The One Carb You Need To Cut Out ASAP For Weight Loss Over 50

January 18, 2020 by Hannah Kerns
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Although some diets recommend going carb-free, the vast majority of weight loss advice preaches everything in moderation–carbs included. With that being said, carefully choosing the types of carbs you are eating is a good idea–especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Specifically, cutting refined white grains out of your diet could be a crucial step in achieving long-term weight loss.





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Refined White Grains

Refined white grains are a popular ingredient in many foods, from white bread to white-flour pasta, making them somewhat difficult to avoid. However, doing so is an important step in losing weight.


Refined white grains are lower in nutrients than whole grains. WebMD explains, "Most white carbs start with flour that has been ground and refined by stripping off the outer layer, where the fiber is located."

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Not only do you lose out on health benefits by choosing refined white grains, but your chances of coming back for more also increase.


"The body absorbs processed grains and simple sugars relatively quickly. Increased blood sugar triggers a release of insulin, and, in an hour or two after eating, hunger returns." WebMD explains.

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With this in mind, if you want to gain control over your appetite and help your chances of losing weight, staying away from refined carbs is key.


This does not mean to cut out all carbs. Instead, switching over to whole grains can make a huge difference in your diet.

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Whole grain not only has more nutrients than refined grains, but it is also higher in fiber and has more B vitamins. Both of which are linked to weight loss.


Restricting the majority of your carb intake to healthy carbs and whole grains is a key component of living a healthier lifestyle and losing weight.


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