Emaciation Is The New Skinny: Stick Out Those Chest Bones, Ladies!

August 19, 2008 by SheFindsTara
shefinds |

Just when I thought that being healthy and fit was becoming the accepted norm, I see that I am clearly wrong. Apparently, today's norm requires that you be able to count your chest bones–the more the better. That's right. Forget the days of face lifts, tummy tucks, butt implants or even the protruding clavicle, which was the accessorie du jour last year. Even the recent shoulder liposuction trend may soon be passé. It's a sunken, bony chest that really screams, "I'm a skinny bitch!"

But really, who has the time to starve herself into a skeletal oblivion? That takes months. A little trick I learned as an aspiring ballerina is to use makeup to get the thin effect. Sure, it's not quite as great as knowing that your body is eating itself and that your brain is deteriorating with every passing waifish day, but we all have to make sacrifices.

Here's an easy way to look like you've dropped a few pounds without harming your body or working up a sweat:

Tropic Tan Bronze/Shimmer Duo 1. Buy a big, fluffy brush like Sephora's Professionnel Bronzer Brush #44 ($25) or theBalm's Mini Kabuki Brush ($10). Also buy a powder highlighter and bronzer in your skin shade such as Sugar Cosmetics Tropic Tan Bronze/Shimmer Duo ($28). Or simply with Smashbox's Desert Chic Fusion Body Bronzing Powder & Brush ($55).

2. Pick the body part you want to make thinner, but not the face–that trend has died out.

3. Brush the bronzer where you see shadows, such as under the clavicle, just below the jaw line or between the breasts to create depth. Use highlighter on the clavicles or breasts to finish the contouring effect. Be sure to blend.

For more body transforming tricks, check out these body slimmers and butt boosters.





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