SheFinds Tries It On: The ZipHolder

September 23, 2008 by Bryn
shefinds |

What: ZipHolder, $7.65

Have a pair of jeans you just cannot zip up? Not because you ate too much dinner, or have your monthly friend– we're talking about that one stubborn pair whose zipper just doesn't want to stay zipped up all the way. Well, the folks at ZipHolder know the feeling all too well. They've come up with a nifty little contraption that loops around your zipper and attaches to your top button or shank. Good in theory, poor in practice? We put the ZipHolder to the test and asked 3 of our writers to try it out. Check out the results below:


  • Easy-to-use: It's a little hard to get through the small end of some zippers–ladies with fake nails, good luck–but once the ZipHolder is in place, it's easy to hook onto and off of your jean's button. It won't work for tab-button pants, unfortunately.
  • Does-what-it-says: It definitely stays in place until you need to hit the restroom or turn in for the day, keeping your fly, and dignity, all in place.
  • Invisibility: Small and discreet, the ZipHolder disappears while you're wearing it so nobody has to know about your little secret.


  • Easy-to-use: Not at all a pain to figure out, use, or re-attach in a bathroom stall.
  • Does-what-it-says: It didn’t come off, and it didn’t pull my zipper down…but I think I’ll abstain from judging whether it holds the zipper up, since I don't have loose zippers on my jeans.
  • Invisibility: Since the top part loops around the button and the bottom part is concealed by that flap of fabric over the zipper, the ZipHolder wins on invisibility. Completely undetectable.


  • Easy-to-use: I snapped two of the three ZipHolders before I even got my zipper up. Note to users: don't pull your zipper up by the ZipHolder—it doesn't hold up. I also had a little trouble fitting the rubber loop through the hole in my zipper. I'd recommend attaching the ZipHolder to the zipper before putting the pants on (half my battle was trying to do all that maneuvering while sucking in my stomach so I could see what was going on!).
  • Does-what-it-says: The ZipHolder definitely did its job. After the initial hassle of getting it on, it went about its work and I was able to take my mind off the potential for fly-area flashing.
  • Invisibility: It's completely invisible on jeans. You might be able to see a bit of a bulge where it loops through the zipper on pants made of slightly less forgiving fabric, but even that would be negligible.

Do you have a product you'd like us to test out? Let us know about it in the comments section, or email us at [email protected] and we'll have SheFinds try it on!


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