9 Things Your Groom Should Never Do At Your Wedding Reception

June 27, 2018 by Linda DiProperzio
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While the spotlight is mostly on the bride at the wedding, it’s also important to remember that it’s the groom’s special day as well. That means there will be plenty of eyes on this main man throughout the day. It’s super important that he is a great host to his guests, while also making sure his new wife is happy. And he can do all that–and still have a good time–by avoiding these nine no-nos during the reception.


1. Get Wasted
Do NOT drink to excess, cautions Caleb Backe of Maple Holistics. "Leave the drunken adventures for the honeymoon, if that’s your desire. Yes, it’s a party, but it is your party. In other words, have a cocktail or a glass of wine, but make sure not to overdo it."

Groom and groomsmen

2. Spend All Your Time With Buddies

There are tons of people, music, food, alcohol, and good times--but don’t lose sight of your spouse, says Backe. "While you are off partying with your friends, don’t forget to check in with her every now and then and see if she needs anything. She may want to spend some more time with you at the table or on the dance floor."


3. Complain About Money
One sure way to put a damper on the day: Walk around your reception complaining about how much everything cost. It will only embarrass your bride and make all of your guests uncomfortable.

Groom and Best Man

4. Ignore Guests

Just because some of the guests there are from the bride's side doesn't mean you don't have to take time out to greet them, says Backe. These people did you the courtesy of being there for your special day. So stop by, snap a couple of photos, say a few words to the table, shake some hands, and move on. Before you know it, it’s done, and you can go back to partying."


5. Skip Eating
Don’t skip eating--you will absolutely regret it, especially if you plan on celebrating with a drink, says Heather Jones, Wente Vineyards. "More than likely, you won’t eat very much prior to the ceremony. Instead, connect with your caterer in advance to see if a few hors-d'oeuvres can be pulled from  the cocktail hour for you, as well as come up with a plan to ensure you and your spouse carve out time to eat dinner."



6. Give An Embarrassing Toast
Your groom needs to remember that your closest family and friends are there, so if he is giving a toast to keep it short and sweet, says Chancey Charm Washington, DC Wedding Planner, Alana Futcher. "He is not addressing his friends, so any embarrassing stories should be kept between you two."


7. Pay Attention to Other Ladies

"Recently I officiated at a wedding and attended the reception," explains Judith Wilhelmy, a New Hampshire-based officiant. "The groom was having a great time doing what he had been doing for years, standing at the bar,  laughing, joking, talking sports and 'checking out' the women guests. His bride, however, wanted to go to tables to talk to guests, dance, etc."


8. Critique The Bride's Choices

The reception is definitely not the time to start second-guessing your bride's choices for the wedding. "Do nothing to embarrass the bride," says Arleene Ward of Covered Bridge Farms. "Keeping this one duty in the front of his mind will ensure that the wedding and reception go along smoothly and gracefully."


Smash Cake in the Bride's Face

9. Smash Cake In The Bride's Face

"Unless you have previously discussed it with your bride, do not do the cake smash," says Backe. "There is almost nothing worse than seeing a bride looked shocked and utterly humiliated on her wedding day. She spent days, weeks, and months preparing for this day. She’s the bride. Treat her right!"

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Linda DiProperzio is a weddings expert and freelance writer based in New York.

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