The One Place You Should Never, Ever Get Botox, According To A Dermatologist

September 24, 2018 by Jessica Harrington
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If you’re someone who has ever gotten Botox–or are considering trying this anti-aging treatment–nothing will scar you more than seeing a person who went a little too overboard with the filler. Whether it be a celebrity or even your great aunt, their statuesque, expressionless face is forever burned in our mind.

But that’s not to say that Botox is just all around bad. Plenty of people visit skilled, licensed professionals to receive botox treatments and leave looking wrinkle-free. A dream.

A naturally youthful looking face is possible with botox and fillers when administered properly, that is. If you’re looking to try Botox in the near future, you should do your research and know where to get and not get botox.

According to Dr. Guy Massry, a Los Angeles-based board-certified surgeon, the one spot where you should never, ever let a needle touch is your under-eye lines. Unfortunately, as you get older wrinkles around your eyes are often the first signs of aging to appear, but that doesn’t mean you should try to correct them with botox.

“Filler is an agent that expands and fills. Botox is a muscle weakening agent. It's a paralyzing agent," Dr. Massry told Popsugar. "When you inject under the eyes, you weaken the muscle that creates those wrinkles, which is OK, but there is a particular subgroup of patients that have predisposing issues that if you weaken it, it can lead to a few things, which are all temporary."

One of the side effects of getting Botox in your under-eye lines is a droopy lower eyelid. If you thought a few natural wrinkles made you stand out in a bad way, just picture how that would look!

Before you commit to getting botox of any kind, make sure you’re visiting a certified professional and only using botox from the United States, Dr. Massry warned.

To fight fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes without botox, try a best-selling eye cream instead.


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