This Is The Worst Mistake You Can Make When Sending An iMessage On Your Phone

January 23, 2019 by Justine Schwartz
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Most of us iPhone users do it daily, if not hourly: send iMessages.

“iMessage is one of the most used apps on an iPhone because it’s the app used for sending text messages,” technology expert Burton Kelso explains. But there are some mistakes we’re all making when doing so, from a privacy and practical standpoint.

Here’s what experts say on the matter:

Making Your Number Public

"Privacy is one of the big factors when sending text because a text message reveals your phone number to anyone who has a iPhone," Burton Kelso, The Technology Expert tells us.

"It's best to keep your smartphone number private and of the best ways to do this is to setup your email address as text number."


Hitting 'Send' After Every Line

You should hit "return" instead, mobile consultant Giacomo Balli tells us.

"When you start expressing a longer thought, be aware all recipients will receive a notification every single time you hit the send button. Even when set to vibrate, this can be even more intrusive than a phone call."

Sending Large Attachments

You should also avoid sending large attachments and GIFs, Giacomo warns.

"Downloading large attachments might take quite some time (especially videos or animated GIF images)," he warns. Additionally, there's the storage issue. "Our devices easily run out of space."

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