Interested In Hot Yoga? Read This Before Your First Class

December 1, 2015 by Rachel Gulmi
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Hot, or Bikram, yoga can be extremely intimidating for a lot of people. I mean, regular yoga can be intimidating, let alone a room that is scorching hot. Obviously, you are going to sweat (like, a lot) so it’s important you wear the proper clothing in order to be fully comfortable during the session. A hot yoga session can run anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes and it involves a lot of stretching, balance and endurance. If you’re interested in taking a hot yoga class but don’t know what to wear, here are some useful tips.

Don’t wear cotton.

When cotton gets wet, like from sweat, the material will cling to your body. Even though cotton is a breathable fabric, it will not do you any good in a hot yoga class. Having a shirt clinging to your body will not feel comfortable so instead opt for a fabric like dri-weave that has wicking properties.

Wear a close-fitting top.

You’ll want to wear a top that fits close to your body. If you wear an oversize shirt, it will fall forward during certain poses. You can wear a tank top or a sports bra, depending on how comfortable you feel with your body. The Lululemon 105 F Singlet tank top is a great option for hot yoga.

Capris are your best bet.

Given the temperature of the room, your first instinct might be to wear the shortest pair of shorts you can find, but this isn’t your best option. A pair of form-fitting capris is better than shorts because your legs won’t become slippery from sweat. If your legs become too slippery, certain poses may be difficult to hold.

Don’t wear any makeup or jewelry.

Unless you want your makeup to literally melt off your face during a hot yoga class, then by all means, go for it. Chances are you don’t, though, so go into the class sans makeup. Big pieces of jewelry and watches are not the place for hot yoga because they can become a distraction.

Bring an extra set of clothes.

Since you know you’re going to pretty much sweat through your clothes, it’s probably a good idea to bring an extra set of clothes to change into after class. It wouldn’t be very comfortable to go home soaking in your own sweat…unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Other important tips:

– Wear your hair in a braid, ponytail or a bun. Don’t keep it down or else it will be all over your face.

– Be prepared to go barefoot when you enter the room. You can use a pair of yoga socks to prevent your feet from slipping on the mat.

– The mat you’re using will most likely become soaked with sweat, so it would be wise to bring an absorbent towel.

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