Tell Your Psychic It's Over: These Sunglasses Claim To 'See In To The Future'

June 20, 2013 by Sara Alderman
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Want to know what you’ll be doing a week from now? How about in 10 years? Well, now you can see into the future with Future Eyes glasses. Brent Paul Pearson, L.A. artist, inventor, mystic and science fiction writer (of course he has a million titles) is responsible for creating these handmade kaleidoscopic lenses. According to Pearson, Future Eyes sharpens awareness and enhances the mental capacity of anyone who wears them. By putting them on, you can see the future in multidimensions. But Pearson takes these glasses one step further, if you thought that was possible. In an interview on the Future Eyes website, Pearson says:

I have certain ideas about time travel based on my experiences with Future Eyes because they sharpen awareness. The present can be considered the future to someone who lives in the past. I am more in the present and less in the past when I wear these glasses because I’m being teleported from the worlds of memories into the fullness of now.

So, I’m guessing that means these glasses also have time travel capabilities? Brent Paul Pearson must be a mind reader too because we always wanted kaleidoscope lens time travel glasses that let you see into the future!!

You can really buy these thanks to Colette.

If you have Future Eyes already, let us know how much longer we have to buy them before they sell out. Or if they’re sold out we can time travel backwards and buy a pair. I’ll stop now.

[Photo Credit: Future Eyes]

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