You Should Be Putting Chapstick On Before Bed--Here's Why

December 19, 2016 by Katelyn Holland
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During the winter months, I’m constantly waking up with chapped lips. It feels like no matter how many times a day I apply lip balm, my lips would still feel dry. I finally asked my dermatologist about my chronically dry lips. His advice was to always be sure to apply Chapstick or lip balm to your kips before going to sleep.

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You always want to moisturize your lips at night to ensure you wake up with smooth, soft lips. Lip balm should be a regular part of your bed time routin  because during the night your skin rises in temperature to flush out toxins and product new skin cells. Lip balm will help keep these new skin cells smooth. You also lose moisture in your skin throughout the night. That’s why it’s extra important to moisturize your skin, and lips, before you go to sleep. It’s also important to apply lip balm on the area around your mouth. Often times, the border of the lips get the most chapped.

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However, you want to avoid lip balms with humectants (such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin). These ingredients tend to pull moisture out of the skin, which is why many lip balms seem like they are addictive (the more you apply, the more you need).  Instead, for lip balms with shea butter and natural oils. These ingredients will keep your lips moisturized overnight without drying them out.

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Also, if you’re confused about the difference Chapstick and lip balm, just remember that Chapstick is actually a brand of lip balm.  The term “chapstick” is often used as a synonym for lip balm (just like people say Kleenex instead of tissue). Chapstick tends to be formulated just for your mouth, which is why it comes in a stick form that is easy to apply to your lips. I prefer to use lip balm that comes in a jar or a tube because it has a variety of uses. You can use it on your lips as well as dry patches on your hands.

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