Beauty Tips From The Internet That Are Actually Dangerous To Your Health

December 6, 2016 by Katelyn Holland
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The internet is full of clever and useful beauty tips. From Pinterest or YouTube, people are constantly coming up with amazing new skincare hacks and makeup techniques. However, you should always think twice before blindly following a beauty tip on find on the internet. The last thing you want is a Pinterest fail...on your face. In fact, there are actually some beauty tips on the online that can be dangerous to your health. Click through the slideshow to see some of the worst beauty advice we found floating around the internet.

Pop A Pimple With A Safety Pin

It's common knowledge that you're never supposed to pop a pimple. However, there are some websites that claim you can "properly" pop a pimple with a safety pin. Popping a pimple with a pin can lead to serious infection, especially if the pin is not sanitized. Pricking a pimple can push bacteria and debris deeper into your skin, causing the blemish to become inflamed or swollen. It can even lead to scarring. Try these tips to resist the urge to pick at your pimples or leave the pimple popping to the pros.

Using Cinnamon As A Beauty Treatment

Do a quick search around the internet and you'll find articles like "Amazing Beauty Benefits of Cinnamon" and "Ways To Use Cinnamon As A Beauty Product." However, when this blogger posted a DIY facial featuring cinnamon, there was a ton of backlash. Why? Because a few of her followers experienced a extreme burning sensation when they applied the cinnamon to their faces. Cinnamon can cause skin irritation and allergic skin reactions, so keep it in your latte and off your face.

Lighten Dark Spots With Lemon Juice

Lemons are antibacterial so many people assume they can help treat acne. Others claim lemon juice can lighten dark marks. These people are wrong on both accounts. Let's go over the list of reasons you shouldn't put lemons or lemon juice on your skin: lemons dry your skin out, they are highly acidic which can irritate your skin, and they strip your skin of natural oils. The beauty gurus at xoVain also point out that lemon juice is phototoxic, which means when you make contact with daylight with lemon on your face, the irritation will only increase, possibly to the point of chemical burns. So when life gives you lemons, keep them off your face.

Using Elmer's Glue To Get Rid Of Blackheads

The concept makes sense, but the reality of the situation is that Elmer's Glue won't help you get rid of blackheads. The only things you'll be doing is potentially clogging your pores even more and damaging your skin when you remove the glue. Although Elmer's is nontoxic, you are still exposing your skin to polymers and chemicals. There's also the potential for allergic reactions.

Using A Sharpie As Eyeliner

Taylor Swift once claimed she used a Sharpie to create her signature cateye. You should never, ever follow this advice. Permanent markers are not made for your skin and can provoke an allergic reaction in some people. The Sharpie fumes alone can aggravate your eyes and the surrounding skin.

Using Baking Soda On Your Skin

The internet loves baking soda. People use it for everything from removing stains to cleaning drains. One thing you should never use it for? Exfoliating your skin. Any type of baking soda scrub will be extremely harsh on your skin. It will also strip your skin of essential acids, making you more prone to bacterial infections (read more here).

Setting Your Makeup With Hairspray

Setting spray can be expensive, but their no excuse for using hairspray as a substitute. Hairspray can clog your pores, irritate your skin, and cause breakouts. Not only can it be sticky, but hairspray contains a lot of alcohol and other ingredients that will dry out your skin.

Using Glow Sticks To Make DIY Glow-In-The-Dark Nail Polish

You'll find tons of tutorials online on how to use glow sticks to create your own glow-in-the-dark nail polish. Before getting crafty, it's important to remember that the chemicals inside a glow stick are considered toxic. If ingested, it can cause minor outh or throat irritation and/or skin redness or irritation. Think about how often your finger tips touch your face and mouth. Putting glow stick guts on your nails is simply not worth the risk.



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