Check Out The Top 10 Fast-Food Restaurant Coffee Ranked By Flavor

January 18, 2016 by Rachel Gulmi
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If you live in a metropolitan city, chances are there is a place to get coffee on every corner. All of these choices can make a simple cup of coffee more complicated than it needs to be. One Newsday writer tested out 10 different cups of coffee from the most popular chain restaurants. Scroll through to see where your favorite chain restaurant fits in!

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10. Taco Bell

Critic Erica Marcus said Taco Bell's coffee had "no aroma, no body, no taste." Ouch.

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9. Burger King

Marcus noted that Burger King's coffee had "no flavor except for a faint bitter note."

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8. Wendy's

Although she said Wendy's coffee had a slight burnt and bitter taste, it did have some flavor.

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7. Nathan's

Nathan's coffee has a "feeble coffee flavor and weak aroma" according to Marcus.

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6. 7-Eleven

7-Eleven has four different types of coffee roasts. Marcus said three of the medium roasts were well-balanced and acceptable. She also noted that the coffees ranged from lukewarm to cold, not hot.

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5. McDonald's

Marcus recommends stopping by McDonald's for an espresso or latte, rather than a regular cup of coffee.

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4. Dunkin' Donuts

Marcus says, much like McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts is a great place for those who like a latte or espresso.

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3. Subway

Considering Subway uses a Keurig to brew their coffee, it's no shock why this comes in as number three.

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2. Panera Bread

The nice thing about Panera Bread is that each insulated coffee jug is labeled with a sign to let you know how long ago the coffee was brewed. At least you know if you're getting a fresh cup.

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1. Starbucks

I mean, is this a shock? Really? Marcus said all three of her coffees (blonde, medium and dark roast) were all fresh and had a nice aroma.

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