These Are The Absolute Best Makeup Tips For Women Who Wear Glasses

March 13, 2018 by Jeanine Edwards
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I started wearing glasses when I was in fourth grade and I have to say, I’m one of those people who actually likes wearing glasses. I like that I get to switch them up depending on my outfit and I’ve also convinced myself that I don’t have to wear as much makeup on a day-to-day basis because so much of my face is covered by my glasses.

I was recently chatting with Stowaway Cosmetics founder Julie Fredrickson and she started dropping all this knowledge about how women who wear glasses should really think about–and apply!–makeup strategically. My mind was blown! Instead of slacking in the makeup department, I should’ve been using makeup to specifically play up the fact that I wear glasses. Eureka!

So because us girls with glasses should look out for each other (JK, all girls should look for one another–girl power!), I got Julie to share her tips below. You’re welcome!

SheFinds: Should women who wear glasses be thinking about makeup differently than women who don’t wear glasses?

Julie Fredrickson: The trick to looking great with glasses is giving your eyes as much dimension as possible by highlighting areas like your inner eye and pushing back and framing others like your crease. You can play more with product and applications that might feel heavy without a pair of spectacles. I love to make my eyes stand out beneath my often intense glasses (I own four different pairs of different prescription glasses and love them all!).

SF: In general, what are some makeup dos and don’ts for women with glasses?

JF: Wearing glasses changes how others perceive dimension and depth on your eyes so add it back in with a little “eye contour” by darkening your crease color. Use a neutral color on your lid and then use a dark brown, mauve or even black in your crease to create a shadow pushing back the crease and adding in depth. I will usually use one of my matte brown or mauve shades in Stowaway’s Essential Eye Palette.

Do use makeup brushes with shorter handles so you can get up close to the mirror while still being able to apply your look and see! Our Stowaway Cosmetics Essential Brush Set is perfect for this! The five purse-friendly brushes offer application for the entire face with ease.

Don’t use a curling mascara (your lashes will hit your lenses!), instead try a volumizing one, like Stowaway Cosmetics Defined Volume Mascara. The fibrous mascara delivers dramatic fullness thanks to its wet fiber volume formulation and goes on easily with the lash hugging curved brush.

Do play up your brows! Glasses already act as a frame for your face so make sure your real eye frames – your brows – are shaped, brushed and filled in.

Another thing to remember is that glasses can create a shadow under eyes. To combat this, use a yellow-toned concealer and blend well. Stowaway Cosmetic’s Creaseless Concealer’s creamy formulation effortlessly camouflages any shadows, while adding a brightness to eyes.

SF: Okay, let’s get a bit more specific: your best tips for women who wear square-ish frames?

JF: With larger square glasses, you have the flexibility to really wing out your eyeliner look. Extend the line of your eyes to the top corner of your glasses. Most square frames are wider than the eyes and a wing will give the appearance of lifted, larger eyes without being too wild.

SF: What about women who wear rounder frames?

JF: I love a lined lid for round frames. A fully lined top and bottom look is great for an evening smokey eye but can feel heavy and push back your eyes underneath glasses, making you appear sleepy. Instead, just line the top lid as tight as you can get to your lash line.

SF: Lastly, what about tips for wire/metal frames versus plastic frames?

JF: Wire and metal frames tend to be thinner and less distracting so you can go a bit more subtle with your eye look. Focus on brightening the eye with a shimmering highlighter and a more neutral shade of liner. I like brown for this.

Plastic frames, which can be thicker and more distracting can handle a more bold and dramatic eye look. Here is where you can play up color and techniques that will really make your eyes pop. I would definitely work with dimensions and add a bold pop of color to the eye crease and a shimmer shade to the inner corners of the eye and brow bone, especially if the frame hits right below your arches.

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