Why You Should Never Order Coffee At A Diner, Like, Ever

December 7, 2018 by SheFinds Health
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Who doesn’t love the free coffee refills that come along with eating at your favorite diner? It’s definitely one of the perks of dining at a place where the service is spotty and the menu covers everything from enchiladas to hamburgers. Well, it turns out that you might want to avoid that bottomless caffeine deal. Here’s why: 

"Weak & Terrible"

Unsurprisingly, diner coffee was scientifically proven to be weak and terrible this year. I mean--why else would they be giving it away?

Creamer And Sugar

In the diner setting, coffee isn't served with almond milk or Truvia or any of the other healthier alternatives that you can get at swankier coffee shops like Starbucks. Oh no--on the diner table you can always expect to find a tower of creamers stacked high (who would EVER need that many??) and a sugar shaker bigger than your first apartment. Sugar and artificial ingredients are soooooo bad for you. But you already knew that, right?

Cancer Warnings

Additionally, coffee is about to come with a cancer warning in the state of California, where a lawsuit alleges that a chemical called acrylamide that is known to possibly cause cancer is created when coffee beans are roasted. According to CNN, many of the defendants in the lawsuit, which includes Starbucks, 7-Eleven, BP and more, have settled and agreed to give the warning.

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