3 Ways Your iPhone Is Ruining Your Skin

June 20, 2017 by Jennifer Hussein
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Everyone is obsessed with their iPhones, it basically became a part of all of our lives. Chances are, you're probably reading this on your iPhone right now! But, did you know your iPhone could actually ruin your skin? And the scary part is, it ruins it in tons of ways, from acne to aging!


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iphone screen

First off, the blue light from your screen could be damaging your skin. According to a Unilever study, 4 days infront of your phone and other tech gadgets can be equivalent to 20 minutes in the midday sun, which can lead to sun spots and wrinkles!

iphone dirty

Your phone screen is also covered in bacteria that can lead to acne! Think about the gross things you touch before you grab your iPhone (doorknobs, toilet handles, and faucet handles, for example). Your transferring all of that gross bacteria on to your iPhone, yikes!

iphone skincare

On top of all the gross bacteria that lives on your iPhone, you're also leaving your phone on your face about once a day for phone calls, which covers your phone in oil. Constantly putting your iPhone on your face can cause this oil to clog your pores and make you break out!

iphone cleaning

To keep your skin clear, clean your iPhone at least once a day to get rid of all the dirt, oil, and bacteria that lingers on it's surface. And to avoid suffering from any harsh blue light, put your phone away for an hour or two a day to give your skin a break! Read a book, go outside, do anything that doesn't involve any tech gadgets for a bit to give your skin a breath of fresh air.

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