10 Bachelorette Party Games That Aren't Gross

March 13, 2018 by Linda DiProperzio
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The bachelorette party is the time where the bride gets to just relax with her best gal pals and leave all of the wedding planning stress behind. One way to make sure everyone has fun is to come up with a few games to play throughout the evening. And they don’t have to be raunchy–there are plenty of creative and clean ways to have a good time.

“A bachelorette party can be so much more than a night out with the girls,” says Amanda Black of The Knot. “It’s okay to consult the bride if you’re totally stuck. Throw out a few activities and ask her to pick her top favorites and take it from there.”

Here are some SheFinds-approved Bachelorette Party Games that every bride will love:

1. Scavenger Hunt

Women in Park

Heather Piper of Thrill of the Hunt, a company that exclusively develops scavenger hunts for public and private events. “A custom scavenger hunt is the perfect bachelorette party game. Incorporating fun facts on the bride and groom and trivia involving the area is the best way to build a connection in the bridal party. It can also be used as a fun and interactive ice breaker,” says Piper.

2. Personalogy

personalogy game

Personalogy: An Absurdly Provocative Game For Thinking People ($17.10)

Think of it as a clean version of Cards Against Humanity. It asks questions like, “If I wouldn’t gain weight, which of the following desserts would I eat most often and why?” This could be the perfect icebreaker if the girls coming to the bachelorette don’t know each other well as it will get the conversation going and can make for some funny revelations.

3. Bridal Bangles

silver stacked bangle bracelets

Urban Outfitters Simple Bangle Bracelet Set ($14, originally $18) 

Shelley Grieshop of Totally Promotional shared this fun game for the party: Each attendee at the bachelorette party must wear a bangle and have a “challenge” for the bride to complete during the party. When the bride completes the challenge, she gets the bangle. “The challenges can be good, clean fun or a little risqué. It’s up to the bridal party to decide what the bride would prefer,” Grieshop says.

4. Murder Mystery

Have a bride who loves Law & Order? Sign up for a murder mystery, like the ones Stephanie Chambers creates for MerriMysteries. Some themes include “One Of The Girls“, “The Balmy Bahamas Cruise“, “The Love Letter” and “The Chick Flick Murder.” The company also offers mysteries with no murder, such as “Who Stole the Cookies?”

5. Cocktail Creation


Have your guests each create their very own signature cocktail–the more creative, the better! The bride can then taste test each drink and the winner gets a prize, such as a gift certificate for a manicure or a bottle of champagne.

6. “Never Have I…”

Women with wine

Yes, this game is usually dirty, but you can play the clean version at the bachelorette party with sample questions like “Never have I been stood up by a date,” “Never have I locked my keys inside the car,” and “Never have I laughed so hard I peed my pants.”

7. Sip & Share

Sip & Share

Sip & Share ($20) 

Whether it’s about relationships, careers, sex, or life overall, no topic is off limits with this new card game, says its creator, Stephanie Lee.

8. The Gift Game

Gift BoxHave each guest bring a small gag gift to the bachelorette party. If needed, you can tell the bridal party not to make them too dirty if that’s not what the bride is into. During the event, the bride can open each one and then try to figure out who it’s from.

9. Paint a Picture

PainterPaint and sip parties are becoming popular activities for bachelorette parties. Up the ante by having a competition to see who can create the best piece of artwork–you can have the bride or the instructor be the judge. Really want to have fun? Have the guests paint a portrait of the bride or something she really loves like the Eiffel Tower, her dog or even the groom!

10. Do You Know Your Groom?


Before the event, the attendees should come up with a list of questions that the groom will answer in advance. On the night of the bachelorette party, the girls can take turns asking the brides the questions to see how well she knows her husband to be. You can find ways to make it more interesting, like for each one she gets wrong, she has to take a shot or perform a dare.

For more wedding tips, check out how to involve your mother in the bachelorette festivities and how to make the most of your maid of honor.

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