5 Styling Tricks That Give The Illusion Of Killer Curves

July 6, 2017 by SHEfinds Editors
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You don’t need a corset or other uncomfortable device to make your figure look curvier than it actually is. Try one or more of these tips to create that perfect hourglass illusion.

Use Colorblocking. Colorblock tops, which have different sections in different colors, can create curves when worn correctly. Look for a top with side panels that taper inwards towards your waist. The middle panel is what will stick out to anyone who looks at you, while the sides of your body will just kind of blend into the background. Horizontal colorblocking, with one color or print above the waist and another below it, can be effective in creating more subtle curves.

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Go for a Low Neckline. Low necklines like deep V-necks are great for creating curves because they break up your body and draw the eye up and towards your face. Tops with high necklines, on the other hand, make your body look like a single solid block of color, which gives the illusion of a silhouette that’s much more boxy. A wrap top or dress is always a solid choice. Look for one that has a snap where the two sides overlap (or get one sewn in) to keep the pieces of the neck from slipping apart over the course of the day.

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Pick A-Line Skirts. A-line skirts, which fit at the natural waist and then flare out and away from the body, have a way of making any figure look a little (or a lot) curvier than it actually is. Accentuate this effect by choosing a skirt in a thick fabric (wool as opposed to jersey, for example) that will truly flare out, rather than just kind of hang on your hips. On your upper half, try a bodysuit. Tucking in any top to a flared skirt will add further curvers, but a bodysuit has the advantage of staying in place without getting bunched up.

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Choose Off-the-Shoulder. In addition to being super trendy right now, off-the-shoulder tops are great for creating the illusion of curves. The cut of the shirt creates a horizontal line that stretches across your chest and arms, which accentuates the widest part of your body. In relation, your waist then looks much smaller. Pair your off-the-shoulder top with a flared or A-line skirt to get an hourglass figure that’s even more dramatic.

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Try Peplums. Peplums, which are short and flared bits of fabric that falls at the waist of shirts, dresses or jackets, are another quick way to look a little more curvy. Like A-line skirts, they need to be made of a fabric that’s stiff enough to flare out a bit instead of just limply hanging. Pair the peplum with a pencil skirt that falls below your knees or a slim pair of pants, which will make your hips look curvy and your waist look small. It’s important that your pants or skirt have a waist that’s high enough to be entirely hidden by the bottom of the peplum.

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