The 3 Biggest Rip-Offs At The Hair Salon

November 15, 2016 by Katelyn Holland
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It's no secret that getting your hair done at the salon can be expensive. Getting your hair cut is a necessity, but pricy salon services can add up. Highlights? Conditioning treatments? Products to use at home? It's often hard to tell what services are a rip off. In order to be a smart customer, check out these 3 things you should always be wary of at the hair salons.


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Buying Hair Products

You know those shelves of products for sale at the hair salon? Those products are the real money makers. According to The Huffington Post, haircare products are where most salons make the big bucks. Some salons try to sell you on fancy shampoos because they want you to have an extra incentive to make an appointment when the bottles are empty. While these products are usually legit, most salons usually charge more than big retailers. Plus, some stylists will try to sell you on products because they make commission off the sales. Do your research before buying an expensive product at a salon. Do you really need it or is it an impulse purchase?

Extra Conditioning Treatments

You know those deep conditioning treatments hair stylists always offer you when you're getting your hair shampooed? Skip 'em. Most salons charge $10 to $20 for these conditioning treatments. You can buy a bottle of deep conditioner that you can use multiple times for the same cost. In fact, a hair stylist on Reddit claims, "no difference between salon-grade deep conditioner and stuff you find at your local drug store." Sure, these treatments feel great, but they are unnecessary. Once your hair is damaged, it is irreversible, any conditioner you put on simply acts as a "bandaid." As soon as it hits shampoo and hot water, it strips right off. The only way to really fix damaged hair, is to cut it.

Not Asking Prices

Seeing a new stylist? Don't forget to ask about levels of pricing based on the experience of the stylists. Stylists are usually categorized as junior, senior and master stylists. Master stylists have years are training and tend to charge more for their services. Services from junior stylists are the cheapest. Once, the salon had highlighters listed for $160. However, I didn't know that I was set up with a master stylist who charged $260 for highlights. I was shocked when I got to the register. Always ask about the pricing before receiving your services so you aren't surprised!


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