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5 Anti-Inflammatory Drinks You Should Try This Week To Burn Stubborn Belly Fat

July 17, 2018 by Lisa Fogarty
shefinds | Food

One of the first telltale signs that you may be suffering from inflammation is excess belly fat. The accumulation of visceral fat around our midsections attracts immune cells that can actually disrupt your metabolism and cause even more inflammation and belly fat, reports EatRunLife, which perpetuates the cycle.

One way to break the inflammation/belly fat cycle is by adding more anti-inflammatory foods and drinks into your diet. Here are five anti-inflammatory drinks you should try this week to burn stubborn belly fat.

green tea

Green Tea

It’s considered one of the healthiest beverages on the planet — one that can help you blast belly fat. Green tea contains antioxidants called EGCG that can boost your metabolism and stop a hormone called norepinephrine from being broken down by the body. You need this hormone to signal to your brain when it’s time to break down fat cells. The more norepinephrine (thanks in part to green tea), the easier it is for your body to burn fat.



Kombucha, which is fermented black tea, is filled with probiotics that reduce inflammation in your stomach. It’s such a potent anti-inflammatory drink that it’s actually known as a gut-friendly beverage. Loaded with vitamin B and enzymes, kombucha contains ingredients that protect cells and can help manage diabetes and lower your risk of heart disease. Kombucha can relieve gas and bloating, settle your stomach, and improve your digestive system – all of which help when it comes to battling stubborn belly fat.

cherry juice

Cherry Juice

Most of us think of cherries as sweet treats that work really well in drinks or on top of sundaes. But tart cherry juice has so many untapped benefits, which include regulating your metabolism and helping you lose weight, belly fat, and bad cholesterol. There’s even some evidence that links cherry juice to lower cancer risks and better brain health. As an anti-inflammatory, cherry juice reduces blood markers that cause inflammation and can help relieve conditions like arthritis and gout.

lemon water

Water With Lemon

Why does every celebrity on the planet start their day with warm water and lemon? It’s simple — as in, this simple beverage wakes up your digestive system, helps you eliminate waste, and provides your liver with a healthy and natural detox. Add a dash of turmeric to kick your anti-inflammatory beverage up a notch and your gut will thank you.

beet juice

Beet Juice

Like cherry juice, beet juice may not be the first beverage you reach for in the morning. But if you’re trying to lose weight and belly fat, the high fiber content in beets will fill you up and regulate your digestive system, which helps with weight loss. Beets are also a source of phytonutrients like betanin and vulgaxanthin that reduce inflammation in the body and prevent the build-up of belly fat.

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