How to Tie A Blanket Scarf 8 Creative Ways

December 6, 2017 by Samantha Peters
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It’s the time of year to bundle up, and there’s no better way to do that than with a comfy blanket scarf! Not only do these accessories provide oodles of fabric to keep you extra toasty all winter long, but their chunky texture creates a super chic touch to any ensemble. Here, we’re giving you the low-down on how to tie a blanket scarf eight different ways for optimal comfort and style this season.

The traditional wrap

As with any scarf, you can choose to simply wrap the scarf around your neck a few times and let the ends hang. With this method, you can also tuck the ends in at the nape of your neck to create a circle scarf effect.

The loop

Fold your scarf in half lengthwise, then bunch up the length of the fabric. Place the scarf around your neck, making sure one side is longer than the other. Take the long end and wrap it around your neck until it comes back to the front. Take that end and slip it through the loop. You can make any final adjustments you like to get the look just right.

The shawl

The great part about the blanket scarf is that it can double as, you guessed it, a blanket of sorts! Open up the scarf lengthwise and drape it around your back. Let the loose ends hang on the inside of your elbows for an option that provides full-body warmth. If you so desire, you can also add a belt to cinch the look at the waist.

The cape

This is similar to the shawl style, but with an edgy twist. Follow the same steps as above, but instead of letting both ends hang loose, take one and drape it over your shoulder in a diagonal motion. You can secure the end in the back with a safety pin to ensure that it stays put throughout the day.

The simple hang

You can never go wrong by simply placing the scarf around the back of your neck and letting the ends hang long. If you decide to belt it, it almost appears as if you’re wearing a sweater or vest. Pretty cool, right?


The sophisticated wrap

Nothing says glamorous like this elegant wrap style. Like the shawl look, start by folding the scarf in half lengthwise and draping it across the back of your shoulders. Leave one side a little bit longer, and then wrap it across your front to hang over the opposite shoulder.

The kerchief

This is one of the most common ways people like to wear blanket scarves. To start, you’ll want to fold the scarf into a large triangle. Then take the two ends of the triangle, cross them behind your neck, and bring them in front. You can either choose to tuck the ends under the rest of the scarf or leave them hanging.

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[Photos: Paige Ehlers]


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