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Best Shorts For Your Shape

This summer it is all about shorts.  We scoured the runways for the hottest trends with your body issues in mind.  Hate your thighs? No problem.  Want to hide your hips? We have the solution.  Need to boost your bum?  We’ve got you covered.

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,,,, | October 2, 2019

This Is The Secret To Pulling Off Shorts If You Have Big Thighs

Ladies with larger thighs, stop spending your summers sweating it out in jeans (or trying not to flash the whole world when you wear a dress or skirt so you can stay cool while involved in something active). No matter how thick your thighs, you can wear shorts. We’ll say it again: you can wear […]

,,,, | October 2, 2019

3 No-Fail Ways To Wear Denim Shorts If You Have Big Thighs (You Can Do It!)

Wearing denim is an American right. We’re sure it’s written in some country-governing document. And denim is not just for ladies with stick thin thighs. Attention women with thick thighs–you can wear denim shorts, too! We-re sorry you ever thought differently. If we had to write a modern-day Bill Of Fashion, it would declare that […]

,,, | June 19, 2019

Brave Enough To Try The Bike Shorts Trend This Summer? These Are Our Favorites

The more I see regular people wearing bike shorts, the more I work up the nerve to actually wear a pair outside the house. There’s no denying how comfy they are and when styled right, they actually do look really cute. If you’re already firmly team bike shorts, go girl! I’ve been hardcore researching the […]

4 Cute Outfit Ideas For How To Pull Off Shorts With Tights This Season

The long and short of it…