These Birkenstock Sandal Look-Alikes Are Just As Cute As The Real Deal--& Super Affordable

August 8, 2018 by Blair Donovan
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As affordable fashion grows more and more in popularity, we’re spotting more budget-friendly shoppers than ever in–wait for it–fake birkenstock sandals!

When summer rolls around, we can’t wait to dig out our comfy sandals and flip-flops. One of our all-time favorite pairs of casual shoes is Birkenstock sandals. As we get into the hottest months of summer, Birkenstocks are having a major fashion moment, but knock off Birkenstocks are having an even bigger one!

It makes sense–Birkenstocks are the perfect everyday shoe. The only downside to the staple sandals: they’re a little pricey, hence why so many people are looking to buy fake Birkenstocks. If you ask us, you can’t really tell the difference. That’s why we love these Birkenstock look-alikes!

Shop Birkenstock Style Sandals Below

We will ALWAYS support splurging on a good pair of shoes. Treat yourself, right? After all, there’s no better form of retail therapy than shoe shopping–that’s a fact. A quality pair of shoes is a great investment to your wardrobe. Chances are, you’ll get way more use out of shoes than you would a top that you might only wear a few times.

But, with that said, there are some cases where splurging just doesn’t make sense. Why on earth would you splurge on a pair of Birkenstocks when you can—dare we say it—snatch up an identical knock off Birkenstock sandals for way less money? They are just fancy sandals, after all.

*GASP* If the word “knockoffs” makes you uncomfortable, don’t get too upset just yet. “Knockoffs” is such a bad word for look-alike products that can be just as good (or sometimes even better) than the original thing. You’re going to want to check out these killer Birkenstock look-alikes from five great retailers. They could easily pass as Birkenstock twins, really!

Knock Off Birkenstock Sandals For Under $50

1. Target Birkenstock Look-Alikes

Target is one of our big go-to places to shop for super cheap and super adorable merchandise. The huge retailer always comes to the rescue with literally all of our wants and needs, so it should come as no surprise that they also have their very own like of Birkenstock-looking sandals. Target’s selection of look-alike Birks has a large variety of options. They put their own spin on the classic Birkenstock Arizona shoe and offer it in traditional colors, as well as a fun floral pattern. Check out their Footbed Sandal Collection for all your knockoff Birkenstock needs.


fake birkenstock shoes

Women’s Mad Love Prudence Footbed Sandals ($22.99)

They even offer a pair of sandals in rose gold! Rose gold is still totally in for 2018. Hop on board and embrace this feminine, trendy color with a pair of fake Birkenstocks like these.

fake birkenstock shoes

Mad Love Keava Footbed Sandals ($22.99)

If you’re more of a traditional type of gal, then Target’s pair of Footbed Sandals in black or navy would be the way to go for you. This pair is super simple and will match with literally everything in your closet this spring. What more could you want!?

2. Clarks Birkenstock Look-Alikes

Clarks makes great quality shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable. These Birkenstock look-alike sandals have a stylish twist to them. Shop for new summer shoes, in addition to these knock-off Birkenstock sandals.

Clarks Rosilla Durham ($90)

These high-quality sandals look just like Birkenstocks–but better! While these shoes are a bit pricier, you’re investing in something you’ll wear all summer long!

3. Walmart Birkenstock Look-Alikes

SNJ Women’s Double Strap Genuine Leather Footbed Insole Flat Sandals ($27.99)

It doesn’t get much better than these off-brand Birkenstock sandals at Walmart. The style, color, and materials of these Birkenstock look-alikes are almost identical to the real deal.

SNJ Women’s Casual Buckle Straps Sandals Flip Flop Platform Footbed Sandals ($17.99)

Whether you like black, brown, tan, or metallic fake Birkenstock sandals, Walmart has a wide variety of these summer staple sandals.

4. Steve Madden’s Madden Girl Birkenstock Look-Alikes 

Steve Madden’s Madden Girl line makes another version of the classic Arizona Birkenstock sandal that is equally as comfortable and way more cute (but that’s our personal opinion). Steve Madden just did a collaboration with artist and designer Jordana Schrager and recently launched Jordana A Madden Girl yesterday! The new line features lots of fun prints and bright colors that scream spring and summer time. You’ll definitely stand out from the plain-old Birkenstock crowd with these playful sandals. Not to mention they’re a huge bargain!


Brando-J ($49.95)

If you’re looking to have fun with your Birkenstock-like sandals, Madden Girl has you covered with these fun patterns. From multi-color floral to a pretty gold hue, these sandals are adorable!

Brycee-J ($39.95)

Looking for something really exciting to brighten up your day? Brycee-J is a rainbow of fun! We love this vibrant sandal.


Brando ($49.95)

If simple is more your taste, Madden Girl also has a shoe to fit your needs. This white pair of sandals will make a great addition to your closet this spring.

5. Payless Birkenstock Look-Alikes

Payless has A TON of fake Birkenstocks through their American Eagle line. While they don’t have as many patterns and color variations as other stores, they offer the cheapest, most authentic looking sandals. If you want a pair of shoes that looks the closest to the real deal, they’re definitely the way to go. Payless also usually has perks for ordering online, like discounts or free shipping, so grab ’em while they’re hot!


fake birkenstock shoes

Women’s Robyn Flat Slide ($29.99)

This pair of black slide sandals will definitely pass for real Birkenstocks at a glance. They’re comfortable, classic, and very affordable.

payless women's sage flat sandal

Women’s Sage Flat Sandal ($19.99-$29.99)

This sandal is a spring, summer footwear staple. The natural brown color will match with every outfit you put together this season making them worth every (bargain) penny.

6. Nordstrom Rack Birkenstocks

Last but not least, Nordstrom Rack is always a good place to look if you’re on the hunt for an affordable item. While the discounted retailer doesn’t sell knock-off Birkenstocks, they do sell the real deal at a more reasonable price tag. Unlike Nordstrom, which is often full-priced, Nordstrom Rack’s merchandise is always priced cheaper than the original price point.

Birkenstock Essentials Arizona Waterproof Classic Footbed Sandal ($39.95)

These classic Birkenstock sandals from Nordstrom Rack are priced at a more reasonable $39, compared to their full price of $99. Since these Birkenstock sandals are waterproof, you can wear them all summer long, rain or shine!


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