer, Russian twists are an excellent exercise to incorporate into your workout routine--especially if you are struggling with love handles and saddle bags. Russian twists will work your oblique muscles, and you don't need any equipment for this effective exercise. Harwood-Nash explains where this one should burn: "You will feel this exercise through the middle of your trunk, specifically deep in your sides."


How to do them: Sit on the ground with your ankles crossed then lift your feet off the floor. Keep your back neutral, and start twisting through the core from left to right and then in the alternate direction.

flat abs

Weighted Side Bends

Harwood-Nash also loves recommending this exercise to clients. Weighted side bends will also make your sides burn in the best possible way. Try this exercise with a challenging but reasonable weight to tone your obliques and blast those love handles. She explains how you know you're doing it right: "All the flexion and contraction should come through your side (your obliques)."


How to do them: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, a weight in one hand. From here, lower the weight down your side without moving your hips.

side crunch

Side Crunches

Harwood-Nash recommends this exercise--especially if you have access to ab straps. She explains, "A 3-to-5-minute hanging side crunch every day produces ideal results by targeting the midsection and love handles too." If you don't have ab straps, try out this exercise on the floor to tone your side abs and obliques.


How to do them: Lie on the floor with your knees on the floor bent to one side, crunch and repeat, and then switch to the other side.

standing crunch

Knee-to-Elbow Standing Crunches

Reggie Chambers, celebrity progressive, private training and fitness specialist in New York City, recommends trying knee-to-elbow standing crunches to help target the difficult fat that gathers in your love handles and saddle bags. When done correctly, you should feel this exercise in your sides.


How to do them: Stand in a wide stance with one hand on the side of your head. Bring that elbow down to your opposite knee as that knee comes up to meet it.


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