3 Really Good Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Switching To Natural Deodorant ASAP

March 13, 2018 by Jeanine Edwards
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As we all become more aware and thoughtful about what we put in and on our body, I’ve definitely become intrigued by natural deodorant. I will never forget the day at age 10 when my mom handed me a stick of Secret and said, “Use this every day.” Like a good daughter I listened, but it wasn’t until recently that I started learning exactly what I was swiping onto my skin every single morning. Turns out that go-to stick of deodorant is loaded with chemicals that are probably not so great for my body.

Now that I’m a mom of an almost-10-year-old, I’ve been exploring natural deodorants. EO is one of the brands breaking new ground in this market–they have deodorant wipes, people!–so I decided to chat with them about all things natural deodorant. Below, EO Products co-founder Susan Griffin-Black reveals why you should seriously consider switching and how your body will respond when you do.

SheFinds: Natural deodorant is everywhere these days–why is it becoming so popular?

EO: As people become more aware of the harmful ingredients in mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants they are seeking a healthier alternative. Natural deodorant is an easy way to reduce the toxic load on our bodies. It is often one of the first products people consider switching to when they begin evaluating ingredients in their personal care products and looking for more natural options.

SF: What makes “regular” deodorant so bad? Why should people consider switching?

EO: Mainstream deodorants and antiperspirants use ingredients that have two main issues. Aluminum salts and other antiperspirant ingredients block the sweat glands and prevent the body from sweating, one of its main detoxification processes. The other main concern is ingredients like synthetic fragrances that often contain hidden toxins and endocrine disruptors.

SF: What’s in natural deodorant that helps with perspiration and odor?

EO: There’s a myth in our society that sweat stinks. In reality, it’s the bacteria that create the odor – sweat itself is basically odorless. So many natural deodorants tackle the issue of odor rather than sweat. Our Deodorant Sprays use non-GMO ethanol to eliminate the source of odor rather than disrupt the natural function of sweat.

SF: If someone switches, will natural deodorant be just as effective as “regular” deodorant?

EO: Yes, and no. The first thing to know is that for the first thirty days your body will go through a transition period during which you may smell or perspire more than usual. After your body becomes used to being able to sweat normally, natural deodorants should control odor as well as a mainstream deodorant. However, if you are switching from an antiperspirant, know that you will sweat more than you did before. Antiperspirants block all sweat glands and prevent your body from perspiring, so after a switch to natural deodorant you may experience more wetness than you did before.

SF: EO makes natural deodorant in several different formats (spray, wipes, etc). Is one more effective than the others? How should women decide which is right for them?

EO: Our new Everyone brand Deodorant Sprays just launched and are a simple, clean way to stay fresh. We also have Deodorant Wipes in our EO® brand, which are easy to carry and use on the go when you need a refresh. Neither is more effective than the other, but it’s nice to have options! I think deciding which product is right for you may take some trial and error. I also encourage you to stick with it through the transition period because it’ll be worth it once you’ve made the switch.

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