The Scary Mistake You’re Making When You Cook Dinner That Ruins Your Metabolism

January 16, 2020 by Hannah Kerns
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Figuring out what to make for dinner while trying to lose weight can be a challenge. To make it easier to stay on the course of healthy dieting, we found the one mistake that you should never make when cooking dinner because it can hurt your metabolism and stop weight loss.

Read on for the common dinner mistake you should stop making if you are struggling to lose weight!




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Making It Your Main Meal

Traditionally, many people think of dinner as their "main" meal of the day, and reserve their largest calorie intake for it.


Unfortunately, this can negatively impact your ability to lose weight. Because your metabolism slows down at night while you're sleeping, eating too much at dinner time could lead to weight gain.

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Professor Carl Johnson, of Vanderbilt University in Nashville told Daily Mail UK, "‘If you metabolize food during the day, when you are active, you tend not to convert so much of that to fat.  Whereas food eaten during the night or late evening is more likely to be converted into fat."


With that in mind, sticking to smaller, well-proportioned meals at dinner could be the key to losing weight.

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Instead, try keeping most of your calorie intake to earlier in the day while you are still active.


Johnson continues, "Mediterranean diets in which the main meal is eaten in the middle of the day are probably healthier."

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With that in mind, try not to indulge in overeating for dinner. Instead, keep your calorie intake for dinner on the low side to see weight loss results sooner.


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