I Went To Cult Curly Hair Salon Devachan And This Is What Happened...

July 20, 2016 by Jeanine Edwards
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I’ll start this post by saying that before going to Devachan earlier this month, I hadn’t been to a hair salon in years. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I went to another salon that shall remain nameless a few months prior to get my hair cut, but that experience was less than stellar so I’m trying to block it from my memory. Before that dreadful chop, however, I hadn’t stepped foot into a hair salon in over 6 years. I know.

When your hair is as curly as mine, it really shouldn’t be all the surprising that I stayed away for so long. After years of stylists trying to convince me to chemically straighten my hair or just as bad, unsuccessfully attempting to tame my fro, I just wasn’t up for spending all that money only to leave disappointed. So instead, I would periodically take scissors to my own hair to trim off dead ends and call it a day.

But then I discovered the online curly hair community and it was really and truly life-changing. Not only did I learn about co-washing and finger combing (#lifesavers), but everyone kept mentioning this one brand: DevaCurl. On a whim I decided to try their Coconut Curl Styler and my hair looked and smelled so good I almost cried (yes, it’s that serious with curly hair).

I continued to use (and write about) the DevaCurl products for months and months, until one day someone from Deva reached out and offered me a salon experience. I initially put it off because my history with salons isn’t so good. I’ve honestly never left a salon with my hair in its natural state and felt satisfied or happy with the results. I waited almost a full month before agreeing to an appointment and even the night before the appointment I went back and forth for hours about whether I should cancel.

I didn’t cancel… and I’m so happy I didn’t! Here’s where I give the requisite shout-out to the man who literally sent me home smiling ear to ear, Brian Hawthorne the most amazing person to ever touch my hair. When I tell you this man is the real deal, please believe me. Not only is he the nicest, funniest, most handsome hairstylist I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, but he is a curl master! I’m literally getting emo right now thinking about him; he made my entire Deva experience beyond a dream.

So what exactly happened during my appointment that has me raving like a lunatic? Well first, he didn’t suggest I straighten my hair. He also didn’t make any weird jugdy noises when I took of my hat to reveal a rats nest of tight, kinky curls. He actually told me I had nice hair, which has never, ever happened to me in any salon ever. He then proceeded to give me some highlights, along with a nice conditioning treatment making sure to drop some knowledge specific to curly hair along the way. I not only left feeling pretty (I even took a selife, y’all!), but also that I would be able to make my hair look that good again because Brian talked me through the whole process and answered legit every question I asked (and there were a ton).

Once I warmed up to Brian, I asked him a question that I would never normally ask: Can any Deva stylist do hair like mine? Even if they’re not African-American? The answer? Yes! Mind. Blown.

Of course, if I had it my way I would only ever sit in Brian’s chair, but it’s so nice to know that there is a place I can go and actually have my hair texture not only embraced, but celebrated.

Not that I think there’s any question, but for the record I am a total Deva convert. If I had the money, I would go there every freakin’ week just to be in the presence of all those curly gurus (and leave with really good hair, too). If you have curly hair, I only have one word for you: GO!

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