Lea Michele On Embracing Life's Changes: 'I Just Don't Ever Get Stuck With Something'

July 29, 2019 by Justine Schwartz
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Lea Michele recently teamed up with T.J.Maxx to kick off the retail chain’s immersive pop-up experience “The Changing Room,” in New York City.

We caught up with the “Glee” star to discuss how she’s embracing all of life’s changes these days–from new hair cuts to bi-coastal living, and more.

SheFinds: A study that T.J. Maxx conducted found that six out of ten women say that who they are as an individual is always evolving. Who are you today?

Lea Michele: I’m a busy working girl! I’ll tell you that. Going from one thing to the next. I think it’s really amazing, the Maxx You Project that T.J.Maxx has started. And here in New York, today, their pop-up “The Changing Room,” is an opportunity for women to come and talk about life’s changes and how we’ve embraced them, and embracing your individuality.

Another fun fact is that no two T.J.Maxx stores are the same, just like no two women are the same. And you might be one version of yourself one day, and another the next. And, I just think that that’s very inspiring. And so, right now for me, yeah! Busy working. I’m in New York. I was in L.A. a couple of weeks ago. And so, always embracing change in my life.

SF: Are you a different person when you’re on one side of the coast versus the other? Is there an L.A. vibe versus a New York one?

LM: A hundred percent. I definitely have my New York vibe versus my L.A. vibe.

SF: What’s your New York vibe like?

LM: I will always feel, incredibly confident in New York. You know, this is where I was born and raised. I know these streets. I’m not intimidated by New York, so there’s a confidence that comes with that. Just walking down the street with my headphones on, like, “I got a place to be!” And it’s really great. I dress differently here, too. I usually wear a lot more darker colors.

SF: And the weather isn’t great here. Especially not for hair days… what do you do about that?

LM: Right, I know. It’s called a bun!

SF: That’s a good segue to my next question, which is all about hair. Laura Polka recently gave you a long lob for summer–love it! Is changing your hair a way to express how your individuality is changing?

LM: I just don’t ever get so stuck with something. I’m sort of open to trying something new. Whether it might be, I want to cut bangs one day or I want to do my hair lighter. I kind of like that. And it really just depends on what I’m feeling. It’s like, “Oh, I feel like it’s time for a little bit of a beauty change.” And then, just embracing that. I think I cut my hair in my living room with Laura. I was like, “Can you just cut my hair? I just feel like, you know. I feel like a change.

And I’m a really big planner. I’m a type-A person. But I also am open to being spontaneous and being open to what life brings my way that I couldn’t have planned!

SF: As a type-A person, how do you deal with change if it’s not totally in your control?

LM: I talk about this in my speech for the Maxx You Project today, the story of leaving New York and moving to Los Angeles. And then, I never came back. I left. And I never planned to leave this city, and obviously it was an amazing opportunity, but it was a very big adjustment for me. Leaving my family behind, and all of my friends here in the city. It’s something that I couldn’t have planned for, but it was amazing, but it was a huge change in my life.


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