Once And For All, Here's How To Keep Your Leggings From Turning See-Through

December 26, 2017 by Alaisha Key
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Now is the time to break out all of your favorite leggings, as they are the perfect outfit staple to rock to keep you warm in style. (Plus, they’re just great for everything from working out to lounging around the house!) That’s why so many of us will have them on rotation throughout the year. But the only bad thing about wearing your favorite leggings on repeat? Sometimes the fabric gets worn down after a number of washes leaving you with a pair that looks almost see-through. So what do you do to keep your leggings solid? Here are a few common methods to try to keep your leggings from turning sheer.

1.Start hand washing them. The best way to keep the material in your leggings from wearing down is to hand wash them. And if you’re a little hesitant to do so, it really is super easy. You just need to fill up your sink with cold water. Add a small amount of detergent, and knead the cleaner into the leggings. Then, wash them out with more water until you don’t see anymore suds. Hang your leggings out to dry, and that’s it!

2.Wash on a gentle cycle. If you must wash your leggings in a washing machine, make sure that you are putting them on a delicate cycle, as other speeds can be way too harsh on the fabric.

3.Pair like with like. Don’t just throw your leggings in with your other clothing. They need to be washed separately with like items, so go ahead and gather all of your leggings that are made out of the same materials together. This they won’t rub against harsher fabrics that can break them down and cause wear and tear.

4.Change up your laundry detergent. Sometimes a simple change of cleaner can stop your leggings from turning sheer. Try switching up your laundry detergent with a gentler choice that will won’t irritate the fabric of your leggings.

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