I Tried This Top-Rated Brow Serum & My Brows Look SO Different: NeuBrow

September 4, 2019 by Justine Schwartz
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Am I one of the many women of my generation who tweezed her way through the 90s, only to end up with tadpole-shaped brows featuring the occasional bald spot in my thirties? Yes, guilt as charged. There hasn’t been a morning in this decade that I didn’t wake up wishing that my brows were fuller and thicker (they’re also asymmetrical, oh joy). And all the healthy brows featured on my Instagram feed don’t help the misery. There are also lots of growth products hawked there, too, but I wasn’t sure which ones actually work (as an editor I can say that, honestly, most don’t).

In a change of luck, a sample of neuBROW land on my desk. The product comes from science-meets-beauty brand Skin Research Laboratories. They make a suite of hair growth products, all of which are available on Nordstrom with 5-star reviews aplenty.

I get lots of beauty samples (humble brag) and I don’t have time to try all of them. The product advertised as causing “fuller brows in just 30 days,” and the customer reviews were generally along the lines of, “I finally found one that actually works.” I was intrigued, and started using it that night.

How To Use It

The applicator comes with two ends: a double-sided brush for shaping brows and a brush for the actual gel solution. It is meant to be applied at morning and night, but as a mom of two young kids I was lucky if I remembered to do it once. I also did not use the comb end once. You apply the gel throughout the brow (I paid special attention to the areas that needed regrowth the most, not sure if that matters) and wait 5 minutes or so for them to dry before applying other products (ie. pencils, gels, etc.). I applied my Benefit Gimme Brow after with no problem.

Does It Irritate Eyes?

Other hair growth formulas I’ve tried irritate my eyes if I use them in the morning versus the night, especially lash growth ones, but I did not get any irritation from neuBROW whatsoever. Got 99 problems, but itchy eyes ain’t one.

Does It Work?

I did not see results until week 5 or 6 (remember: I was not following the directions exactly) but oh boy, when I saw results I sure did. I noticed regrowth where I wanted it (on the right tail that was shorter than the left, sprouts at the head to fill in a bald spot and above bone brow area to ). I also saw darker hair, an overall darker appearance to the area and regrowth outside the brow area that needed to be plucked more regularly. Of course, I didn’t trust myself with a pair of tweezers, so I had them cleaned up professionally for the first time in my adult life.

Is It Worth It?

The product does require that you keep using it to maintain your results. For example, I stopped using it during pregnancy and my brows pretty much went back to what they looked like before. However, once you get to a brow fullness you’re happy with, you can switch to maintenance mode, only using it a few nights a week. The cost is $100 for 6ml or $60 for 2ml, and the 6ml has lasted me a long time, FYI. They always seem to be in stock despite being very popular, plus they’re sold at Nordstrom as I mentioned, so you don’t have to worry about being able to get your hands on a tube when you need one.

For women who are desperate for regrowth, this is one of your best if not THE best at-home option. You’re welcome!

Shop the brow product and others from the brand here:

NEULASH® neuBROW® Brow Enhancing Serum ($100)

NEULASH® neuHAIR® Hair Enhancing Formula ($150)

NEULASH® Lash Enhancing Serum ($95)

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