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March 16, 2018 by Jennifer Hussein
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Goth girls, unite! There is yet another black-pigmented product on the list of magical beauty buys: black blush. No joke, the Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Blush ($25) is the makeup product you never knew you needed to relive your middle school scene queen days. We’re officially obsessing over it.

This is no ordinary blush and needs to be treated as such when applying. There has been a lot of debate online over the best way to apply the black blush, without looking like a hot mess. Lucky for you, we’ve cracked the code on how to apply this ultra-pigmented product. Check out these tips to get flawlessly colored cheeks with this trendy black blush!

Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Blush review and guide product shot

Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Blush ($25)

First off, let’s talk about the color of this product. It’s pretty intimidating to even think about applying black blush on your face and making it look good. But, here’s a tidbit of information that will blow your mind: it doesn’t actually apply on black. This product is truly magical and changes color once it is applied to your skin. Upon application, it turns from this cosmic glitter-black to a subtle, deep plum purple. Check out the swatch below to see for yourself!

lipstick queen black lace rabbit blush swatch

This midnight-black blush actually glides on as a pretty purple hue! So, now that we’ve gotten the color situation established, it’s time for some application tips. From watching a plethora of vlogs on this product, I decided to do what worked best for most of the beauty vloggers: using your fingers.

Yep, you won’t have to dirty any of your pretty makeup brushes with this dark product. Using your fingertips to apply this product is definitely the way to go. Your finger gives off a smoother application in comparison to using a brush or even a Beauty Blender to apply the product. Pack those beauty utensils away and get to swiping!

lipstick queen black lace rabbit blush how to apply

You’re going to want to apply this blush at the front of the apple of your cheeks and swipe towards your ear.

Here’s how to apply black blush:

1) To apply, swatch your index finger in the black blush. Make sure you get enough pigment on your finger.

2) Then, simply start at the apple of your cheekbones and pull your finger back towards your ear. Make sure you don’t apply too much to your face at all once since this product is extremely pigmented.

3) After the first swipe, check the pigment to see if you would like more. Just a few swipes is all you need for a beautiful plum shade to compliment your face. Don’t be alarmed if your fingers are red all day because this cream blush does tend to stain skin (don’t worry, it washes off after a good scrubbing with some makeup wipes!).

4) Now, you may feel like you look like Jigsaw because of how pigmented this product is on its own. That’s why we need to blend, ladies! Blending is key to using this product successfully, so this is when you whip out a Beauty Blender. Don’t try to use a brush, since it will make it look blotchy. Just give your cheeks a few dabs with a wet Beauty Blender until it’s blended to your liking.

lipstick queen black lace rabbit blush blending

Now, your black blush is all set and ready to go! Like most cream blushes, it does have a slightly greasy texture, so I do recommend using some setting spray so it doesn’t slide off during the day.

Here’s the final look:

lipsitkc queen black lace rabbit blush final look

I’m officially OBSESSED with this blush! The color worked so well with my skin tone and the glitter in the formula left a subtle highlighted glow that made my cheeks really stand out. But, trying to blend this out did take a while, so give yourself some extra time to take care of that.

So unlike many of the other YouTube tutorials on this product, the final look isn’t too intense on my cheeks. I blended mine out with a Beauty Blender for a very long time. I’m always more into a subtle pop of color when it comes to blush. If you have a naturally warmer tone to your skin, then make sure you blend like crazy.

If you have a fairer skin tone, keep in mind that this black blush may be a little too harsh for you. I’m more of a medium-tone and the deep purple complimented my skin very well. If you have lighter skin, you may need to really go minimal when applying this product.

Overall, I think that the Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Blush is a definite hit for me. It’s hard to find a blush that compliments my skin tone so well without looking either too light or too dark, and this shade hit the perfect mark for me. It also lasted all day long and didn’t clog my pores or cause breakouts like other cream makeup products tend to do.

lipstick queen black lace rabbit blush purchase

Lipstick Queen Black Lace Rabbit Blush ($25)

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